Best Tower Fans 2022

Best Tower Fans 2022

Even if your home is equipped with central air or you have a portable AC unit, it might still be worth adding a tower fan to your arsenal of cooling devices. Not only are these appliances useful when temperatures hover between slightly chilly and scorching, but they can also provide an extra breeze on especially hot days when air conditioning simply isn’t enough. Plus, most models offer several speeds, as well as oscillation, allowing you to tailor the intensity to your liking. And when temperatures drop, rendering tower fans unnecessary, they couldn’t be easier to tuck away—they’re not nearly as cumbersome as, say, window air conditioners.

In addition to different speeds and oscillation options, tower fans often have additional features like built-in timers or remote controls, and some even double as air purifiers. They also come in a variety of sizes, ranging from height-adjustable options that stand close to 5 feet tall to compact models that sit on your counter. Just keep in mind that the fancier and larger the fan, the higher the price.

To determine the best tower fans out there, we researched top-rated models and sorted them by notable features. Here are our 10 picks, any of which will be a welcome addition to your home when you’re in need of a breeze.

Best Tower Fan Overall

A Remote-Controlled Fan With A Wide Range of Settings


  • Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 42.5 inches
  • Settings: 3 speeds, night mode
  • Remote: Yes
  • Oscillation: Yes

The top-rated Lasko Oscillating Tower Fan strikes a perfect balance between function and value. Its three power settings, optional oscillation and programmable shut-off timer get the job done, and it’s affordable enough to buy a few for different rooms. It also features a handy nighttime mode, which automatically dims the control display so the light won’t disturb you while you sleep, and it has an easy-to-use remote that lets you adjust its settings from across the room.


  • Wide oscillation
  • Nighttime mode
  • Remote control


  • Top-heavy design tips over easily

Best Affordable Tower Fan

A No-Frills Model That’s Easy To Operate

  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 31 inches
  • Settings: 3 speeds, wide-angle oscillation
  • Remote: No
  • Oscillation: Yes

For an inexpensive tower fan, one of the best full-size options is the 31-inch Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan. You won’t find many bells and whistles here—it’s a straightforward model with three speed settings and optional wide-angle oscillation. The unit has a top-mounted control panel with large buttons, and while it’s certainly not fancy, it will still help cool down your home on hot days.


  • Good value
  • Simple controls
  • Energy-saving design


Best Tower Fan With Air Purifier

A Splurge-Worthy Modern Fan With A HEPA Filter

  • Dimensions: 5 x 8 x 41 inches
  • Settings: 10 speeds, 350-degree oscillation
  • Remote: Yes
  • Oscillation: Yes

Not only does this tower fan have a sleek, modern appearance, but it also serves as both a fan and an air purifier. It’s equipped with a HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in size, as well as an activated carbon filter that removes gases and odors. Its powerful airflow is ideal for cooling the whole room, and it oscillates up to 350 degrees. The fan has a night mode that uses its quietest setting and dims the display, and you can control it via your smartphone or the included remote.


  • 350-degree oscillation
  • Built-in HEPA and carbon filters
  • Night mode
  • Smart functionality


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Best High Power Tower Fan

A Compact Fan With A High-Powered Motor

  • Dimensions: 11 x 12 x 36 inches
  • Settings: 3 speeds
  • Remote: Yes
  • Oscillation: Yes

If you want to feel like you’re being blasted by gale-force breezes, the Lasko High Velocity Fan is tops in terms of sheer power. This 20-inch tower fan offers three speeds and oscillation, and it comes with a multi-function remote and auto shut-off timer. Don’t be fooled by its compact size, though: Many reviewers say this little fan is the most powerful they’ve ever used. Its refreshing breeze will be a lifesaver during the summer, especially if you don’t have air conditioning


  • Extremely powerful
  • Multi-function remote
  • Handle for portability


  • Smaller than other models

Quietest Tower Fan

A Five-Speed Model With A Whisper-Quiet Low Setting

  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 40 inches
  • Settings: 5 speeds, 8-hour timer
  • Remote: Yes
  • Oscillation: Yes

There’s no such thing as a completely silent tower fan—after all, they have motors—but one of the quietest options you’ll find today is the Honeywell Home QuietSet Tower Fan. It has five speeds and optional oscillation, and it comes with a convenient remote control that can be stored on the back on the unit. This is the tower fan I use at night, and I can confirm that on its lowest setting, it’s barely audible and won’t disturb your sleep—it’s truly an unbeatable option if you’re looking for a quiet tower fan for your bedroom.


  • Five fan speeds
  • Easy to operate
  • Two finishes available


Best Tower Fan For Sleeping

A Bladeless Tower Fan That Can Be Muted

  • Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 42 inches
  • Settings: 3 speeds, 3 modes
  • Remote: Yes
  • Oscillation: Yes

One common complaint about tower fans is they often beep when you change their settings, which can be distruptive if your partner is trying to sleep. The Dreo Tower Fan solves this problem thanks to its mute setting, which turns off any beeping. It has a bladeless design that’s safer around kids and pets, and it offers six speeds, as well as normal, natural, and sleep modes. Its display screen automatically dims after you change the settings, and the fan oscillates up to 90 degrees.


  • Mute option
  • Self-dimming display
  • Six speeds


Best Tower Fan With Remote

A Compact, Powerful Fan You Can Control From Across The Room

  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 37 inches
  • Settings: 4 speeds, 12-hour timer
  • Remote: Yes
  • Oscillation: Yes

Vornado sells a wide range of popular air circulators, and the brand also offers this top-rated model for the larger areas of your home. The 36-inch Vornado Tower Fan has four powerful speeds, as well as 80-degree oscillation to cool down a larger area. It comes with a remote control so you can adjust its settings from the couch, bed or next room—a handy feature when it’s too hot to move. Plus, there’s a 12-hour timer to help conserve energy, and it has a sleeker design than many of its competitors. 


