10 Best E-Biz Affiliate Programs on ClickBank in 2022

One of the top niches in affiliate marketing is e-business, sometimes referred to as the e-biz or make money online (MMO) niche.

The internet has brought incredible opportunities for success to virtually everyone. Now, thanks to the recent COVID pandemic, demand for online business training and resources is truly through the roof!

As a result, there are a lot more people looking for information on how to make money online, and there are also a lot more quality e-business offers to promote!

Best of all, you can find all these great e-biz offers all in ONE place: the ClickBank marketplace. In this post, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best e-biz affiliate programs on ClickBank right now. Let’s go check them out

(Side note: You’ll need to create a ClickBank account before you can access these offers and get paid, but it’s free and quick… Sign up here!)

10 Best E-Biz Affiliate Programs on ClickBank (Updated Yearly)

  1. Kibocode
  2. Speechelo
  3. Sqribble
  4. Recession Profit Secrets
  5. Commission Hero
  6. Conversiobot
  7. Videly
  8. Affiliate Millionaire
  9. Perpetual Income 365
  10. The Fast Tracks

Category: E-business
ClickBank Nickname: kibocode


Kibocode is famous (or infamous) for opening its doors once a year and charging a LOT to join their program. So, what exactly is it, and why should you try to promote it?

Kibocode is an online business system that has helped affiliates generate more than $10 million in commissions. Last year’s class was Kibo Quantum – this year, it’s called Kibo Eclipse.

You can learn more about this super special offer in the tools page link below!

Model = Launch

EPC = $11.54
APV = $1221.00
Starting Commission = 50%
Affiliate Tools Page
= https://www.kiboeclipse.com/jv/
Vendor Contact = n/a

Check out their landing page here.

Category: E-business
ClickBank Nickname: speechelo


Speechelo is a well-known ClickBank software product that creates realistic voiceovers for YouTube videos, VSLs, and more. The best part is, it’s affordable – for a one-time $47 payment, product owners and affiliate marketers basically get a VO artist in a box to use for any of their marketing projects.

The value proposition is solid, but what affiliates care most about is that Speechelo converts! You’ll also find handy email swipes and images for display ads on their affiliate tools page. Learn more below!

Model = Evergreen

EPC = $1.06
APV = $30.60
Starting Commission = 50%
Affiliate Tools Page = https://blastersoftware.com/speechelo-jv/
Vendor Contact = n/a

Check out their landing page here.

Category: E-business
ClickBank Nickname: sqribblex


Another great online money-making offer, Sqribble streamlines the process of creating quality ebooks, white papers, reports, and other info products.

Specifically, Sqribble helps product owners with the three most important parts of info product creation: writing, design, and formatting. It features pre-designed templates, niche-specific content, and more.

The software usually sells for $67, so affiliates will get a nice payout for every sale! If your audience is entrepreneurial, Sqribble is the perfect offer to get in front of them.

Model = Evergreen

EPC = $1.58
APV = $40.01
Starting Commission = 75%
Affiliate Tools Page =  https://sqribblejv.com/
Vendor Contact = adeel@adeelchowdhry.com

Check out their landing page here.

Category: E-business
ClickBank Nickname: recprofit

Recession Profit Secrets is pretty much tailored for the times we’re living in. With the craziness of the COVID-19 pandemic, an overvalued stock market, and a huge pile of U.S. debt, it sometimes feels like everything’s against the average worker – and this product has a step-by-step system to help people profit from economic recession.

It’s all predicated on the idea that “economic crashes create millionaires.” And if you’re an affiliate, promoting this e-biz offer could be just what you need! It’s a high-converting funnel with a proven track record, and best of all, it works perfectly for a wide variety of popular niches: personal finance, wealth building, survival, business owner, and of course, make money online.

Learn more about Recession Profit Secrets below!

Model = Evergreen

EPC = $0.40
APV = $49.72
Starting Commission = 75%
Affiliate Tools Page = https://recessionprofitsecrets.com/affiliate-signup
Vendor Contact =

Check out their landing page here.

