7 Best Digital Marketing Courses to Take in 2020

These days, unemployment is at its peak, and this COVID-19 situation gives rise to it as well. This situation is not only disturbing the mental state but affecting the professional lives as well. Everyone is looking forward to the courses or things that will help them to get rid of unemployment.

For cutting this problem, the digital marketing courses are making its place, and people are engaging in it as well. If you also wish to get rid of unemployment then here we will be going to disclose about the top 7 digital marketing courses can adapt during this tough situation. These courses will let you earn an abundance of money, and unemployment will not knock your doors at all.

But before you let yourself enrolled in any of the course, an individual needs to understand the things linked with them. Until and unless they are not sure what they will be going to get after completion of the course, there is no use of it at all.

Here will be going to disclose about the best 7 most popular digital marketing courses available that will polish your skills and let you make your career effectively.

Seven Best Courses for Digital Marketing to Choose

1. Simplilearn- Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s Program

If you wish to become someone who will act as the digital marketing Pro, then this digital marketing specialist master program is the right one for you to choose. It will not only act as a career-changing set for you but will also help you in understanding the digital strategies in detail.

A person will be going to understand about digital marketing strategies including:

·        PPC

·        Social

·        SEO

·        Advance mobile marketing

·        Optimization of Website rate conversion

·        Web analytics

·        Strategy and Conversion

·        Content marketing

·        Email marketing and so on.

After completion of this course, and individual will going to learn about all the basic strategy is linked with digital marketing. Also, the practical knowledge will get enhanced so that they can easily and roll themselves in in any of the expert exam available. After appearing in expert exams, and the individual will become certified. This course will let them get recognized as a specialist in digital marketing.

2. Hub-spot Academy- Inbound Digital Marketing Course

If you have ever gone through technical course learning, then Hub-spot Academy will act as a platform for you to showcase all the skills you are having. This course will help you to analyse all the tricks and techniques you have learnt, and inbound marketing techniques will help you in understanding what is going on. Each and every concept in Hub-spot Academy is explained so that an individual will not face any kind of difficulty at all. And individual able to create their own inbound marketing strategy that will help them to get more results.

In this course, the individual will be going to learn about:

·        Inbound marketing concepts

·        Email marketing

·        Social media promotion

·        Blogging

·        Conversion optimization

·        Lead nurturing

·        Landing pages

·        Customer Marketing approach and so on

After completion of the force, this also offers the student with the training session and practical exercises. These training sessions and practical exercises are organized to check out whether students are getting everything clearly or not. If you are a Hub-spot user and then there is no need for an individual to pay even a single penny for the inbound marketing course going on. After the completion of the course, a certificate will be issued to the students that will increase their chances of selection in any of the digital marketing fields they are applying.

3. Skill-share- Introduction to Social Media Strategy

When an individual will be going to learn about the concept linked with social media digital marketing, and then still there is the best one for them to choose. This course is specially designed for all those who wait to utilize all the Strategies and marketing tools available. They can choose any of the social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on. With the help of all these platforms, they can understand social media Strategies and will put the things forward in the same manner.

In this particular post, a user will be going to learn about:-

·        Marketing

·        Business

·        Social Media

·        Social Media Marketing

·        Content Strategy

·        Social Media Advertising

·        Buffer

After understanding all these parameters, a user will gain confidence, and they can easily create their own social media strategy. This strategy will work in their favor and will help them to achieve the business goals they Desire. They just need to put some effort and time that will work in their favor after some time.

4. Coursera- Digital Marketing Specialization

In all the digital marketing courses available, Coursera hits at the top. It is quite interesting to see that this course will enhance the knowledge of an individual to the extent that they will not face any kind of difficulty at all. They will be going to understand all the strategies linked with online marketing so that they can easily implement the same.