  • Attractive design
  • High-velocity airflow
  • Includes remote control


  • More expensive than similar models

Best Tower Fan With Dust Filter

A Height-Adjustable Unit With A Washable Filter

  • Dimensions: 8 x 11 x 33 inches
  • Settings: 3 speeds, 12-hour timer
  • Remote: Yes
  • Oscillation: Yes

For those with allergies, the Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan has a built-in washable filter that helps remove dust and other allergens from the air. When you assemble the fan, you can choose from two configurations for a height of 32 or 40 inches, and it offers three fan speeds, as well as two breeze modes. The fan comes with a remote control with a built-in flashlight for nighttime use, and it even has a programmable thermostat that helps it maintain your preferred room temperature.


  • Washable dust filter
  • Two height options
  • Remote control with light


Best Mini Tower Fan

A Compact Tabletop Model With Four Speeds

  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 13 inches
  • Settings: 4 speeds
  • Remote: No
  • Oscillation: Yes

Full-size tower fans are typically at least 30 inches tall and stand on the floor, but you can also find “mini” tower fans that are designed to sit on tables (or counters and other raised surfaces). At a mere 13 inches tall, the Honeywell Quiet Set Personal Table Fan is ideal for use on a desk or other work spaces. It also has four speed settings, oscillation and an automatic shut-off timer, allowing you to adjust its performance to suit your needs. Whether you put it on your bedside table or in your office cubicle, it’s a wonderful space-saving solution for humid summer days. 


  • Compact
  • Four speeds
  • Affordable


Best Tower Fan With Adjustable Height

A Highly Adjustable Model That Can Be Tilted

  • Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 53 inches
  • Settings: 3 speeds
  • Remote: Yes
  • Oscillation: Yes

For large rooms, an adjustable tower fan like this model from Lasko is often the way to go. Not only is this fan larger than average, but it offers a variety of adjustment options that will help circulate air around big spaces more efficiently. The fan’s height can be adjusted anywhere from 41 to 52 inches, and it also has a tilt feature that lets you angle the airflow toward the ceiling. Like many others in the category, this tall tower fan offers three speeds, oscillation and an electronic timer, and it comes with a remote control for convenience. 


  • Adjustable height
  • Tilt feature
  • Remote control


  • Top-heavy design can be wobbly

Frequently Asked Questions About Tower Fans

What Are The Different Kinds Of Fans?

There are several different styles of freestanding fans that you will likely encounter as you shop, and there are pros and cons to each style.

  • Tower fans: Tower fans are tall and skinny, and they’re popular thanks to their small footprint, which doesn’t take up much space in a room. Most tower fans are also lightweight and easy to move, allowing you to transport them from room to room.
  • Box fans: As their name implies, box fans are typically square in form, and their large blades move a lot of air throughout the room. However, they take up more space than tower or pedestal fans.
  • Pedestal fans: Pedestal fans typically feature a circular fan mounted on a central pole. These fans are ideal if you want airflow directed higher within a room, and many offer adjustable height settings.

Are Tower Fans Better Than Box Or Pedestal Fans?

The best style of fan for your needs depends on where and how you want to use it. Of the three types, tower fans are generally the most compact and have the most features, including timers and remote controls.

Do Tower Fans Cool A Room?

Large tower fans are effective at cooling down a room, especially on higher settings. Most tower fans offer oscillation, as well, helping them to direct airflow to all corners of the space. However, they are only able to move air through your home—not lower the temperature—so they aren’t as effective as air conditioners.

Are Tower Fans Worth It?

Tower fans are a popular choice for staying cool on warm days. Their compact design and wide range of features make them convenient to use in any space, and most are relatively affordable (generally under $100), making them a worthwhile investment for your home.

What To Consider When Buying A Tower Fan

Ready to invest in a tower fan to turn your home into a breezy oasis? Here are the factors to keep in mind when picking out the best option for your living space.


Before you start shopping, figure out where you’ll be using the fan the most. If you want something you can place right next to you to help keep cool, you can probably get away with a smaller, more compact fan that doesn’t oscillate. On the other hand, if you need a fan that can cool an entire room, you’ll want an oscillating fan that’s relatively tall—at least 40 inches.


While some tower fans are fixed and feature only one speed, most come with settings that allow you to adjust the intensity and whether or not they oscillate. If you plan to run your fan at night, you may want to consider one that comes with a night mode feature, which blacks out the control panel when you’re trying to doze off.


While a remote control can be a handy add-on, not everyone needs one. If you plan to keep your fan within arm’s reach (for the most part), a remote probably isn’t necessary—it’ll likely spend more time tucked away inside a drawer than in use. But if you intend on placing your fan in a large room where you’ll want to control it from afar, buying one with a remote is the move.

Other Features

Do you want a tower fan that solely blows cool air or are you in the market for something more deluxe? Some come with timers that allow you to schedule when your fan should shut off; others have night-mode features. If you’re looking for one that can double as an air purifier, a handful of higher-end models like the Dyson TP07 Purifier Cool Purifying Fan can filter the air in your living space. Of course, tower fans with bells and whistles tend to be more expensive, so knowing in advance if you will (or won’t) use additional features can help ensure you don’t drop extra money on something you might not need.

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