Category: E-business
ClickBank Nickname: fbsuperaff

Commission Hero is the brainchild of one of the top ClickBank affiliates ever, Robby Blanchard. The course is all about how to make money promoting affiliate offers using Facebook Ads, and it does very well.

If you’re interested in promoting this one, Robby’s got you covered. For big enough lists or followings, Robby will actually partner with you to run a live webinar. Along with that, you can expect help with landing pages, videos, emails, swipes for articles, Facebook targeting, and more.

Plus, because it’s such a high-ticket program, you can expect an average payout of more than $300 each! It’s also notable that with the program’s webinar component, it’s essentially a hybrid between a launch and evergreen offer. Note that you do need to request to be a JV affiliate partner for this one.

Model = Launch and Evergreen

EPC = $9.21
APV = $325.06
Starting Commission = 40%
Affiliate Tools Page = https://tinyurl.com/y56k3b3y
Vendor Contact = n/a

Check out their landing page here.

Category: E-business
ClickBank Nickname: convbot

Next on our list of top e-biz affiliate programs is Conversiobot. This is an AI-powered chat bot that’s designed to explode the conversions of almost any website, from affiliate review sites to e-commerce stores – whether you’re looking for leads, sales, or both!

The code is also sophisticated enough to work with most of the popular page builders out there, including ClickFunnels, Convertri, WordPress, Instapage, and more.

As for Conversiobot affiliates, you can expect to be well taken care of! This product comes from 7-figure Platinum ClickBank offer owners, which means they have a track record for this kind of e-biz offer! You can sign up to be a super affiliate with them for a chance at even higher commissions, plus additional prizes. Learn more below!

Model = Evergreen

EPC = $2.61
APV = $52.43
Starting Commission = 75%
Affiliate Tools Page = https://conversiobot.com/superaffiliates/cb
Vendor Contact = n/a

Check out their landing page here.

Category: E-business
ClickBank Nickname: videly

What’s the one thing that every marketer wants more of? Well, besides money… It’s traffic! And Videly is a solution that puts marketers on the fast track to SEO success by providing untapped buyer keywords and optimized titles/tags for ranking content on page 1 of Google and YouTube.

The minds behind Videly are Vlad and Stoica, a team of online marketers and software developers who can boast 60,000 active users across their desktop and web apps. The product itself is available as a one-time payment of $47, or an ongoing quarterly subscription with some extra bonuses.

Overall, the point of Videly is to help money-focused marketers rank on the first page in any niche so they can get traffic in front of their own products or their affiliate partners’ offers. You can find out more about Videly on the affiliate tools page and landing page below.

Model = Evergreen

EPC = $2.18
APV = $34.24
Starting Commission = 50%
Affiliate Tools Page = https://blastersoftware.com/videly-jv/
Vendor Contact = n/a

Check out their landing page here.

Category: E-business
ClickBank Nickname: goaff

Here’s another excellent make money online product, but this one is focused specifically on how to be a successful affiliate through paid traffic methods! It’s billed as an A-Z, step-by-step guide that’s perfect for newbies.

As an affiliate, you’ll be glad to know how robust the Affiliate Millionaire funnel is, with a strong front end offer selling for $39 to $49, plus several done-for-you campaigns and assets available as upsells and downsells to boost total order value.

If you have an audience that’s interested in learning affiliate marketing or paid ads, this high-converting offer is worth a look!

Model = Launch and Evergreen

EPC = $2.51
APV = $44.35
Recurring $/rebill = $10.54
Starting Commission = 50%
Affiliate Tools Page
= https://affiliatemillionaire.com/jv
Vendor Contact = matt@foxyjv.com

Check out their landing page here.

Category: E-business
ClickBank Nickname: perpincome

Perpetual Income 365 is exactly what it sounds like: an automatic system that helps people generate income 365 days per year, indefinitely. Sounds pretty cool, right?

