9 Best Home & Garden Affiliate Programs on ClickBank in 2022

If you want to find an amazing product to promote and make some good money online, you’re in the right place! While it’s not always the first niche that new affiliates think of, here’s the truth: the home & garden niche is actually “home” to one of the top 20 best selling ClickBank products of all time!

In fact, from shipping container home plans to dog training courses, you’re going to find PLENTY of profitable affiliate products to promote here. We’ve scoured our own internal numbers on the ClickBank marketplace to bring you the most successful products in the home & garden niche, and we’re about to share everything with you.

Ready for the full list of ClickBank’s best home & garden affiliate programs? Read on!

(Side note: You’ll need to create a ClickBank account before you can promote these offers and get paid, but it’s free and quick… Sign up here!)

9 Best Home & Garden Affiliate Programs on ClickBank (Updated Yearly)

  1. Teds Woodworking
  2. Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer
  3. My Shed Plans
  4. Brain Training for Dogs
  5. Ultimate Small Shop
  6. DIY Smart Saw
  7. Shipping Container Home
  8. Secrets to Dog Training
  9. My Boat Plans

Category: Home & Garden
ClickBank Nickname: tedsplans

Teds Woodworking
Teds Woodworking

Teds Woodworking is currently one of the best selling products ever on ClickBank. It’s been a money-maker since 2010, which also makes it one of the products with the greatest longevity in this fast-paced online marketing world.

The reason? For one thing, Teds Woodworking is evergreen – people are always interested in learning how to do woodworking. For another, this happens to be a very generous offer for any woodworking enthusiasts, providing more than 16,000 individual wood plans.

Perhaps most importantly for you, it’s also a fantastic product for affiliates to promote, with a strong double-digit conversion rate and an excellent payout value of nearly $64 per sale for affiliates. Overall, this isn’t just the best home & garden product on ClickBank – it’s the #1 woodworking product on the internet!

EPC = $0.19
APV = $63.84
Starting Commission = 75%
Affiliate Tools Page
= http://tedswoodworking.com/aff
Vendor Contact = n/a  

Check out their landing page here.

Category: Home & Garden
ClickBank Nickname: doggyd4n

Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer
Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer

The next product in our list is Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer “Complete Pack” membership. It’s just what it sounds like: a set of courses that teaches you how to train your dog to be well-behaved. This online membership comes with a $1 trial, which is a big help to boost conversions – and even better, earn you ongoing income of nearly $25 per month!

If you sign up to become an approved affiliate, you’ll also get access to a rich set of affiliate tools, including landers, articles, banners and images, keywords, giveaways, and email swipes. If you have an audience of dog lovers, this is an absolute no-brainer. Don’t chew on it another second – see more on their tools page below!

EPC = $0.62
APV = $47.16
Starting Commission = 70%
Affiliate Tools Page = https://affiliates.theonlinedogtrainer.com/join
Vendor Contact = n/a

Check out their landing page here.

Category: Home & Garden
ClickBank Nickname: shedplans

My Shed Plans
My Shed Plans

Let’s take a step back from pets and talk sheds. You’ll be shocked to find out that My Shed Plans is all about building your own shed. It’s a simple, but powerful value proposition: build your own shed from scratch in a weekend, even with no woodworking experience. Or to put it another way: “The shed practically builds itself.”

The offer includes 12,000 plans for a variety of sheds, along with a complete list of needed materials and tools, and 3D CAD designed images. And for affiliates, you can expect an impressive conversion rate of nearly 10%, a 75% commission across the entire funnel, and a strong resources page with custom landers, banners, articles, rebrandable PDFs, and email swipes.

Best of all, if you have an audience in the survivalist, green energy, or woodworking space, prepare to be amazed at how well this offer does! Find out more below!

EPC = $0.35
APV = $37.75
Starting Commission = 75%
Affiliate Tools Page = 
Vendor Contact = n/a

Check out their landing page here.

Category: Home & Garden
ClickBank Nickname: brainydogs

Brain Training for Dogs
Brain Training for Dogs

That’s right, we have another dog training offer, but this one comes with a unique hook: it makes your dog smarter. The Brain Training for Dogs member’s area is full of information on how to train a puppy, boost your dog’s intelligence and obedience, and more. It also features a private forum where you can discuss specific problems.

