Best vacuum cleaner 2022 | T3

Best vacuum cleaner 2022 | T3

Finding the best vacuum cleaner depends a lot on just what type of home you have. Do you have pets? How bout dirty kids? Is there a difference? We jest, but in all seriousness there are a lot of options out there nowadays when it comes to vacuum cleaners. But just what IS the best vacuum cleaner? The market is changing, and battery-less vacs are now outselling corded vacs (in terms of market value, if not unit sales). As living spaces are getting smaller, they’re getting ever more powerful. The result is that corded vacuum cleaners no longer have many advantages.

Dyson has supposedly even stopped developing new corded vacs entirely, focusing instead on its growing range of Dyson cordless vacuums. It still sells them, though, and clearly there’s still a lot to be said for traditional vacuum cleaners when it comes to sucking stuff up at full power for more than 20 minutes at a time. However, right now, I would recommend a cordless over corded for most users. Unless you live in a castle, with carpet pile up to your armpits, it’s all you need. Some day soon, we may not even need to have a separate list of best cordless vacuum cleaners because they’ll be the only vacuum cleaners.

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