3 Reasons That Your Cat May Not Be Using the Litter Box

3 Reasons your cat may be peeing everywhere!

Did you ever consider that perhaps you should take your cat to the vet, especially when you are having litter box problems? I know it seems that the cat is being rebellious, ornery or mad about something in the environment.

Let’s just hold on here now. Let’s look at 3 explanations why your cat is not using the box anymore.

Firstly, in your cat’s favor, let me explain that any change in the cat’s environment can cause this problem however; there are many urinary problems that can cause the cat to not use the litter box. In fact some of the urinary problems left untreated can cause death. Sure, I understand your objection that if the cat is just bent out of shape by adding another pet, child or a move, the cost of a vet visit is not warranted. What you say is true, I agree, but still I feel it bears repeating that some urinary problems in cats can cause death!

Second off, you truly really should consider that if you have more than one cat, you need a litter box for each and one extra one. And, additionally, consider that if the box is in a corner that will not work for the cat they like escape routs.

Third and lastly, never rub the cat’s nose in urine or feces never drag the cat to the box or lock in small space with litter box. This behavior will all back fire on you. To recap if your cat suddenly stops using the litter box, check with the vet, assess the environment and try moving the litter box. One tip is to use the black light to see where the cat has urinated, then use a good non-ammonia cleaner to get rid of the smell.

Taking your cat to the vet can save money and heartache in the long run. I don’t like to see families lose a loved pet or end up having to give the animal away, because of a problem that can be solved.

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Source by Karen Louise Huffman

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