Can My Overweight Cat Drink Too Much Water?

No. Your overweight cat is not going to drink too much water. If she is force-fed water she could get too much, but she is not going to drink too much via her own volition. Generally speaking, cats don’t drink a lot of water; however, water is the most important of all nutrients and therefore is an essential part of your cat’s diet. Water is instrumental in preventing severe health issues. An animal can lose all of its fat and half of its muscle-mass (protein) and survive, but if the water content of her body drops just 10% she will become seriously dehydrated.

There are many different factors that affect the needed water intake of your cat. A very general rule of thumb is that an animal needs to consume 2.5 times the amount of water, by weight, as its daily intake of food. If an animal eats 2 lbs. of dry food it should consume 5 lbs. of water. If she eats 4 oz. of dry food, she should drink 10 ounces of water. Factors such as high heat and exercise or lactation can increase the needed amount two or three times above normal. Cats that eat canned foods get most of their moisture from the food and may drink much less than an animal on dry food. Your cat should have access to water at all times. If you are not sure exactly how much water you should be offering your cat, consider this simple rule of thumb; her water bowl never goes dry. When her bowl is getting low, rinse, wipe dry and refill.

If you believe your cat isn’t staying adequately hydrated check the skin elasticity by holding her neck-scruff skin between your thumb and finger, then let go. The skin should spring back into place when you release it, if it does not, your cat might not be getting enough water. If your cat seems lethargic, he may not be getting enough water. If your cat is not urinating 2-3 times per day, he may not be getting enough water. If your pet fur ball abruptly and severely reduces the amount of water she drinks, it’s best to make an appointment with your veterinarian.

If your cat is medically sound, how can you get him to drink more water? Add a little extra water to her canned food. Have you ever seen cats go bonkers over the water in which tuna fish is packed? Use filtered or bottled water instead of tap water. Household tap water is generally considered to be very safe, though just as with people, water that is high in nitrates, iron, or magnesium can pose long-term health risks. Offer cool water in the summer and room temperature water in the winter. If you have an outside cat be sure to provide him with heated water; snow is not an acceptable form of water for cats.

Be sure her water is fresh and the bowl is clean and sanitized. Try a pet water fountain that offers constantly fresh water all day long particularly if everyone is away from home for hours at a time.

It is important to pay attention to your cat’s normal water consumption and be wary if that changes. If your cat is drinking a lot more or a lot less than usual he could be showing signs of a bladder infection, tapeworms, diabetes, or even hyperthyroidism. If your overweight cat has ingested water that isn’t clean, he can ingest bacteria, viruses, and parasites and become contaminated with Giardia or other infections. Remember that if you would not drink the water from your pet’s bowl then neither should your pet.

The great thing about water is (besides being a basic building block for life) it is calorie free, so give your overweight cat free choice water of the highest quality and let her enjoy until her heart is content!

Source by Kef Hollenbach

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