10 Best Marketing Analytics Certificate Courses [2022 MARCH][UPDATED]

best marketing analytics course class certification training online

20+ Experts have compiled this list of Best Marketing Analytics Course, Tutorial, Training, Class, and Certification available online for 2022. It includes both paid and free resources to help you learn Marketing Analytics and these courses are suitable for beginners, intermediate learners as well as experts.


10 Best Marketing Analytics Courses, Certification, Training, Classes and Tutorials Online [2022 MARCH]  [UPDATED]

1. Digital Marketing Analytics Executive Education Program (MIT Executive Education)

MIT Management Executive Education1This online course is organized to help you gain the skills and ability to build a comprehensive digital marketing optimization strategy for a marketing campaign. In this short online class, you’ll learn how to create a predictive model with analytics tools and leverage the latest developments in data analytics. The curriculum covers various learning modules, including understanding the digital marketing channel, optimizing return on investments, implementing integrated digital marketing, and more. During the learning sessions, you’ll get assistance from MIT-renowned faculty members who will share their personal experiences throughout the classes.


Key USPs –

– A comprehensive program created to teach you the fundamentals of data analytics, digital advertising, and predictive modeling

– Learn how to improve your digital marketing reach and optimize your ROI with data analytics and digital advertising

– Get recognition of a future-focused approach to business strategy in the form of a badge of achievement from the MIT Sloan School of Management

– Be able to develop new competencies and earn valuable recognition from an international selection of universities

– Gain access to a flexible and structured approach to learning and plan your learning around your life


Duration: 6 weeks, 6-8 hours/week

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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2. Marketing Analytics Executive Education Program (Wharton University of Pennsylvania)

Wharton Executive Education Business AnalyticsOffered by the Wharton University of Pennsylvania experienced faculty, this program will help you plan an analytical approach for optimizing your marketing spends and make informed decisions. It is ideally designed for individuals who stay involved in the product lifecycle, growth strategy, or marketing practices, such as marketing manager, general or business manager, or brand manager. The curriculum is prepared with a combination of leading-edge analytical techniques with real-world applications to empower you to add value to your company’s marketing and growth efforts. Upon completing the curriculum, you’ll be able to navigate privacy laws and ethical pitfalls effectively while incorporating machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence into your analytics pipeline.


Key USPs –

– Learn how to collect and use customer-level data to lead your company in maximizing profitability, one customer at a time

– Learn to strategically determine optimal pricing for your business to maximize profit and be able to apply statistical tools to design new projects and predict customer demand

– Know about applying multi-touch attribution and experimentation approaches for improving efficiency in your marketing campaigns

– Work through real-world examples, try-it activities, assignments, case studies, and knowledge checks with live faculty sessions


Duration: 6 weeks, 4-6 hours/week

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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3. Marketing Analytics Executive Education (Berkeley Exec Edu)

Berkeley-Exective-EducationThis practical program is organized by UC Berkeley Executive Education professional instructors to help you discover the values and approaches of a data-driven approach for marketing. In this curriculum, you’ll learn about the four steps for analytics mastery while gaining the self-assurance to apply innovative marketing analytics initiatives in your organization. Throughout the video lectures, you’ll understand how analytics can significantly improve your ROI and grow your business. The curriculum is prepared with extensive case studies, graded assignments, quizzes, and other study material to help you transform your skills quickly. Upon completing the curriculum successfully, you’ll also receive a certificate of completion to showcase your skills.


Key USPs –

– A perfect curriculum designed for marketing managers, analysts, brand managers, and marketing executives to improve their knowledge

– Learn how to make informed marketing decisions based on analytics, apply analytic tools, models, and frameworks for optimizing marketing ROI

– Know how to leverage analytics and experimentations for gaining a competitive advantage

– Be able to develop a marketing strategy for customer acquisition, development, and retention

– Work through real-world case studies of top companies like Netflix, Booking.com, Rocket Fuel, etc. to improve your learnings


Duration: 2 months, 4-6 hours/week

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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4. Become a Marketing Analyst – Nanodegree (Udacity)

It is a nano degree program in marketing analyst that will help you gain foundational knowledge and skills of marketing. You will learn how to gather and examine data, modern marketing scenarios, and link your discoveries with Excel, Google Analytics, Data Studio, and Tableau. During the course, you will get introduced to various marketing analysis concepts, such as data analysis, data visualization, Google analytics, etc. it is included with real-world projects, project reviews, project feedback, technical mentor support, as well as you will get personal career coaching from the instructors. Here you can check our list of Best Customer Analytics Courses.


