3 Effective Ways to Deal With Your Cat’s Spraying

I personally have three cats, two of which are males and one is female. We got all of them at different times, the two males coming first and the female we just got a few months ago.

When the female first came into the house, the two males got all excited and always wanted to hang around the female, but the thing they did that puzzled us was that the two males would always spray urine at certain places in the house.

Now, there is nothing worse than cat’s spraying because the smell is just terrible and it is very hard to get rid of. Ever since the two cats started doing that, I have come up with three ways that I use so that they will stick to going to the bathroom in the litter box only.

The first thing we did when we got the female was to neuter the two males, which, for anyone who does not know too much about cats out there means castrating them so that they could not make the female pregnant in any way.

This also helped in the spraying because after the procedure was done and we brought them home, they did not want to spray nearly as much. The second way to stop the cats spraying that we use is to give them drugs which we get from the veterinarian that are supposed to help stop the cats from spraying anywhere.

When we first gave them the pills, they still did spray every now and then, but after a while the spraying virtually stopped, but every once and a while we would smell cat urine on certain chairs or couches.

To completely eliminate the cats spraying, we decided to go to the store and get anti-odor spray. We then went around to everywhere that the cats would spray, and put a few squirts of the anti-odor formula on the area so that if the cats would go to that spot they would not smell their own scent thus they would not want to spray there anymore.

Now that we have gone through these three steps to help stop cats spraying, none of our cats spray anywhere in our house and our house always smells clean and fresh and the smell of cat urine is nowhere to be found. I now know how it feels when a cat misbehaves and does something they are not supposed to.

Source by Nick Brydon

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