Best Live NY Betting Sites 2022

Top Ranked Online Sports Betting Sites In New York

Now that legal New York sports betting is here, here’s a breakdown of the all the New York sportsbooks that are live or expected to go live soon.

Caesars New York

Retail Partner: Turning Stone Resort Casino


Caesars treats every sports bettor as an Emperor. Over the top is what you expect from one of the defining brands from Las Vegas. But underneath there lies a superb sportsbook will brand new software. Caesars’ rich history gives the operation a real chance at being one of the top NY sportsbooks. For more info, check out our expert Caesars New York Sportsbook Review today.

BetMGM New York

Retail Partner: Yonkers Raceway


A huge US brand in its own right, MGM is closing fast on the market leaders. Great promotions, great odds and fantastic customer service are waiting for you. For more info, check out our expert BetMGM New York Sportsbook Review today.

DraftKings New York

Retail Partner: Del Lago Resort & Casino


DraftKings New York offers a bespoke sportsbook focused on US sports. As the number two online sports betting site in America DraftKings must be on your list of places to bet. Great promotions and an excellent loyalty scheme are evidence that it really wants your business. For more info, check out our expert DraftKings New York Sportsbook Review today.

BetRivers New York

Retail Partner: Rivers Casino Schenectady


BetRivers is making waves with its online sports betting software. Continuous improvement has seen the sports betting platform ranked as one of the best in the US. BetRivers is based in Chicago and parent company Rush Street Interactive is one of only a few US betting sites to expand abroad, recently winning Sportsbook of the Year in Colombia. You will find a distinctive experience at BetRivers that many New Yorkers will prefer. For more info, check out our expert BetRivers New York Sportsbook Review today.

FanDuel New York

Retail Partner: Tioga Downs


Leading the US sports betting market, FanDuel’s New York sportsbook will meet the needs of many New York residents. It offers arguably the best online and mobile software in the world. You will find it easy to use right from the get go and it has all the features demanded by even the most demanding sports bettors. For more info, check out our expert FanDuel New York Sportsbook Review today.

PointsBet New York


New York online sports fans with a taste for excitement should look hard at PointsBet NY. It is unique in offering pointsbetting; a spread bet where the amount you win or lose depends on how far away from the spread a team wins or loses. You can win a lot and lose a lot in this high energy form of betting. However, PointsBet is not a one-trick pony. It offers excellent odds boosts and great promotions. For more info, check out our expert PointsBet New York today.

WynnBET New York

A Las Vegas heritage doesn’t do any harm when breaking into new sports betting markets. New York online sports betting will benefit from WynnBET’s distinct approach which tries to add a social dimension to sports betting. Sports fans looking to add entertainment to a game watched with friends should check out WynnBET. It’s not one of the big boys but it offers something genuinely different. For more info, check out our expert WynnBET New York today.

Bally Bet New York

BallyBet is a newcomer to online sports betting. But New York sports bettors can have confidence in the brand which has operates major casinos in 14 states. New to the online market means a new software platform using the latest technology.

Resorts World New York

Retail Partner: Resorts World New York

Resorts World is part of Genting Group the global casino and hospitality business. Resorts World opened its New York Catskills casino in 2018 and opened its casino at the Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens back in 2011. It is a surprise entrant to the New York market, given its relative inexperience in the sports betting space. Perhaps resorts will surprise us all!

Offers From Legal New York Sports Betting Sites

When multi-billion dollar companies clash in a competition to establish market share, customers are the big beneficiaries. Each of the sportsbooks in New York wants you to place your bets at their betting site. They offer lucrative promotions to get you to take a look at their sportsbooks.

All are confident they are so good once you try them you will love them. That’s why you will see NY sports betting welcome bonuses that make your eyes water. And when you have registered your account the bonuses will keep on coming. Keeping you happy is their number one priority.

  • Risk-Free Bets

    The most common type of sports betting promotion is the risk-free bet. You place a bet and if your bet loses the betting site credits your account with an amount equal to your bet. The credit is in the form of site credits that you must wager at least once before you can withdraw the amount as cash from your account. Look out for time limits and bet restrictions in the terms and conditions.

  • Odds Boosts

    Odds boosts are almost universal. The betting site offers preferential odds on specific games or for a specific time. This increases your winnings if you win your bet. Often used for major games or for slow times in the schedule. They are a valuable promotion well worth using.

