5 Most Profitable Online Course Ideas of 2021

Do you wish to earn money without extra hassle? Opt for working online which has really become a trend especially after the global pandemic has hit the world.

One of the most essential features of running an online business is selling online courses. Many people are now getting introduced to the world of eLearning.

Opting for such a category of online courses will prove extremely beneficial for you because it currently being in high demand. Now the question arises on what online course idea to implement because there are many options to explore in this category.

We are here to solve this confusion of yours with a list of 10 potentially in-demand most profitable online courses. Make sure to choose the one that has a chance of attracting maximum audiences to ensure great benefits.

Additionally whatever course you are going to choose should fit the criteria of the learner’s comfort. With this article, you will learn how to pick the perfect online learning course that will yield the maximum profit.

The increase in popularity of eLearning has led to many online course platforms having sprung up to provide the best quality services to students and workers.

Thus, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to choose the ideal online course topic ideas for you (2021 edition).

Which Are the Most Profitable Online Course Ideas For eLearning?

A good online course should target a specific audience to which you can deliver the best content to ensure success. In other words, your niche should not be for anyone and everyone.

Although it may sound peculiar, this is the only way to run a best-selling online course.

Take a look at the list of profitable niches for online courses to earn a large sum of money from home.

Remember these topics are general. If you are passionate about your course to really stand out amongst the lot, study your targeted audience. Then only you would be able to deliver the course as productively as possible.

To explain simply, just don’t target your course to be accessible for everyone. Ponder on who would get the most benefit from your online course idea. Work accordingly for that specific audience.

1. Computers and Technology

We live in a digital era. It has now become a necessity to be aware of the potential applications computers and technology has to offer.

Computers and technology have enabled us all to stay up-to-date on the latest Google trends. Meanwhile, technology is evolving steadily. Many are still behind it, or others are trying to think ahead of the present technology.

A computer is an essential technology that we can use in many efficient ways. They are not only useful to get information or for entertainment purposes. But one can even learn to earn passive income through online work.

For these purposes, online IT-related courses like programming, web design, and development through WordPress are very much in demand. They are a great source of income.

Web designers and developers are in great demand in this era of technology. Organizing a free course to sell in this niche can prove to be extremely profitable for you.

Its short tech-related courses would be aimed at students who want to excel in skills and become financially independent.

These tech-related courses are highly in demand because of the increasing importance of the virtual world. You can target a huge audience if you opt for any technical niche from the below-given options.

Other courses that you could opt for regarding the in-demand niche of computers and technology are listed below:

  • Cell phone repair
  • Creating a website
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Software programming
  • Cyber security
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Digital video editing
  • Photoshop learning
  • Podcast production
  • Web designing

These are some course creator ideas that could earn you a great amount of money because of its trending need. Especially amongst undergraduate students who are looking for part-time work by learning a useful skill.

2. Business and Management

With technology, the world also saw a revolutionary change. This included business startups webinar getting introduced to varied ideas.

This approach gave rise to the introduction of many new professions in the business and project management field. Numerous audiences turned their hobbies into businesses and earned a desirable amount of income as well.

The demand for eLearning about business strategies and entrepreneurship programs has highly increased because of it. Nowadays, everyone desires to earn money by monetizing what they love to do.

What is better than making Personal Finance through things you enjoy? Of course, nothing! Ever since the freelancing and startups market has surged up, this topic is always in high demand by entrepreneurs.

Business programs include teaching audiences with diversified ideas but little experience on how to run a successful business campaign

Entrepreneurship online courses are perfect for beginners to learn the basics of starting a self-owned business.

In recent years, small businesses have sprung up everywhere reaching the limits of success. A course that teaches these strategies will help people reach their goals in no time at all.

You can also teach regarding the social media branding of products a businessman is targeting to sell. Digital marketing fundamentals have now been marked as an important aspect of online business and hence in demand.

And you should dive deeper into the business coaching industry trends when trying to start an online course on the following niches:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Dropshipping
  • E-commerce
  • SEO
  • Time Management
  • Blogger
  • Personal Brand
  • Freelancing
  • Amazon FBA
  • Digital marketing
  • Blog writing to promote business
  • Branding of products through social media
  • Launching a start-up
  • Growth strategies
  • Personal financing and revenue from the business

These brainstorming ideas are currently hot on the market. Choose any of the ones you think you can deliver to the audience efficiently.

As more people try to start their own businesses, you can attract masses to your business and entrepreneurship information.

3. Arts and Crafts

There are many people who take online courses in order to learn or improve their skills and make a satisfactory income.

Drawing, painting, sketching, and other hobbies have given a lot of artists a way to earn money through their hobbies. This niche not only earns money but also gives a source of entertainment to the learner.

In order to serve this niche, you must have artistic skills and be able to deliver them to audiences online. Content Creation samples of your work to attract the targeted audience. This is definitely going to assist in content marketing.

With e-commerce websites like Etsy and Amazon, millions of crafters can sell their products online and make money.

With courses in Arts and Crafts, providing knowledge and skills, students can take a deep dive into entrepreneurship ventures.

The demand for this niche in the market is marked by more people being attracted to art and crafts. You can target this audience and deliver your artistic skills to them.

Taking such courses can help students, freelancers, stay-at-home parents, artists, and other home-bound individuals earn a handsome income. All by putting their artistic skills at work.