Key USPs –

– Learn how to use figures and visuals to determine and communicate insights, develop excel skills to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data in spreadsheets, and how to build excel models.

– Understand how design and visualization principles can be applied to create impactful data visualizations, build data dashboards, and tell stories with data.

– Gain in-depth knowledge of Google Analytics while learning advanced reporting techniques to analyze and optimize results and produce actionable insights for your business.

– Know about a wide range of marketing and business metrics, and how the growth and health of your marketing campaigns can be evaluated.

– Avail of a custom learning plan that is tailored to fit your daily work-life with.


Duration: 3 months, 5hrs/week

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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5. Marketing Analytics by University of Virginia (Coursera)

University of VirginiaPrimarily aimed at beginners, this introductory-level certification will give you the tools to measure customer assets and brands, design experiments to evaluate and optimize marketing campaigns. The insight into the preferences of the customers can be utilized for future business decisions. With stellar reviews and ratings, this certification is a crowd favorite.


Key USPs-

– Learn to build and define a brand architecture and measure the impact of marketing efforts on brand value over time.

– Use the data gained from the various sources to evaluate strategic alternatives.

– Mak efficient investments and assess your efforts.

– Plenty of assignments to practice the concepts covered in the lectures.

– No prior experience is needed to enroll in this certification and the deadlines can be set in accordance with your schedule.

– The material is divided into 4 weeks with gradually increasing difficulty.


Duration: 14 hours

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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6. Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing & Analytics (IIIT Tiruchirappalli – Simplilearn)

Offers in partnership with Harvard Business Publishing Education, this program is designed to help you fast track your profession in digital marketing and analytics. Enrolling in this respective curriculum will enable you to dive deeper into various sides of digital marketing and get consumer insights with the help of analytics. You’ll learn about the latest digital marketing and analytics tools to gain maximum results while understanding how to create a foundation for analytics to achieve customer insights. The program covers multiple learning courses, including fundamentals of digital marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, the fundamentals of AI, and much more. Upon completing the program, you’ll receive a digital certificate of achievement from IIIT Tiruchirappalli to showcase your skills.


Key USPs –

– A well-structured program designed to help you become an expert in digital marketing while gaining insights into industry standards

– Get access to LevelUp sessions from the world’s leading experts like Mollie Spilman and Dorie Clark to enhance your knowledge

– Work with Harvard Business case studies, 25+ course-end projects, and masterclasses from IIIT Trichy with career mentorship and resume assistance

– Follows a case study method to bring real-life business situations to life in the classroom and analyze business situations


Duration: 5 months, 5-10 hours/week

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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7. Business Analytics: From Data to Insights (Wharton University of Pennsylvania)

Wharton Executive Education Business AnalyticsIf you want to generate data-driven business decisions to lead your company towards success, this productive curriculum is an ideal fit for you. It is specifically designed for managers and business leaders to provide them with the tools required to lead their organization from the front. In this curriculum, you’ll gain an understanding of how to look at data and identify insights, expand your ability to make long-term predictions, and set future actions to make better business decisions. At the end of the program, you’ll be able to use analytics to improve business performance within your functional area while impacting your business.


Key USPs –

– Learn and comprehend the business implications of analytics, equip yourself to draw business-relevant insights, and grow your career

– Know about the latest ideas in business analytics and learn the structured approaches of problem-solving via analytics

– Covers essential learning outcomes with each session, such as descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, forecasting future events, and more

– Learn to interpret and visualize simulation model results to assess complex business decisions in uncertain settings

– Get access to live teaching sessions by Wharton faculty and data analytics simulation to improve your knowledge


Duration: 3 months, 6-8 hours/week

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Review: Data analytics have never been my strongest skill so I am truly glad to be exposed to a lot of new concept and applications that can help businesses perform better.  And in the process making a lot of meaningful and long-lasting relationships with my cohort of classmates. – Justin Teo



8. Post Graduate Certificate Program in Data Analytics (Purdue University)

Purdue UniversityIndividuals interested in boosting their career in data analytics can take help from this effective curriculum. Joining this prospectus will enable you to discover everything related to data analytics by starting your journey with the introductory courses on Statistics with SQL training. The program follows a Bootcamp model prepared with real-life projects and business case studies to help you attain a broad understanding of data analytics. During the sessions, you’ll learn R programming language while comprehending how to write R code, use R data structures, and create functions. Moreover, the curriculum provides additional alumni benefits from Purdue University, exclusive hackathons, and masterclasses delivered by IBM experts.


