14 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites List for 2021 [Highest Paying]

Bloggers and Affiliate Marketing go hand-in-hand. If you love blogging then you should know these top-performing Affiliate Marketing websites to make the most of your blog. It can boost your ROI to a great extent.

Blogging is a popular medium of earning money in this present era of digitalization. Moreover, research says that over 80% of brands go for Affiliate Marketing to expand their reach and profit.

Well, earning from blogging had never been a cakewalk as it is now. You have to put the best of the info along with the exact solution offering in your blog. This is the only method of how you can monetize them.

There are 2 channels how you can make money from your blog –

1. Selling products

You can directly sell products through your blog. Based on audience reaction and conversion potential you have to frame your content for these particular types of blogs. Once you are sanguine that your customers are loyal you can afford to sell products through blogging. Therefore, building a bigger audience gets necessary for every blogger from the very beginning.

2. Affiliate marketing

Not that blogs always are meant for selling products. In that case, Affiliate Marketing is a great alternative to earn money. There is no reason to worry if you are a newbie; this article will help you out with A-Z of Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a channel through which you can speak for or promote other products/services. If people come to know about the product from your promotion and buy on your recommendation, then you get your commission from the product manufacturer.

As a blogger, if you don’t have any product to sell of your own, go for promoting products that are worthy of and make money as an Affiliate Marketer. Affiliate Marketing works on the basis ‘Revenue Sharing’ model, where you earn a pie from the profit of the product you promoted.

Affiliate Marketing has successfully expanded the horizon for bloggers to earn more. There are multiple businesses that are earning with Affiliate Marketing.

Let us find out where people get mostly stuck in?

Yes, you have guessed it right- it’s the starting. They get confused about where and how to start Affiliate Marketing.

Since there are myriads of Affiliate Marketing platforms available online people get puzzled which one is supposed to be the best for them? It’s quite obvious. Don’t worry. In this article, you will find out 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites to earn online.

List of 14 Top Affiliate Marketing Websites 

Here are the top 15 affiliate marketing websites which you can use for earning money online.

1. ShareASale

This is one of the largest and most trusted affiliate networking platforms available on the internet. ShareASale has 4000+ listed businesses in their 18+ years of industry experience.

Therefore, this is the best platform to find a suitable product/s for promotion from bloggers’ and influencers’ standpoint. The platform allows both digital and standard payment options where you can earn your share on the 20th of every month if your balance is above $50. The disadvantages of this platform are negligible. Thus, it is mostly recommended by experts.

2. Shopify Affiliate Program

This has been a popular platform among bloggers and the online retailers for quite a sometime now. Especially for bloggers, you can earn a lot utilizing this platform in a proper way as Shopify being a great selling platform.

The reason being Shopify has been a lucrative platform is its payout in comparison to the other Affiliate Marketing online platforms.

3. Affiliate Window (AWIN)

Having founded in Germany and home to 13,000+ active advertisers and 100,000 publishers, AWIN is one of the largest Affiliate Marketing platforms of our time.

Merchants on AWIN are mostly European countries and it is overall used across 10+ countries across the world. Founded in 2000, this has been one of the most bankable platforms ever by far. The simple user interface has been another reason for the soaring platform of this website.

4. Amazon Associates

Amazon is one of the top contenders when it comes to reliability and brand value. It’s undoubtedly one of the biggest marketplaces in operation. Amazon has a myriad of options for every category of shoppers. That’s why it’s one of the popular mediums for Affiliate Marketing.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing has been one of the top-picks even for a newbie in the world of Affiliate Marketing. You can have up to 10% of the commission of the profit here. There are product options in galore that you can promote.

5. MaxBounty

MaxBounty is a common name in the realm of Affiliate Marketing. Despite a new name it has earned enough repute among the marketers. Established n 2004 in Canada, the target of the platform has been always to attract and promote Affiliate Marketing.

It has 1500+ active campaigns in its success record till now. You can have weekly payments from manufacturers here provided your account balance is above $50.

6. Clickbank

According to features and functionality, this is a similar platform to ShareASale. It offers diverse product categories with multiple sellers which have made it an ideal platform for Affiliate Marketing.

There is a unique product available for everyone in this marketplace. Bloggers can have a wonderfully wide array of product choices to choose from in this platform.

7. CJ Affiliate

It’s a paradise for Affiliate Marketers. Most of the Affiliate Marketers will recommend CJ Affiliate to the newcomers.

People who have been looking for online Affiliate Marketing platforms should consider this one as one of the major opportunities for sure. This platform is brimming with numbers of advertisers and merchants. Thus, you can get a long product list for selection.

8. eBay Partners

eBay has become a crowded jungle with bloggers and Affiliate Marketers. This is one of the leading market places with maximum repute.

There are diverse categories of products to choose from for paid promotions. This feature has helped this platform gain soaring recognition. This site is always stuffed with product selling. For the first 3 months, it will give you a double commission against every product sale from your promotion.

9. Viglink

This website can be called as ‘bloggers’ favorite’. Bloggers can use this platform for ‘Affiliate Marketing’ efficiently.

Bloggers can earn a good amount of money through Affiliate Marketing. A simplified dashboard makes this website user-friendly for everyone.

10. Rakuten Affiliate

This is one of the biggest marketplaces which sell almost all kinds of goods. The reliability of this platform is unquestionable.

There are plenty of products available to promote on this platform. It has an association with biggies like NBA. It’s a hassle-free brand promotional platform.

11. JVZoo

JVZoo was founded in 2011. This is a user-centric platform. This one of the greatest perks of this platform.

You can earn your commission instantly through multiple modes. This feature makes the website different from the rest. Start your promotion today as it has varied ranges of products. The commission rates could be a cool 50% and higher.

Also, this a great platform for new product launches. You can open your account for free here. But one of the major drawbacks of this platform is you can earn your commission through Paypal after selling at least 50 products through promotion.

12. Tradedoubler

Whether you are a buyer or an Affiliate this is a favorable platform for both. This website has its major network in Europe and the UK in the majority.

There are 2000+ merchants and more than 180 thousand active publishers are connected through this platform. This huge networking statistics is a bonus from the credibility and reputation standpoint.

13. FlexOffers

‘Quick payment’ is the prime USP of this website. This platform holds major networking which adds to its fame and integrity.

This is a 10-year old Affiliate Marketing platform. They might not have many striking features but this is a standard platform any day. You can select multiple categories of products that keep on attracting customers and marketers to this site.

One can earn up to 50% commission from their promotions. This is certainly a huge sum. Countries other than the USA can have their payments through Paypal.

14. Target Affiliates

As a blogger, you can choose this platform for Affiliate Marketing. Much like Amazon’s Affiliate platform, this site also scores on bankability. Yet, the conversion rate is much lower than Amazon.

You can start earning with targeted product selling easily here. This site is popular among Americans. It has also earned a reputation all across the globe.

You can enjoy maximum flexibility while selling any good here. You can fix a payout up to 80% which is reasonably low in comparison to the other major platforms.


Solely with blogging keeping up these days is pretty difficult. Affiliate Marketing smoothes this doorway if you are looking to start your income with blogging.

There are other leading platforms too for Affiliate Marketing. Afore-said names are the most popular ones.

Select your products carefully and prepare a goal in alignment with them. Also, have a look at the payment methods and pick a suitable one for yourself.

Start your journey with Affiliate Marketing today if you want a steady earning through blogging.

Good luck!

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