In a nutshell, this is s a plug-and-play affiliate marketing software tool that helps people at all levels of experience to make affiliate income. Perpetual Income starts with a pretty cheap front-end trial for just $9, but substantial opportunity for recurring income through monthly software subscriptions. It also offers a handful of other strong upsells to boost your payout.

This product is specifically intended for affiliates who want to make recurring income, so if that’s you, then check out Perpetual Income below!

Model = Launch and Evergreen

EPC = $0.21
APV = $30.14
Recurring $/rebill = $43.77
Starting Commission = 50%
Affiliate Tools Page
= https://www.perpetualincome365.online/jv/
Vendor Contact = partners@thriivetank.com

Check out their landing page here.

Category: E-business
ClickBank Nickname: precmedia

Last but not least, we have The Fast Tracks. If you’re in the biz opp, internet marketing, or personal development niches, this is a proven high ticket offer.

This is a simple program built for anyone, with unique strategies for building email lists and using 2nd tier traffic sources to grow their businesses. On the affiliate side, the basis for promoting this program is a high-converting webinar – either in their evergreen webinar funnel or in a live webinar promotion (for 2-3X the conversions!).

You do have to register as an affiliate to promote this one. Learn more in the affiliate tools and landing pages listed below.

Model = Launch and Evergreen

EPC = $0.79
APV = $53.73
Recurring $/rebill = $21.50
Starting Commission = 50%
Affiliate Tools Page
= https://affiliates.thefasttracks.com/1k-affs
Vendor Contact = affiliates@thefasttracks.com

Check out their landing page here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the e-biz niche worth it?

Yes. There’s almost nothing more universal than wanting to make a good living, enjoy financial freedom, and take control over your life by owning your own business. The e-biz niche serves people at every stage in their online business journey, from in-depth training for beginners on up to specific tools for maximizing conversions.

Best of all, this niche is timely right now, and for the foreseeable future! From the “Great Resignation” to the opening up of remote work, more and more people are open to the idea of making a living online – and these are the perfect offers to help them do just that.

You should also be aware of the frequent availability of rebills (ie recurring payments) in e-biz products. Yes, a lot of affiliates prefer to get paid upfront – but if you can find the right offer, you can start to build up a passive income that isn’t tied to the amount of work you’re doing!

Which e-biz affiliate program is the best?

Like anything, it’s about tailoring each product to your specific audience. In the case of e-biz offers, the MOST important thing is matching your audience’s level of experience to the product you’re promoting.

High-ticket offers are also more challenging to convert, but do come with a MUCH  higher average payout. In the end, a nice balance of low and high-ticket offers will help you maximize your affiliate income in this niche.

And of course, you don’t have to restrict yourself to just these 10 e-biz products here on ClickBank! To see more great offers, be sure to browse the E-Business & E-Marketing category within our marketplace.

How do I get started as an e-biz affiliate?

If you visit the ClickBank website, there’s a ton of affiliate marketing resources to guide you where you want to go. I would recommend starting with ClickBank for Beginners if you’re brand-new to this stuff.

For more advanced and comprehensive training, there’s also ClickBank’s Spark education platform. You can check out Spark right here.

Best E-biz Affiliate Programs Wrap-up

Timing is everything in marketing. After all, you’ll have a tougher time selling ice cream to skiers on the slopes in wintertime than to surfers on the beach in summertime.

The reason I wanted to put this post out here now is because e-biz is booming. And if. You’re not a part of it yet, now’s your chance to jump in. Pick an e-biz offer that looks promising and introduce it to your audience, whether that’s via email, blog, social, paid ad, or video.

Of course, everything in this list is subject to change over time, because even quality products come and go. That’s why we always maintain a monthly top ClickBank products post with the very latest and greatest top offers in our marketplace.

We’ve also put together a handful of other top products lists you might want to check out:

Lastly, don’t forget to check out ClickBank’s official affiliate education platform, Spark. You’ll get your hand held through a series of in-depth affiliate marketing training courses to get you up to speed on promoting all kinds of affiliate offers, including e-biz. Click the link for more, and good luck on your journey!

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