Best Mother’s Day Gifts for the Moms Who Got Us Through Quarantine

Best Mother’s Day Gifts for the Moms Who Got Us Through Quarantine

The last two years have been a stressful time for everyone – but especially for mothers. The women who make the biggest impact in our lives stepped up to the plate and took care of business during quarantine. They deserve a special treat this Mother’s Day. It’s time to upgrade from that macaroni necklace or that burnt ‘breakfast in bed’ that we all phone in on occasion. Get mom something different and exciting. Whether she picked up a new hobby during quarantine or just needs an update on something she already loves, here’s a great list of gift ideas that we know you’re going to love!

What are the Best Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mom Who Got You Through Quarantine?

Here are our top picks for the Best Mother’s Day Gifts for the Moms Who Got Us Through Quarantine.

For the Mom On-The-Go

1. For the mom on the go, the intuitive design of PopSocket’s PopWallet+ for MagSafe is that little extra something she never knew she needed. It’s bound to come in handy, whether she’s out running errands or snagging some precious free time for a trip to the gym. It’s a seamless combo of the PopSocket and a MagSafe wallet, so it not only protects your cards, keeping them out of sight, but it also offers effortless wireless charging and the secure grip of the traditional PopSocket.

From an actual mom: This is the greatest thing that I didn’t know existed. Nothing beats the convenience of having my license and a credit card easily accessible and attached to my phone so that it’s never forgotten. When I’m just running out to the store or in the school pickup line, I don’t always want to bring my bag or wallet. This has become a handy little solution and has saved my bacon more than once. The main reason I never used a PopSocket before was that it made it hard to charge on a wireless pad, but this PopWallet+ is a game changer.

2.This versatile OneGo Solo Sling from PGYTECH is perfect for the mom who’s always on the go and whose needs change from day-to-day. Easily customize the inside compartments of this bag with the removable dividers. A hidden front pocket provides easy storage for a water bottle, while a back pocket has just the right amount of space for storing your phone – complete with a built-in charging port. This bag is a crowd-pleaser because of its versatility. Use it as a chest or waist bag or toss it into a tote as a tech pouch.

From an actual mom: Perfect for when I need to travel light and hands free – which, let’s be honest, is always. I can document every dance recital and little league game without having to worry about my camera or other tech getting damaged. I don’t have to dedicate a hand to holding a camera bag or constantly sliding a strap back up onto my shoulder. I am so pleased with this sling bag!

3. For the beverage loving mom who’s always on the move, this Mosi Tea All-in-One Infuser is sure to be a hit. This handy infuser steps up the typical brewing process and in fact simplifies it, eliminating the messiness of the usual process. The infuser has a double walled design that makes it durable, shatter proof, and leak proof. Give mom the gift of bringing along her loose leaf, cold brew, matcha, coffee, and any other infusions wherever life takes her.

From an actual mom: I love tea and am an avid fan of loose leaf tea. Mosi really knocked it out of the park with their all-in-one Infuser. It’s easy to use and mess free. I love how easy it is to have fresh tea on the go. It’s the perfect cup of tea in a convenient takeaway infuser.

For the Game Lover

4. Whether mom has always been a gamer at heart or picked it up as a new hobby over quarantine, this Backbone One is the perfect choice. This nifty little device is easy to snap onto any iPhone 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max, and within seconds she’ll have her own gaming system in the palm of her hands. Take simple mobile gaming to the next level and easily play games that support controllers – no charging, no wires; just simplicity. With its collapsible, compact design, mom can toss this in her bag and play on the go.

From an actual mom: I never thought I would get addicted to video games. I am a 50-year-old woman who started playing mobile games over quarantine, and I love them. Backbone One has opened up a whole new world for me. It’s easy to use. All I need is my phone, and I have access to hundreds of games through their subscription. I love that I don’t have to remember to charge anything or untangle any wire to use this.