Therefore, the following niches are hot currently in arts and crafts:

  • Drawing
  • Knitting
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Animation
  • Architecture
  • Digital art
  • Illustration
  • Graphic designing
  • Photography
  • Jewelry designing
  • Patchwork
  • Interior design

Arts and crafts in the field of interest. Many people just learn it for fun. There are many real and virtual art-related courses you can deliver. Choose appropriately!

4. Physical well-being

Health has become an extremely important niche, especially after the crisis of global pandemics. Everyone wishes to be healthy and happy in their life by eating better and following an effective exercise regime.

You can opt to sell an online learning course relating to health management. That would teach the learner effective ways to ensure proper eating habits in order to lead a healthy life.

For this niche, the target audience is generally young men striving to gain muscle mass or shed some pounds. They will surely be interested in your online course if you target the ways of these through exercise and diet.

Health management isn’t just limited to bodybuilding but also anti-aging methods as well as disease controlling ways. Offer courses that cover this area and many healthcare audiences will approach you.

The audience to target can also involve middle-aged people who are willing to work on improving their health. They would definitely pay to hear expert advice on ways to be in better shape and mind.

Also, the pandemic has led to a rising number of mental health issues in people of every age. This niche can prove very profitable for you if you use it to spread awareness and teach students about mental health.

The vast amount of health-related data is available on the internet is progressively increasing.

Online courses related to health provide information regarding the ideal lifestyle, effects of food consumption, and disease control methods. In addition to this, such online programs also help raise awareness about mental health problems.

Thus, selling your own online course on a health-related niche is a good step. The following topics are famous:

  • Meditation
  • Vegan cooking
  • Acupressure
  • Weight Loss
  • Herbalism
  • Personal Development
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Skincare regimen
  • Therapeutic aromatherapy
  • Yoga
  • Public health
  • Biological medicine
  • Global health awareness program

5. Education

Online courses on education can absolutely not replace the traditional classroom methods. It could though complement well for those who aim to learn but are short on resources like time or convenience.

This is an essential niche for teachers as well as students aiming to choose this profession in the near future. In fact, teachers could also gain benefits from these courses to increase their knowledge on several topics.

The demand for educational courses has currently increased because of the ease it provides in learning important topics. Many people aim at learning things online because it is easy and convenient. Hence, they take up online courses for educating themselves.

The profession of teaching is now not just limited to teachers. Anyone who is willing to spread knowledge on particular topics can teach the masses.

These courses help professionals to build new skills and a student-friendly teaching method. Also, when students take up these courses, they can easily teach others by effective means to earn financial support.

It would also be great if students could get online training to learn and develop their presentation skills.

Due to the sudden shift to eLearning, courses addressing various modes and approaches to teaching and learning are high in demand.

There is no better way to invest your time than in the process of learning and transferring that knowledge to others.

Hence, here are a few niches that potentially relate to the educational department and could earn you a large audience.

  • Presentation skills
  • Media training
  • Public Speaking
  • Teaching English
  • Starting a coaching business
  • Online course creation
  • Real Estate
  • Law
  • Languages
  • Office management
  • Logical reasoning
  • Mental health short courses

What online courses are in demand?

According to onlinecoursereport.com, Machine Learning with Python from IBM is the most in-demand online course.

Let’s dig into the details of it. Saeed Aghabozorgi, Senior IBM Data Scientist, will teach you about Machine Learning, studying computer algorithms.

Machine learning is one step forward in the world of in-demand artificial intelligence. It analyses data and statistics to predict potential outcomes and trends. It can prove extremely beneficial in this era of technology.

In this course, you learn the basics of machine learning in the approachable and well-manageable language, Python. It is a five-week-long course. In addition, it demands 4-5 hours of homework per week.

With no participation fee, you will receive a verified certificate for $39 through this online course.

On the second number, we have Harvard’s Introduction to Computer Science. This course is the most famous and in-demand course offered by Harvard University. This course teaches students the craft of programming.

Moreover, computer science is going to be the center of attention in the near future seeing the rise of technology. This course will assist you in the field of problem-solving, a life-changing skill in the virtual world.

You will learn how software and hardware are developed, designed, and analyzed. All to solve scientific, social, and business obstacles.

The mentioned course consists of programming problems in 9 sets, which approximately take 10-20 hours each to solve. Students who can pass the final test and these nine problems are eligible to receive the certificate. So contact them via email list.

Participation is free, but on completion, a certificate of $90 is to be purchased.


The virtual world has now marked an important place in the lives of human beings. Technology is being introduced in every aspect of real life from business to medicine. Hence, we should realize the importance of the online world.

Availing benefits from the online platform is the sole goal of this article. There has been a review of all the top trending online courses so you can choose the best one for you.

Online courses have caused great benefits to people of every age who have the will to learn and deliver. In a pandemic, the number of learners increased and hence the demand for such courses in various niches.

In this article, a few essential niches were covered like technology, business, data science entrepreneurship, health, education, arts and crafts. The article also discussed numerous ways to cover these niches.

As such, you must choose an eLearning course that reaches a large audience eager to start online businesses.

Online courses are convenient to learn and affordable for all ages. So, one can easily choose the ideal course for themselves.

The topics mentioned above will help you filter what course you want to sell and earn money. Aim for a particular audience, and your online course will flourish for sure. Have a great time choosing!

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