Am I Ready For A Cat?

Are you? Many people do not pay to much attention to what is needed to take care of a pet. They see how cute the puppy or kitten is and that is all they need to know.

Having a kitten takes more then just buying a litter box and picking up a cute kitten from somewhere. You have to realize that kittens play a lot. They haven’t learned what they can or cant do. And its not that easy to teach them . So if you have curtains that costs you a fortune, you better replace them with some old ones for the time being. same goes for your leather couch. You can expect that the cat will do its pipi/popo outside the litter box once in a while.

I make it look like a nightmare, but it isn’t that hard, your family is going to adore your new friend. You just do not want to tell your children after 2-3 weeks that their cute new friend has to go. A cat can live up to 19 years, make sure that you want to take that commitment. Same goes for dogs of course.

In the first weeks you have your kitten its a good idea to keep it into one room, make that room as cat friendly as possible. This way it will not be tempted to climb your curtains or pee on your bed :). But please make sure you spend a lot of time with your cat. After the cat has learned to deal with the litter box you can slowly allow them to explore your house. Stay with them and if they do something bad. NEVER EVER hit them. Make sure that your whole family understands this from day one. Hitting a cat is NOT a way to punish it. You can damage your cat for life. If you want to punish your cat then you can grab them in the neck and return them into their room. This is a natural way of the mother cat to punish her kittens.

Source by Johan Geuze

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