5. To give mom a crystal-clear, comfortable listening experience, look no further than Urbanista’s Los Angeles Headphones. When mom needs an escape, she can activate the advanced hybrid active noise-canceling instantly and reduce the unwanted background noise of the dog barking or children fighting – or she can switch to ambient sound mode so she can activate her ‘mom superpowers’ and stay aware of everything happening around her. Plus, this amazing, innovative design is ahead of its time. These are the world’s first self-charging wireless headphones powered by Powerfoyle solar cell material.

From an actual mom: The sound quality of these headphones is absolutely phenomenal, and I love the sleek, minimalistic design. They look and feel fabulous. They are definitely comfortable enough for extended wear. I can easily binge watch a Netflix show without having to take these off in between episodes.

For the At-Home Chef

6. If mom became obsessed with Food Network over quarantine, she will be delighted with this sleek Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-pc Knife Block Set. Each blade is razor-sharp, high-carbon German steel, and the handles are made from a soft rubberized texture for optimal comfort. She’ll be slicing and dicing everything from vegetables, to steak, to cheese, with the same ease as if cutting through warm butter. Plus, she’ll be doing it in style with this modern knife block that provides a stunning storage solution of tempered glass and stainless steel.

From an actual mom: I’m so impressed with this six-piece knife block set. I feel like I’m on a cooking show. Every knife is super-sharp, and the handles are comfortable to hold even after a lot of chopping. The aesthetic of the tempered glass and stainless steel block makes this set an eye-catching display on my counter that everyone fawns over.

7. Whether your mom loves to spend time in the kitchen or absolutely despises it, this innovative, one-of-a-kind Always Pan from Our Place is sure to impress her. This non-toxic, non-stick, multi-purpose pan is designed to replace eight traditional pieces of cookware, and it does it in a sleek, modern, stylish fashion. Mom will be able to fry, sauté, steam, strain, boil, braise, sear, serve, and store all the family-favorite recipes in this one piece of cookware. The stay-cool handle is designed to hold the nesting beachwood spatula for quick, easy access, and the custom stainless steel steamer basket fits perfectly inside for all steaming needs.

From an actual mom: I am in love with this pan. It has simplified every recipe and has made washing up a breeze. I enjoy cooking every meal I make in this pan. Color me impressed. The next thing on my wish list will definitely be the Our Place Perfect Pot.

8. This elegant ceramic oil cruet from Emile Henry is every home chef’s dream. The easy-flow spout allows for precise pours and drizzles. Made from high quality ceramic, this oil cruet preserves and protects oil from flavor-damaging light and heat. Whether she’s plating some hummus or drizzling a salad, mom will adore the anti-drip, authentic design of this eye-catching dispenser.

From an actual mom: The design is absolutely gorgeous, and the ceramic really preserves the flavor of my olive oil. Whether I’m garnishing a plate or looking for just a bit of flavor in a dish, this dispenser gives the perfect pour every single time. But I was most impressed with the spout. It sits snugly over top of the cruet, so I haven’t had any spills or drippage.

For the Foodie

9. Whether mom is an avid chopstick user, or has recently picked up the skill thanks to an abundance of takeout, this stunning Forseti Steel Confucius Damascus Steel Chopsticks set will add a luxurious, authentic feel to any dining experience. With each chopstick perfectly weighted, light, and easy to grip, this set is a dream to use. The chopsticks are handmade, each set distinctly different from the last, with some variation in color, steel pattern, and overall look, making each design custom. Every pair comes with a wooden keepsake box and a steel rest.

From an actual mom: I found these chopsticks an absolute delight to use. They fit comfortably in my hands. Learning to use chopsticks was a goal of mine, and practicing with such a beautiful, well-designed set made the experience of eating Asian food authentically with chopsticks wonderful and immersive.

10. Goldbelly gets it. They understand the emotional power of food. For many people, food is a language of love. It’s not just nourishment – it’s memories, it’s connection, it’s comfort. Goldbelly is a subscription food site that brings a tasty experience to anyone, pretty much anywhere, from the delicious local iconic cuisine, to childhood favorites, to savory appetizers and entrees. Goldbelly teams up with small businesses all across the country to bring dishes from top restaurants, bakeries, and chefs straight to mom’s door.