If you have a male audience that skews younger, this is a good fit. As far as the affiliate stuff, the Tao of Badass team of Tim and Josh focus on providing a fantastic experience for your audience. Like many of the best offers, this one also features attractive banners, free giveaways, email swipes, promotional videos, keyword ideas, and lookalike audiences.

Click below to see if it’s a good fit!

EPC = $1.19
APV = $29.88
Starting Commission = 75%
Affiliate Tools Page = https://www.braintraining4dogs.com/affiliates/
Vendor Contact =

Check out their landing page here.

Category: Home & Garden
ClickBank Nickname: usmallshop

Ultimate Smart Shop
Ultimate Smart Shop

Ultimate Small Shop is another top-selling product from the creator of Teds Woodworking. In a lot of ways, it’s a perfect complement to that offer, because Ultimate Small Shop is a guide covering the best tools to buy and where to buy them at the cheapest possible price.

Anyone who’s enthusiastic about woodworking will want to know how to set up their own complete small workshop on a budget! And if you’re an affiliate, you’ll be glad to know that the product performs well, with a strong conversion rate, average payout of $38, and a full funnel with a three upsells and one downsell. It also features a fantastic set of affiliate resources, from keywords to videos to Facebook images.

If you have an audience of men, isn’t worth seeing if they would be interested in Ultimate Small Shop?

EPC = $0.56
APV = $37.81
Starting Commission = 75%
Affiliate Tools Page = https://ultimatesmallshop.com/aff
Vendor Contact = n/a   

Check out their landing page here.

Category: Home & Garden
ClickBank Nickname: cncwood

DIY Smart Saw
DIY Smart Saw

Next on our list of the best home & garden affiliate programs is DIY Smart Saw, a program that can help you build your own smart saw for use in woodworking projects in just a few hours.

What exactly is a smart saw? Known as a computer numerical control (CNC) machine, the smart saw is a programmable machine that can turn wood into something beautiful at the push of a button (kind of like a 3D printer). The smart saw helps you make elaborate designs, either for your friends and family or as the basis of your own woodworking business.

It’s a pretty cool product to promote. Give it a closer look below!

EPC = $0.59
APV = $52.34
Starting Commission = 75%
Affiliate Tools Page = n/a  
Vendor Contact = n/a

Check out their landing page here.

Category: Home & Garden
ClickBank Nickname: imcoders

Shipping Container Home
Shipping Container Home

Here’s another strong home & garden offer, emphasis on the home this time. Shipping Container Home teaches you how to build your own home out of a shipping container! It’s a pretty straightforward digital package of 4 e-books (more than 1100 pages) on how to build and personalize a container home – including as an upgrade to your existing home.

We can verify that this product has about the lowest refund rate in this list (approx. 1.5%), which speaks to its quality. As an affiliate, you can expect a typical payout of around $30 per sale, and it does include affiliate banners and graphics you can use.

Learn more about Shipping Container Home on the affiliate tools page and landing page below.

EPC = $0.11
APV = $29.78
Starting Commission = 71%
Affiliate Tools Page = https://shippingcontainerhome.club/affiliates.html
Vendor Contact = contact@shippingcontainerhome.club   

Check out their landing page here.

Category: Home & Garden
ClickBank Nickname: sitstay

Secrets to Dog Training
Secrets to Dog Training

Here’s one more opportunity to promote a dog training program! Secrets to Dog Training (from the vendor Kingdom of Pets) is an obedience training program – the core product is a 250-page ebook, and the bonuses include an audiobook version, a video program, and an additional ebook on Secrets to Becoming the Alpha Dog. But what makes this program really interesting is the fourth free bonus: unlimited professional online consultations. This bonus is there to ensure that no customer is stuck with a product that isn’t getting them results!

As an affiliate, you’ll get an average payout of almost $40 per sale, which happens to be the same as the price of the front-end offer. In other words, this product has a solid funnel with a high upsell take rate. Another interesting perk of becoming an affiliate of Kingdom of Pets is the range of other products you can promote, including dog health, cat training, cat care, and even tropical fish care.

