3 Ways to Stop Cat Urinating Problems Before It’s Too Late

Cats are clean animals. Everyone knows this. They are particularly clean about their bathroom habits. So why does a cat all of a sudden decide that your bed is a better alternative than his litter box?

There are many reasons a cat will pee outside the litter box. Everything from environmental changes to medical reasons. Once you have determined the cause, it’s time to get down to stopping cat urinating problems before things get really out of hand.

Here are 3 suggestions that may go a long way towards getting things back on track.

  1. Add another litter box. This is particularly important if you have multiple cats. Cats need to have options and don’t like having to share a litter box. Even if you just have one cat, having 2 litter boxes can go a long way towards giving you a bit of leeway with staying on top of cleaning.
  2. Make time to play with your cat. Everyone knows that dogs like to play but not as many people realize that it’s also of utmost importance with cats. A cat that lies around the house all day and doesn’t get any more attention than the occasional head scratch is bound to get bored. What does a bored cat to do express it’s displeasure? Pee outside the litter box.
  3. Take your cat outside for a walk. This may sound a bit bizarre but cats all benefit from a bit of outdoor time. To keep your cat’s outdoor adventures on the safe side, go out and buy a harness and leash and be there to supervise. It doesn’t mean you have to go around the block. You can easily just sit and let your cat explore on a long line. It will do wonders for his mental condition.

Source by Matt Giardini

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