From an actual mom: One of the things I miss most about living in New York City is the scrumptious bagels. Goldbelly brought the joy and memories of enjoying a fresh NY bagel right to my front door. It was such a nostalgic treat!

11. Two Pillars’s Duo Cover is a next-generation microwave gadget – seriously. This ingenious design increases moisture in your food using MoistureLock technology, making the reheated version of that late DoorDash order taste just as delicious as if mom were out dining in the restaurant. No more sauce splatter or scrubbing, the Duo Cover will keep her microwave sparkling clean. When she’s done, the Duo Cover magnetically attaches to the microwave’s ceiling. It literally disappears! It’s the perfect storage solution.

From an actual mom: This keeps my microwave from looking like a crime scene! I no longer fear the kids heating up spaghetti or wings, and leftover takeout doesn’t taste like dry cardboard after being reheated. It’s very impressive. It’s like the Duo Cover hacked my microwave. The magnetic feature is fabulous too. It ensures that the cover is always where you need it but not in the way.

For the Cozy Mom

12. Sometimes mom just needs to feel a bit more calm and relaxed. This luxurious Baloo Weighted Blanket is like a gentle hug that will give her the comfort of snuggling under a heavy blanket without overheating. This innovative, breathable, cool cotton blanket is soft yet doesn’t trap heat. It’s cool enough to use year-round and in any climate. Hands down, it’s the best weighted blanket for the anxious, hot sleeper.

From an actual mom: As someone who’s always been a hot sleeper, the thought of a weighted blanket was initially terrifying – but this cotton blanket from Baloo is incredible. The weight is perfectly balanced, and the blanket is soft but cooling. The gentle weight lulls me into a cool, comfortable sleep every night, and I never wake up sweaty.

13. Sometimes safety dictates that we need to be distanced from the ones we love, but you can always stay connected with mom by gifting her this pair of unique Friendship Lamps. Send the power of love across cities, states, and countries by simply connecting each lamp to WiFi. Then any time you’re thinking of the woman who gave you life, you can just touch your lamp and the lamps will light up, letting her know she’s on your mind, no matter how near or far.

From an actual mom: These lamps are absolutely darling. Being older in a pandemic has left me feeling isolated and fiercely missing my grown kids. I was overjoyed with how easy it is to express my love and let them know I’m thinking of them over any distance and vice versa.

For the Work-at-Home Mom

14. The Plane Cloud from Fluidstance is a balance board perfect for the working mom. Some moms want to be more active while working from home and invest in a standing desk. However, the standing desk doesn’t always work out when standing on a hard floor becomes too uncomfortable. If mom is looking for a way to keep her brain alert, this also increases productivity and focus. This device feels like you’re standing on air, and the textured foam top adds a little extra cushion, making it easy to stand comfortably for longer. It’s easy to get used to the balance board, and it doesn’t leave any scratches on delicate flooring.


15. For the mom who doesn’t want to worry about balancing on the Plane Cloud, this Springboard anti-fatigue mat from Fluidstance is just the thing. It helps with raising activity levels, lessening the amount of sitting throughout the day. This mat features a thick, cushy felt frame that gives off a subtle response while standing at your desk. It does a great job of eliminating muscle fatigue. Mom will immediately feel the step-on comfort, and when she’s done with work each day, she can easily tuck away this mat or move it for use in other areas of the house.

From an actual mom: This makes all the difference! Working from home can be dull, and using my standing desk helps me stay focused for longer – but it wreaks havoc on my lower back. Now with Springboard, I can stand for hours without needing my heating pad after. I legit take this thing with me everywhere I might have to stand for long periods of time.

16. This ‘Favorite Things’ charging bundle from Courant is perfect for the mom dedicated to efficiency. It seamlessly elevates any charging station throughout the house, eliminating charging cords. These wireless chargers feature a high-end finish and have been constructed out of premium, designer-quality materials. This bundle includes CATCH:1, perfect for charging a single device; CATCH:2, with enough space for two devices; and CATCH:3, the largest of the bunch, which provides an elegant solution for the mom desiring both style and functionality.