Key USPs –

– A comprehensive program that covers foundational concepts like statistics foundation, analyzing data with Python, and database interaction with SQL

– Build a solid foundational knowledge in data analytics with the Python Bootcamp and learn the fundamentals of Python programming

– Understand how to perform simple statistical analyses, build meaningful data visualizations, and predict future trends from data

– Work with a data analyst capstone project to bring your newly acquired data analytics skills together

– Test your skills with industry-leading projects from top companies like Google, Walmart, Amazon, etc.


Duration: 8 months, 5-10 hours/week

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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Review: Simplilearn facilitates a brilliant platform to acquire new & relevant skills at ease. Well-structured program content and expert faculty ensure an excellent learning experience. – C Muthu Raman



9. Digital Marketing Analytics by University of Illinois (Coursera)

Illinois Online CoursesIf you are looking forward to building a solid foundation in the concepts and strategies of marketing analytics, then you are at the exact right place. Understand the topics, models, and knowledge that can be applied to solve the problems encountered regularly in this line of profession. By earning this certification you will be prepared to take the more advanced programs and specializations. If you are a marketing professional looking at skill up in the domain of product marketing, then don’t forget to check out our take on product manager certification.


Key USPs-

– The introductory videos provide an overview of the course and cover the digital influence on marketing.

– Work with various analytics tools and cover the basics of web analytics.

– Each topic is covered in an elaborate manner with regular quizzes.

– Acquire knowledge that will be beneficial to use in the workplace and in personal projects.

– Gain a deeper understanding of your consumers and discuss the promises and pitfalls of digital data.


Duration: 14 hours, 4 weeks of study,8 to 10 hours per week         

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Review : Well, this is great course since I did it online, but the material well covered and the lecturer give clear and interesting material through video. I will take another course after this. Thank you. -VB



10. Digital Marketing and Analytics (ISB Executive Education)

If you want to gain competitive knowledge about digital marketing and analytics, this curriculum can help you in your quest. In this program, you’ll get an end-to-end perspective of the digital marketing ecosystem to plan revenue-generating strategies. Created by ISB experts, this curriculum will enable you to understand digital customer behavior, build digital marketing strategies, and identify in-demand metrics for measuring and optimizing ROI. Completing this program will help you plan and execute transformational digital marketing strategies and best practices and grow your career in the right direction. After concluding the program, you’ll be able to apply the principles of online advertising via a real-world scenario in a simulated environment.


Key USPs –

– Learn and understand how to improve ROI, customer lifetime value, and firm profitability with a customer-centric digital marketing strategy

– Define the digital customer behaviors and practical ways to reach customer segments and enhance engagement by using the digital marketing funnel

– Understand how to maximize your reach, engagement, and conversions with highly optimized paid advertising campaigns on social media and search engine platforms

– Be able to define the various steps of the framework for successful planning and execution of a digital marketing strategy


Duration: 3 months, 4-6 hours/week

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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11. Foundations of Marketing Analytics by Essec Business School (Coursera)

ESSEC Business School Online CourseThis certification is appropriate for students, business analysts and data scientist who want to apply statistical skills to business contexts. With a plethora of recitals and R Studio tutorials, you will get the opportunity to consolidate your competence and implement them in relevant scenarios. Understand your consumers and their lifetime value, scoring models, and strengthen your basics in this area.


Key USPs-

– Get an introduction to this field and take a look at the structure of the lessons.

– Learn the technique covered in the classes using hands-on real-world examples and attempt the quizzes to measure your grasp on the concepts covered.

– Get to know about the inner workings of statistical segmentation and indicators and managerial segmentation.

– No prerequisite required to enroll in this certification and the lectures are divided over 4 weeks.

– Enhance your career opportunities by adding this certification and skill to your resume.