  • Deposit Bonuses

    Deposit bonuses can offer the best value of all promotions depending on the terms and conditions. Usually offered for your first deposit, the betting site matches a percentage of your deposit with restricted cash. You must wager an amount equal to your deposit and the added cash at least once before you can withdraw it. The bonus is normally released to your account in $5 or $10 installments. Key condition to look out for is how long you have to clear the bonus.

  • No Deposit Bonuses

    No deposit bonuses are perhaps the best sports betting promotion available from some New York online sportsbooks. Simply register your account, verify your identity and the sportsbook gives you an amount to wager. You get this even before you deposit any of your own money. Any winnings you make are yours to withdraw as you please. Terms and conditions vary but can include a requirement to deposit before you can cash out and there are often restrictions on what type of bets you can make with the bonus.

  • Sportsbook Loyalty Offers

    New York bettors will find that the new sportsbooks are very keen to keep you as a customer. Loyalty is worth money to the betting sites. Almost all offer a loyalty or VIP scheme. Each real money sports bet earns points. These can be redeemed for cash or merchandise and sometimes for risk free bets or bonuses. The betting site VIP scheme is not something you should ignore. even as a casual sports bettor you can accumulate a lot of value.


NY Sports Betting Promo Codes & Odds Boosts

When you’re looking for the best promo codes for New York sports betting this is the place to find them. Not all sportsbooks in New York use promo codes but if one is available, use it.

Make your betting more profitable and exciting with the latest promo codes and odds boosts from NY sportsbooks.

Welcome offers, risk-free bets, and live odds boost’s maximize you’re earning potential. Get a taste of the best sports betting sites New York has to offer; read our reviews so you know what to expect before registering.

Sports Betting Apps

Sports betting in New York is easy if you use one of the newly licensed sports betting apps. Use your laptop or desktop and you don’t even have to download any software. All of the licensed NY sportsbooks work excellently through your internet browser.

When you want to play on your tablet or smartphone you can download the appropriate sports betting app for iOS or Android devices. These work almost identically to the desktop versions but optimize for the smaller screen on your mobile. Typically the betslip is not visible all the time instead it pops up when you need it. Otherwise all the functionality you need is available whatever device you use.


Bet On New York Sports Teams Early 2022

As one of the largest states in the Union (and let’s face it: New York is special), New York has a lot of major league sports teams. There’s an old adage in gambling; sports bettors make sports fans and sports fans make sports bettors.

NY online sports betting is a great way to make watching sports more fun. When you have money riding on a game every great play and every misstep becomes more exciting. Inevitably a lot of New York sports bettors will want to wager on their home teams. And in New York there are a lot of home teams!

  • New York Giants

    Since 1925 the Giants have won eight NFL championship titles including four Super Bowls. If you think the Giants can win another you will soon be able to put your money where your mouth is! A futures bet on whether the Giants will make Super Bowl 2023 will definitely be on offer to New York bettors.

  • New York Jets

    The New York Jets play in the same stadium as the Giants but still have a ways to go before they achieve the same level of success. The Jets have one Super Bowl victory that dates back to 1968. You can bet that their fortunes will recover by betting on one game at a time or one play at a time with the Live Betting options in your sportsbook.

  • New York Knicks

    Madison Square Garden is home to the New York Knicks. That world famous venue has been a focus of illegal gambling since it opened in 1968. Now that New York online gambling is legal expect a lot of money to be wagered on the Knicks. They have two championships and four conference titles under their belts but very little in the 21st century. For the last few years the smart money was on their opposition. Let’s hope that changes soon and Knicks bets start to pay off properly!

  • Brooklyn Nets

    The Nets have two ABA titles and two NBA conference titles but look a long way away from an NBA Championship title. Playing out of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn means a lot of local fan support. The Nets have rewarded their fans by making the playoffs six times including the Conference Semifinals in 2021. On that form they may be worth a bet or two.

  • New York Yankees

    The Yankees are one of the most famous and most successful sports teams in US history. Their record of 27 World series titles stretches back to 1923. Always worth a bet there are no baseball teams that can guarantee a win against them. MLB betting is less popular than NFL and NBA betting. In New York the Yankees could well see just as much money wagered especially if they make another deep run in the World Series.

  • New York Mets

    The Mets are coming up to their 60th birthday next year. Founded in 1962 they don’t have the history of the Yankees but they have over half a century playing at top level which is more than impressive. Their home stadium is in Queens and they have brought back a World Series title twice, in 1969 and 1986.