From an actual mom: I’m constantly on the go. All of my Apple devices link up and make my life easier – if they are charged. This bundle was a godsend. I have the CATCH:1 on my nightstand, the CATCH:2 on my workspace, and the CATCH:3 in the foyer. Now, no matter what, my devices are always charged and ready for action. And the aesthetic… So modern and minimalistic. They fit seamlessly into the decor of every room.

For the Cocktail Queen

17. This Vinglacé Wine Chiller will keep mom’s wine or champagne chilled all the way through her Zoom book club. Just grab that bottle out of the fridge, pop it in the chiller, and she’ll be able to enjoy each sip at just the right temperature. Gone are the days of the ice bucket. This chiller gives off zero condensation, and its streamlined design makes for a classy look that’ll make everyone wish they had one. Lightweight and portable, she can take her favorite bottle to-go. The built-in adjustable top moves up and down to accommodate most bottle sizes.

From an actual mom: Finally. A way to keep my wine chilled without the bulkiness or the dripping of an ice bucket. I have really enjoyed having wine out by the pool with a friend and not having to constantly go back and forth into the house for ice. This handy product fits just about any wine or champagne bottle, and I love how clean the design is. To top it all off, it really does keep your wine or champagne chilled to the perfect temperature for hours.

18. These stunning handcrafted gemstone coasters from Nature’s Decorations bring a bit of Mother Earth into any home. A unique shimmering pattern can be found in each coaster, and the luxurious silver or gold trim adds elegance and refinement to their natural beauty. Each coaster has little feet on the bottom that create an even balance, prevent slippage, and protect furniture.

Nature’s Decorations Gemstone Coasters

Nature’s Decorations Gemstone Coasters


From an actual mom: The beauty of nature is awe-striking and evident in these coasters. The gems are brilliant, and each coaster is a little different and has its own unique pattern and character. I have them in the sitting room, and I always get compliments whenever the girls come for tea. The feet on each coaster keeps it elevated off delicate surfaces and makes for a look of elegance.

For the Action Star

19. If mom is riding the home fitness wave, Tangram’s SmartRope Rookie Donut will give her an effective workout at any time, anywhere. Each handle has a silicone donut on the end that creates the weight and feel of a real jump rope. It’s easy to take on the go or just to get in a quick workout in the living room without any noise or having to worry about scuffing or scratching the floor. The Smartrope Rookie records and analyzes the data from each workout. It can be adjusted to fit anyone and brings back the childhood nostalgia from skipping rope without the risk of smacking you in the shins with every misstep.

From an actual mom: I was floored with how much this actually feels like jumping rope. There’s no tangling, tripping, or slapping of the rope against my legs like there would be with a traditional jump rope. It makes for a truly freeing experience and a more efficient workout because even if I miss a step, there’s no need to stop and start again. I can just easily catch the rhythm and keep going. Another thing that really sold me on this product was how quick and hassle-free of a workout I can get. Some days I don’t have the time nor do I feel like pulling out my home gym equipment – but ten minutes jumping rope definitely gets my heart rate up.

20. These true wireless Urbanista Lisbon Earbuds are perfect for the mom in need of a hands free communication or listening experience. Just pop these earbuds in and they will seamlessly connect to its default device. If mom has a long commute, these earbuds will take her there and back, with an impressive nine-hour playtime. A high energy workout? No problem – these earbuds sit snugly in the ear so she won’t have to constantly adjust them. Plus, they are super compact, sleek, and lightweight, so you can barely feel them.

From an actual mom: The sound quality is awesome! These have kept me pumped through my morning run. They feel secure and comfortable in my ears. They also make my Costco runs more enjoyable. Whether I’m listening to music or podcasts or taking a call, I get crystal-clear sound and a long-lasting battery during every use. 

21. Impala’s Quad Skates come in a wide array of bright eye-catching colors and are made from PETA-approved vegan materials. The padded collar and tongue are designed for maximum comfort. Whether it is a blast from the past or a new hobby for mom, these skates will bring endless hours of fun.