Duration: 8 hours, 7 hours per week

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Review : Lectures were insightful and very applicable. Learning was reinforced with well documented R scripts. After this course I feel capable of applying these concepts to my own company. -TB



12. Foundations of Marketing Analytics by Emory University (Coursera)

If you have some knowledge about analytics and are planning to take it up a notch higher than this is the place to be. This intermediate-level specialization helps experienced professionals to utilize their skills to identify and interpret relationships between variables, derive spreadsheet models to analyze data, and evaluate risks among other crucial topics. Use the data available to reach efficient business decisions. End the journey with a final project that will give you a chance to apply the techniques and methods covered in the videos to solve a marketing analytics problem.


Key USPs-

– This well-structured specialization is divided into 6 courses which help to easily navigate through the different concepts.

-There are a sufficient amount of exercises to practice the skills covered in the lectures.

– The final project gives you a chance to experience the process of solving challenges faced regularly in this profession.

– Find, organize and describe data to gain information from them.

– Complete all the graded assessments and assignments to earn the certification.


Duration: 6 courses, 7 months, 3 hours per week

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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13. Marketing Analytics Certification by Columbia University (edX)

Columbia University Courses OnlineIf you are looking forward to using your undergraduate-level mathematics and R or a similar programming language to get started with a career in marketing analytics, then this course will come in handy. Throughout the lessons, you will discover the techniques to develop quantitative models that leverage business data, statistical computation and more to enhance the various key factors in this field. Use the models and the tools to meet customer demands and make optimal decisions. By the end of the program, you will be proficient in taking important decisions, use different methods to forecast sale,s and more.


Key USPs –

– Discover market segmentation methods and best practices to identify potential customer segments and do focused targeting.

– Perform demand forecasting by using customer-based models and statistical approaches.

– Calculate optimal pricing for products and services to get the best ROI and make data-driven decisions.

– The complete set of videos and study materials can be accessed for free and the certification can be earned at a minimal price.

– Lots of exercises to follow along with the lectures for better understanding.


Duration: 1 course, 12 weeks, 8 to 10 hours per week

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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14. Marketing Analytics by Wharton: Data Tools and Techniques (edX)

wharton online coursesThis program is perfect for learners who prefer to learn by doing. In the lectures, you will understand the tools and strategies that come in handy while making data-driven decisions in your business or organization. Assess critical managerial problems, develop a relevant hypothesis and draw inferences that can yield actionable results. Upon the completion of the lectures, you will be able to use the newly acquired skills in relevant projects to get optimal output.


Key USPs-

– The lectures cover each concept at a perfect pace in an elaborate manner.

– The complete set of lessons are broken into appropriate sections which makes it easy for the students to follow.

– Understand regression and conjoint analysis along with the topics of social media analytics.

– Learn to use various computing tools, mathematical and statistical results to obtain better output.

– The examples help you to understand the types of problems encountered in the real world.

– The lessons are self-paced and can be taken at your convenience.


Duration: 1 course, 6 weeks per course, 3 to 4 hours per week

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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15. Marketing Analytics Courses (Udemy)

With over 130 courses and training, it is safe to say that this platform has something for everyone looking forward to enhancing their knowledge in this field. The tutorials and programs are mainly divided into three levels of difficulty – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Use the filters available on the website to choose the training that matches your requirement. Some of the bestsellers are Google analytics for beginners, data-driven marketing, SQL for marketers.


Key USPs-

– The well-designed curriculum is divided into appropriate sections which help to cover the lessons easily.

– Gain advice and best practices from the experience of the instructors.

– There are ample amount of exercises to practice the concepts covered in the lessons.

– Lectures + Downloadable resources + Articles + Full Lifetime Access

– The study materials, videos can be accessed on the platform for a nominal fee.


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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Marketing Analytics Certification by Berkeley – University of California (edX)

The course has been discontinued

berkeley courses onlineThis MicroMasters program will empower learners with quantitative marketing techniques that can be deployed immediately to gain practical benefits in the workplace. This series of courses focus on the best practices and approaches for measurement and analysis of the crucial factors that impact the decision in the corporate world. Commence the journey by understanding the methods to derive insight from the data of your organization and solving real-world problems. In case you are looking for a comprehensive take on business analytics, then do have a look at our compilation of some of the best Business Analytics Certificates.


Key USPs-

– Apply analytics tools and processes to solve real-life challenges.