If you want to promote this one, just contact the team at the email below or visit their tools page!

EPC = $1.24
APV = $39.49
Starting Commission = 75%
Affiliate Tools Page = http://www.kingdomofpets.com/affiliates  
Vendor Contact = marketing@kingdomofpets.com

Check out their landing page here.

Category: Home & Garden
ClickBank Nickname: myboatplan

My Boat Plans
My Boat Plans

Last but not least, it’s time for a look at My Boat Plans. Like Teds Woodworking or Shed Plans, this offer features 518 step-by-step illustrated boat plans to help you build your own boat from scratch. The offer even has a tagline: “The easiest way to build your boat!”

As an affiliate, if you have an audience with any interest in woodworking, DIY, or green offers, My Boat Plans is a perfect complement to those. It also comes with a huge menu of affiliate tools to help you promote My Boat Plans, including banners and graphics, PPC keywords, email templates, review articles, landing pages, videos, and a rebrandable PDF!

Find out more about the product below!

EPC = $0.98
APV = $47.09
Starting Commission = 75%
Affiliate Tools Page = https://myboatplans.com/affiliates/
Vendor Contact = brad@exfactorguide.com

Check out their landing page here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the home & garden niche worth it?

Of course! As mentioned earlier in the post, Teds Woodworking has been a #1 ClickBank product and one of ClickBank’s top 20 best selling products of all time. There’s no question that people spend a lot of money on their pets and hobbies.

Many of these offers center on woodworking, which is likely because of a perfect confluence of factors: it’s a more expensive hobby, often done by men who have time on their hands, and who are willing to spend money to do it right. Similarly, we see a lot of pet training offers that do very well, because pet owners love their pets and want to raise them well.

In both cases, you’re dealing with a niche that’s not going to go away any time soon. If you’re deciding whether to build your affiliate business in this space, I would definitely give it a go.

Which home & garden affiliate program is the best?

Normally, I wouldn’t try to sway you one way or another, but in this case, Teds Woodworking is far and away the leader in the home & garden niche on ClickBank. (I don’t think it would be fair to pretend otherwise!)

With that said, many affiliates prefer to promote a number of similar, complementary products in a rotation, so if you have an audience that’s right for Teds Woodworking, for example, you probably have an audience that’s also right for My Shed Plans, Ultimate Small Shop, DIY Smart Saw, and even Shipping Container Home.

Of course, these 9 home & garden products are NOT the only ones on ClickBank by any means! You’ll also find quality offers on tiny houses, cat care, potty training dogs, candle making, and decluttering, among many others. If you want to see more, you can browse the Home & Garden category within our marketplace for a full list.

How do I get started as a home & garden affiliate?

If you go through the ClickBank website, you’ll find a wealth of free affiliate marketing resources to get you started as an affiliate. We’ve actually put together an epic ClickBank for Beginners guide to point you in the right direction, so be sure to check that out!

In addition, we have an affiliate education platform called Spark designed to get you up to speed as quickly as possible. You can check out Spark right here.

Best Home & Garden Affiliate Programs Wrap-up

The Home & Garden niche is a really nice melting pot of different hobbies and interests, from pet care to woodworking to candle making. You honestly can’t go wrong with any of these quality home & garden offers – and while the world is still going through a pandemic, you can bet that more people than ever are trying to make to make the most of their time at home.

The question is, can you get them interested in the affiliate offer YOU want to promote?  

Ultimately, you’ll be able to find some great options right here in this post, which is updated regularly with the very best home & garden products on ClickBank. However, the only way to see the most up-to-date top offers on ClickBank’s marketplace is on our top ClickBank products blog post, which we update with new top-performing affiliate offers twice per month.

And if you want to explore some of the quality products in other great niches on ClickBank, I’ve got some additional resources for you:

Last but not least, if you want to make a serious go of it as an affiliate, I do recommend you find out more about our official affiliate education platform, Spark. This program is an industry-leading walkthrough of affiliate marketing tactics that will allow you to make money promoting products online.

Best of luck!

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