From an actual mom: These are so fun! I love everything – the bright, fun colors, the comfortable fit and wear, and the wind blowing through my hair as I roller skated for the first time in ten years. It was a liberating and nostalgic feeling of delight.

For the Tech Obsessed

22. These smart plugs are perfect for the mom who enjoys the idea of building her own ‘smart home’ piece by piece. This is a simple solution for automating lights, fans, heaters… So many things. It works through Wi-Fi and communicates with smart apps like Siri, Alexa, Google, and more. Forgot to turn off a light? No problem. Want to set a schedule for a heating unit? Easy. These smart plugs offer a lot of flexibility and are also effective in creating sustainability, wasting as little energy as possible. The smart light bulbs from Meross work in tandem with the smart plugs. It’s convenient and simple to adjust the color temperature and brightness – even change up the lighting in the room for a cozier setting.

From an actual mom: These smart plugs are my new favorite thing. They have been such a convenient time-saver for me. With just a few words or a single tap on my phone, I can start my coffee pot or turn off the forgotten light in the den. And the smart light bulbs, I love them. There’s something so satisfying about being able to seamlessly adjust the lighting’s brightness and tint at any time.

23. Know a mom who still likes to write things down despite being in the digital age? This Rocketbook Core is the best of both worlds, providing the traditional pen and paper experience – but in a digitized, sustainable form. Cloud services are essential for long-term storage of important documents, receipts, lists, journal entries, and more. This notebook not only connects to the cloud but the pages within the book itself are endlessly reusable. Using any pen from the Pilot Frixion line, mom’s writing will meld with the pages just like regular paper. Simply add a drop of water to the included cloth, wipe away the ink, and start fresh with a brand new notebook.

From an actual mom: I was always jotting things down on random scraps of paper all over the house. I had lists and planners but could never find what I was looking for (especially the super important things). With Rocketbook, not only am I making an eco-friendly choice but also, my notes are digitized in one place. It has been a delight to have everything so easily accessible.

 For the Spa Lover

24. Self-care is important – especially for the moms who forget their own self-care while focused on those around them. Maybe she’s always wanted to get laser hair removal but thought it too costly or never had the time. Maybe she’s just tired of shaving. Either way, Nood’s The Flasher 2.0 requires an average of ten minutes per treatment area like legs, underarms, and more. This FDA approved light-based technology offers a pain-free permanent hair removal solution within six to eight weeks. It’s a game changer that your mom deserves.


From an actual mom: Hair removal is a time-consuming process no matter how you cut it, but this at-home laser hair removal device actually delivers visible results over the course of several weeks. My underarms are now baby smooth and razor burn and hair free. I love that I am able to get laser hair removal from the comfort of my own home.

25. Delivering a high-quality hydrating experience, Bread’s Macadamia-Oil Do-All Oil for hair and everywhere is a multi-purpose liquid lustre for hair and skin. Mom will luxuriate in this rich, high-end macadamia-oil. Without silicone or other filler ingredients, this single cold-pressed, extremely high-grade oil will treat her skin right.

From an actual mom: What a luxurious experience it is to use this oil. It comes in a beautiful frosted glass bottle and has a rich, velvety texture that is incredibly hydrating but not too heavy. I use it on my hair and body. I think I’m obsessed, and I have a feeling this will become a new go-to product for me.

26. The PMD Body Care On the Go Bundle will add a bit of extravagant indulgence to mom’s shower or bath routine. She can treat herself to daily TLC with PMD’s interchangeable attachments for daily cleansing, exfoliating, and massaging her entire body. The anti-bacterial, silver-infused loofah cleanses the skin without spreading or harboring bacteria. At 7,000 vibrations per minute, PMD breaks down dirt and oil for squeaky clean pores while operating at a perfect frequency to lift, firm, and tone the skin. 

PMD Body Care On the Go Bundle

PMD Body Care On the Go Bundle

From an actual mom: What a huge upgrade from my standard loofah. I am in love with my  PMD Clean Body. The attachments are amazing, and the magnets are super strong! This is the best beauty tool I’ve used in a while. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth every time, and the massage is such an enjoyable stress reliever.

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