– Work with advanced programming languages, decision trees, conjoint analysis and more.

– Understand the competitive trends, distribution and sales performance, compare brick and mortar vs e-commerce channels.

– A wide variety of examples and demonstrations helps you to get a clearer view of the topics.

– Take a look at the practical applications in price and promotion cycles.


Duration: 4 courses, 4 weeks per course, 5 to 7 hours per week

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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Become a Marketing Analyst – Nanodegree Program (Udacity)

In this nano degree, you will gain the fundamental data skills that are required in marketing. The instructor will teach you the techniques to collect and analyze data, model marketing scenarios and share your analysis and findings with your team and customers using tools such as Excel, Tableau, Google Analytics, and Data Studio. By the end of the classes, you will be proficient in gaining insights from datasets and presenting it like a well-articulated story. If you are interested, you must have a look at Digital Marketing Certifications.


Key USPs –

– No prerequisite to enroll in the nano degree.

– Learn how to use statistics and visuals to find and communicate insights.

– Build Excel models to analyze possible business outcomes.

– Explore a wide range of marketing and business metrics, and techniques to evaluate the growth and health of your marketing efforts.

– Your one-on-one technical mentor will answer all your queries and lead you in the right way.


Duration: 3 months, 5 hours per week

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Data Analytics for Marketing (Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode)

If you want to learn how data analytics can help improve your marketing efforts, this program can help you in your quest. Created in collaboration with IIM Kozhikode, this curriculum will help you develop an analytical mindset to disrupt, innovate, and scale your company’s marketing strategies to better return on investments. Taking up this prospectus will help you learn predictive modeling for better customer insights and understand how data-driven insights can be used for creating effective marketing decisions. The curriculum is included with multiple hands-on exercises, graded quizzes, and assignments to improve your overall learning experience.


Key USPs –

– Learn how to identify the accurate analytical tools for a specific need and find reliable ways to collect, analyze, visualize, and utilize data for decision-making.

– Understand how analytics can be used to generate new product ideas, market segmentation methods, and best practices for verifying potential customer segments.

– Learn how to figure customer lifetime value for analyzing customer loyalty, brand loyalty, and forecasting revenue in the short and long run.

– Gain competitive knowledge of the new concepts and metrics that are used in the marketing field to evaluate and optimize digital marketing efforts.


Duration: 10 months, 3 hours/Saturday

Rating: out of 5

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Digital Marketing and Analytics (Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode)

Individuals involved in digital marketing or any type of internet marketing field need to look at this curriculum. It is specially prepared for marketing professionals who are a part of creating unique market strategies and campaigns. Learning this syllabus will enable you to develop the knowledge and skills required to engage with today’s consumers via multiple digital marketing channels. The program is equipped with many study modules, which focus on different parts of marketing, such as Introduction to Digital Marketing, Marketing Tools, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a professional certificate from IIM Kozhikode.


Key USPs –

– Learn how to develop a holistic understanding of the digital marketing landscape while understanding the consumer behavior of 21st century.

– Know about the process of strategic decision-making in the digital world and be able to evaluate and select digital marketing channels to meet strategic objectives.

– Learn about the fundamental techniques used for digital marketing, such as social media marketing and mobile marketing.

– Gain a detailed perspective of digital marketing tools that are essential for creating, rolling out, and evaluating digital marketing activities.


Duration: 10 months, 3 hours/Saturday

Rating: out of 5

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Digital Marketing Analytics (MIT Management Executive Education)

This self-paced online program is designed to provide you with an overview of the best approaches and practices in digital marketing measurements and analytics. Learn about the different tools and how they can be used to compute results and perform optimization. Along with this, you will also learn to integrate the software and tools to take efficient strategic steps. With renowned experts and thorough lessons, this certification promises to transform you into an informed professional.


Key USPs-

– These concepts are covered from scratch with appropriate examples and significant applications.

-There are exercises to practice the skills covered in the lectures and additional resources to supplement your learning.

– Pass the regular graded assessments to earn the certificate.

– Engage in group discussion and individual activities to clarify your doubts and explore ideas.


Duration: 6 weeks, 6 to 8 hours per week

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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So these were the 10 Best Marketing Analytics Tutorial, Class, Course, Training & Certification available online for 2022. Hope you found what you were looking for. Wish you a Happy Learning!

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