  • New York Rangers

    The New York Rangers share Madison Square Garden with the Knicks. They match the Islanders with their Stanley Cup record at four titles. The last win was in the 93/94 season so they are due for another streak. They made the finals in 2014 but lost out to the Los Angeles Kings. NHL fans are willing to bet that the Rangers will come back and add a fifth cup to the trophy room soon.

  • New York Islanders

    The Islanders are one of three NY NHL teams. NY online sports betting will split between the three but the Islanders, playing out of the UBS Center in Elmont, will attract their fair share of wagers. Their golden period was at the beginning of the 1980s when they won four Stanley Cups. Plenty of Long Islanders are hoping they will win another one soon.

  • New York City Football Club

    The New York City Football Club was founded as recently as 2015. In Major League Soccer it remains a youngster so it is still maturing into a title winning team. NYCFC shares a stadium and an owner with the New York Yankees. Soccer fans are waiting for some of that Yankee magic to rub off. Who knows, maybe this season could be their year! The new legal sports betting sites will offer bets on New York soccer but they also offer all the major international matches and European leagues. Soccer is big in global sports betting.

New York Sports Betting Guide

There are many ways to bet on your favorite sports. The legal and licensed sports betting sites have access to near real-time data from official league sources. Add in some clever technology and they can offer hundreds of bets on multiple possible events in a single game.

One of many substantial advantages over offshore illegal betting sites. Each of the sportsbooks in New York tries to differentiate itself from the competition but at heart all offer variations of the most popular bet types.

  • Moneyline

    Simplest of all bets. A moneyline bet is a bet on which team or player will win a particular game.

  • Parlays

    Parlay bets chain several bets together. To win you have to get each individual bet right. if just one goes wrong you lose the whole parlay. Advantages are that the odds multiply so you can get a life changing payout for a relatively small stake. Plus when you only have one leg left to win the level of excitement while you watch that final game is unbeatable. The downside is that you can make many parlays without winning a cent.

  • Total Bets

    in a totals bet you don’t care who wins the game, your only interest is in what is the total score adding both teams points together. The bookmaker decides the betting line and you can bet on the over or the under.

  • Point Spread Bets

    Part moneyline and part totals bet, in a spread bet you care about which team wins and about how many points they win (or lose) by. The sportsbook sets the spread which is their expectation of which team will win and by how much. to win your team has to beat the spread either by losing by less than expected or winning by more.

  • Futures Bets

    Think long term for futures bets. These are bets where you won’t know the outcome for a long time, typically until the end of a season. they can be about teams or players. Who will be the NFL MVP or which teams will make the next Super Bowl. They are popular because you can get a lot of entertainment over a season if your pick does well. And like parlays, they are very hard to win, so if you do pick right you can expect a large cash win for a small initial bet.

  • Prop Bets

    Prop Bets are about things that happen within a game rather than the game itself. For example who will score next, or who will fumble next. How many yards will your team rush in the next quarter? They are fun bets that can be made before a game starts or even while the game is in play.

  • Live Betting

    The frustrating part of old style New York sports gambling was having to wait to find out if you have won or not. All bets had to be in before a match started and you had to wait till the game finished to know whether you had won. Live betting changes that fundamentally. In Live Betting you place bets after a game begins and can bet throughout the game on the outcome of many different events. This is all made possible by the live data feeds official licensed sportsbooks can access. They can calculate the odds of thousands of in-game events and offer these as bets for you during the game. they are a great way of enhancing the action when you have friends round to watch a match.

Retail Sports Betting VS Mobile Sports Betting

New York took until 2013 to legalize retail casinos. These casinos didn’t even start offering sports betting until 2019. Most are a long drive from where you live- that’s true for every New Yorker. Online and mobile sports betting will be available at home and wherever you happen to be in the Empire State.

You will also find that you can make smaller bets at New York online sportsbooks. Minimum deposits are small and you can place bets as low as $0.10 at most online sports betting sites.

Of course you don’t get the real casino experience but then again you don’t get the real casino expense either. Trip plus accommodation plus meals eats into any possible winnings you might make. With online sports betting you can enjoy it at home with family and friends without breaking the bank.

