Boost your campaign ROI with insights from Kellogg’s Digital Marketing online program

What does the future of digital marketing look like? After the pandemic forced daily conversations online, there’s no longer a clear separation between customer and provider or commercial and social interactions. As the lines begin to blur, run-of-the-mill ideas of digital marketing are no longer enough. In today’s times, marketing in a digital world is not just ‘digital marketing’: it’s much more. It’s a discipline powered by data, scaled by automation, and optimized by analytics, with the customer always at its center.

Demand for adept marketers who can navigate this industry-wide transformation is strong. According to
The Economic Times (2022), India Inc hiring is set to gain momentum in 2022, primarily for talent with expertise in digital. What does this mean for you? It means that it is the perfect time to learn the skills that offer the most commercial impact for employers, such as content marketing, SMM/ SEM/ SEO, and marketing analytics.

To help you gain a start-to-finish perspective of the strategy and implementation required to become a professional digital marketer, Kellogg Executive Education at Northwestern University, ranked #1 for marketing by U.S. News & World Report (2022) and acclaimed to have 19 alumni serving as CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, has launched the Post Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing. In this 36-week online program led by Professor Mohanbir Sawhney – a globally recognized scholar, educator, and author – you’ll gain an end-to-end perspective of the digital marketing landscape, develop in-demand skills, and advance your proficiency in this rapidly expanding domain.


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What differentiates Kellogg Executive Education’s Digital Marketing certificate program from the rest?

An important aspect of this program is its focus on boosting campaign ROI. You will learn how to run effective campaigns through comprehensive training in essential digital marketing skills such as SEO, SEM, social media, email marketing, and display ads. This program’s focus on developing high-impact advertising strategies on social media using content that you will plan, create, and promote will also help you gain an edge over your peers. Finally, you will also learn how to optimize your growth marketing and customer acquisition strategies using metrics such as conversion optimization, A/B tests, attribution, and experimentation.

Suppose you’re a mid-career or senior professional eager to learn how to align your organization’s marketing strategy with business goals, leverage marketing opportunities digitally to drive process improvement, or a traditional marketer or corporate communications professional who want to develop their digital marketing portfolio. This program provides the complete gamut of capabilities and experiences to enable you to achieve these goals and drive higher marketing ROI aligned with your corporate business strategy.

Industry-aligned curriculum with the Kellogg advantage

‘Digital marketer’ was ranked as one of the top 10 jobs for 2021, and hiring for digital marketing roles grew nearly 33% year-over-year, according to LinkedIn. A wave of competition backs this surging demand. But this
program from Kellogg Executive Education, through its focus on insights and analytics, combining hard skills with the strategic mindset, will help set you apart through four phases:

Phase 1: Customer Understanding and Segmentation

Phase 2: Content, Social Media, and Search Engines

Phase 3: Digital Channels, Strategy, and Execution

Phase 4: Marketing Experimentation and Optimization

This program will also help you learn how to use tools like HubSpot, Google Analytics, SEMrush SEO toolkit and also assist you in getting certified in these industry-recognized platforms. Not only this, but you will also build an advanced digital marketing skillset with the help of an industry professional and complete a capstone project to add to your portfolio.

Apart from offering you up-to-date digital marketing skills to stay ahead of your peers, this program will take you on an experiential and rewarding learning journey through its live webinars and office hours with digital marketing experts, assistance with your professional development in digital marketing, real-world applications, and marketing simulations.

Key program takeaways

  • Gain a start-to-finish perspective of the strategy and implementation required to become a professional digital marketer
  • Obtain a hands-on experience of essential digital marketing skills, including SEO, SEM, social media, email marketing, and display ads
  • Learn how to optimize your growth marketing and customer acquisition strategies using metrics such as conversion optimization, A/B tests, attribution, and experimentation
  • Develop high-impact advertising strategies on social media using content that you will plan, create, and promote
  • Engage with career-focused webinars and assignments designed to further your professional development in digital marketing

Accelerate your career growth as an in-demand Digital Marketer with Eruditus Career Services

The digital marketing career scope in India will be worth US$160 billion by 2025, making it three times the current value (Goldman Sachs, 2020). This career-defining program helps you make most of this surging demand through Eruditus Career Services, which include:

  • 1:1 mentorship sessions by an Eruditus career coach
  • Resume building group workshops
  • LinkedIn profile building group workshops
  • Participation in career fairs
  • Interview preparation group workshops
  • 1:1 mock interviews by industry experts
  • Access to Eruditus’ career services job portal
  • Job placement assistance*

*Job placement assistance from partner companies is published, applied to, and tracked to success via an online platform – offered in partnership with Superset. Job placement is not guaranteed.

Enroll in this program to learn cutting-edge tools, combined with the academic rigor of a world-class business school with real-life case studies and best practices. Benefit from Eruditus career services which includes mentorship sessions, resume building, interview preparation, job placement assistance, and a lot more to help you grab roles like Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Social Media Manager, Content Marketing Specialist, among many others. Upon successfully completing the program, Kellogg Executive Education will also grant you a verified digital certificate of completion.

Key Program Details:

Start Date: March 31, 2022

Fees: INR 2,62,500 + GST

Duration: 36 Weeks, Online (10-12 Hours/ week)

Upcoming Application Deadline: March 30, 2022

Applications are now open for
Kellogg’s Post Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing program with flexible payment options and discounts for multiple enrollments. The program is offered through a digital-first, seamless learning, and high-engagement learning experience. Enroll now and carve your path as an in-demand, all-rounder digital marketer delivering higher ROI with the Kellogg advantage. Visit the
program page for more details, and interested applicants should apply by
March 30, 2022.

About The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University is a premier global business school committed to its mission to educate, equip and inspire leaders who leverage creativity and innovation and bring empathy to every decision. Based just outside of Chicago, our vibrant, global community of faculty, staff, students and alumni shapes the practice of business and organizations around the world.

About Kellogg Executive Education

Kellogg Executive Education empowers business leaders to foster growth in themselves, their teams and their organizations. Our renowned faculty, consisting of the world’s best researchers, educators, and practitioners, provide practical insight that participants can apply as soon as they return to work. Providing a collaborative, immersive environment for our executive development programs, we serve a variety of businesses and executives from a myriad of industries and geographies.

About Eruditus:

Eruditus Executive Education offers customized and open programmes in India, Singapore, Dubai and other global locations in collaboration with Kellogg Executive Education, MIT Sloan, Columbia Business School, INSEAD, Harvard Business School (HBS), Berkeley Executive Education, Wharton Executive Education, IIM Lucknow Executive Education, IIM Calcutta Executive Education and Emeritus. Our world-class executive education programmes, supported by eminent programme experts, provide an immersive learning experience integrated with actionable insights and practical business applications. The meticulously curated programmes are delivered in a different range of formats; in-class, online, as well as blended programmes. Our extensive portfolio also includes short 2-4 day in-class workshops, online courses of 2-3 months duration as well as comprehensive learning journeys that run over 6-9 months, customized to an organisation’s requirement.

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