When you are a beginner, you will be going to learn certain aspect included in it. The aspects of dealing with digital marketing environment are included here. The aspects include:-

·        Social media marketing

·        Digital marketing analytics

·        3D printing

·        Search engine optimization

Under the University of Illions master of Business Administration degree program, this course is termed as digital marketing specialization and an individual needs to learn about it as well. Whosoever is applying for this course, they will be going to learn about modern opportunities available. Perfect concepts and theory are included that will help an individual to learn about the things in an easy-going way. Moreover, after the completion of the course a certification will get offered to the student that will help them to enhance their resume appropriately. An individual just needs to spend 8 to 10 hours per week so that they can easily understand the courses in detail.

5. Wharton- Digital Marketing Professional Certification

Professional certification courses are also part of digital marketing. In all these courses, Wharton kids at the top. In this course, four tutorials are included which are related to online advertising.

With each passing module, a user will be going to learn about certain aspects dealing with digital marketing, and at the end, they will be going to get the digital marketing professional certification as well. Also, it is quite surprising to see that in this course they will be going to learn about the things which will help them to maintain their career more appropriate. This digital marketing professional certification will help the individual to know about all the ongoing Strategies and also let them understand what they can do to make things work in their favor.

In this course you will be going to learn about:

·        Business and e-commerce models

·        Social media analytics

·        Social media

·        Strategies to achieve customer-centricity and so on

After learning about all these forces, multiple opportunities will get available to the student. Also, it is to notify you that when you wish to get certified from the University of Pennsylvania, you must pay a lot of amount for the same. But the amount you will be going to pay is worth every penny. Whether you are a newcomer or you are an experience one every time you will be going to learn something new in digital marketing. Every day certain principles introduced in digital marketing which are known to enhance the practice of an individual to an extent.

6. Hub-spot- Online Marketing Courses

Hub-spot is always considered best to choose whenever it comes to look at the online marketing courses available, whenever you wish to learn about digital marketing and want to get the certification for free from a well-renowned company than hub-spot is right one for you to consider.

The course offered to you by them includes:

·        Email marketing

·        Inbound marketing

·        Contextual marketing

·        Content marketing

·        Social media marketing

Apart from all these courses, it will be going to provide you certification considering to Search Engine Optimization, Facebook ads, blogging, and so on. You just need to understand about all the aspects in details. Whenever you wish to understand about the marketing strategies going on, and you wish to recognize someone as the digital marketing professionals, it is important for you to invest from time and get all the necessary details. Until and unless you have no details available, you cannot identify about it at all. Being an individual, you need to invest some time in this course so that not even a single aspect will be missed from your eyes.

7. Udacity- Digital Marketing Nano degree

Udacity also offers the best digital marketing training to all those people who want to start a career in it. There are two options available to the student wherein one option they can get them-self engage in it just after graduation then another degree program will be the best one available. It will help them to become a master in all the platform-specific skills so that they cannot face any kind of trouble at all. It is also important for an individual to understand their learning about all the aspects in detail.

When you are going to get yourself enrolled in this course, you will be going to learn about:-

·        Display Advertising

·        Marketing Fundamentals

·        Content Strategy

·        Email Marketing

·        Search Engine Marketing

·        Metrics with Google Analytics

·        Social Media

·        Social Media Advertising with Facebook

·        Search Engine Optimization

Apart from engaging in it after valuation, independent study is also the option available. Here you will be going to act as digital marketing and learn new concepts regularly. It will refresh your skills and also become the best option for you to consider. You will be going to get some question and answers live session that will help you to clear your doubts and learn something new regularly. If you wish to join the digital marketing nano-degree program, you need to pay and amount of $537 for three months course or you need to pay and amount of $199 per month to sound professional. It totally depends upon the capacity of the individual and about the method they prefer.


These are the best digital marketing courses available. If you wish to polish your skills in a manner that you will not be going to face any trouble in future, then digital marketing is a field that will help you in dealing with it easy. And individual just need to understand the aspects in detail so that no trouble will be created to them in any case at all. After going through this article, if you have any query in your mind then feel free to ask it. We are here to help you in any manner.

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