Where to Bet on Sports In New York Now:

Aside from placing bets with NY online sports betting sites, you can also physically place your bets at one of New York’s retail casinos. There are four retail casinos and seven tribal casinos that offer sports betting:

NY Commercial Sportsbooks

🏛 Rivers Sportsbook at Rivers Casino
🏛 Resorts World Catskills
🏛 FanDuel Sportsbook at Tioga Downs
🏛 DraftKings Sportsbook at Del Lago Resort Casino

NY Tribal Sportsbooks

🏛 The Lounge with Caesars Sports at Yellow Brick Road Casino
🏛 The Lounge with Caesars Sports at Turning Stone Resort & Casino
🏛 The Lounge with Caesars Sports at Point Place Casino
🏛 Seneca Niagara Casino
🏛 Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino
🏛 Seneca Allegany Resort & Casino
🏛 Akwesasne Mohawk Casino

Is Sports Betting Legal in New York?

Yes, as of January 8, 2022, legal online sports betting in New York is officially live.

In early November 2021, online sports betting in New York became a reality as the New York State Gaming Commission announced nine betting sites to be awarded licenses. These New York sportsbooks operate with 100% legality in New York. We review all of the licensed New York sports gambling sites. Play at one of the sites we recommend and you can be sure your sports betting is legal.

If you are in New York you can also bet on sports in licensed casinos. Licensed casinos have been allowed to offer sports betting since 2013. The first casinos offered in-person sports betting in 2019. In April 2021 Governor Cuomo signed off on a new state budget that allowed legal online sports betting.


Successful Applicants For Legal New York Sports Betting

✅ Caesars New York Licensed Jan. 2022
✅ FanDuel New York Licensed Jan. 2022
✅ DraftKings New York Licensed Jan. 2022
✅ BetRivers New York Licensed Jan. 2022
✅ BetMGM New York Licensed Feb. 2022
✅ PointsBet New York Licensed Feb. 2022
✅ WynnBet New York Licensed Feb. 2022
✅ Bally Bet New York Licensed Feb. 2022
✅ Resorts World New York Licensed Feb. 2022

Who Regulates Online Betting Sites In New York?

The New York State Gaming Commission is responsible for regulating online betting sites in NY. You can contact them at:

📫 Mailing Address: New York State Gaming Commission, PO Box 7500, Schenectady, New York 12301-7500

🏛 Main Office:(518) 388-3300

✉️ Email:

💻 Website:

📞 24-Hour Problem Gambling Helpline: 1-877-846-7369 TEXT: HOPENY (467369)

Legal Sports Betting Age in New York

The minimum age to place online sports bets in New York is 21. You must verify your age and identity before withdrawing any funds from a New York sportsbook.

Forecast of New York Sports Betting Revenue

The licensed sportsbooks are paying dearly for the privilege of offering New York sports betting. The tax rate is set at an astronomic 51% of gross gaming revenue. For comparison the rate in Nevada is only 6.75%. Experience around the world suggests that after an initial period of high value promotions the sportsbooks will reduce their marketing spend.

On the plus side the state will generate significant revenues to help with state finances. By 2025 New York’s sports betting revenues could reach as high as $10 billion. Half of that could go in taxes to help New York recover from the Covid 19 crisis. At the moment much of the revenues from sports betting go to offshore illegal sites. Alternatively, many New Yorkers take the short trip to New Jersey to bet.

Now that legal online sports betting is available there’s no reason not to bring those revenues home to the Big Apple.

New York Legal Sports Betting Laws & Timeline

Key events in the legislative history of New York sports betting are:

📆 2013: New Yorkers approve a ballot measure that permits five new casinos to be built and allows sports betting if it is legal under federal law.

📆 2018: The Supreme Court rules that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act breaches states’ rights under the 10th amendment. States can legalize sports betting themselves. This triggers the 2013 New York law provisions legalizing sports betting.

📆 2019: Six years later the first legal NY sports bet was placed at the Rivers Casino Resort in Schenectady.

📆 Apr. 2021: The 2013 law did not permit mobile sports betting. In response to the Covid-19 crisis Governor Cuomo supported a state budget that included specific text authorizing online and mobile sports betting.

📆 Aug. 2021: The NYS Gaming Commission began accepting license applications.

📆 Nov. 2021: The Gaming Commission released the list of nine licensees who had agreed to pay 51% in gambling taxes.

📆 Jan. 2022: Caesars NY Sportsbook, FanDuel NY Sportsbook, DraftKings NY Sportsbook and BetRivers NY Sportsbook take the first legal bets.

📆 Feb. 2022: Super Bowl LVI takes place. The other five licensees are hopeful to take bets by this date.

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