Cat Care Tips – What You Should Know Before You Get a Cat

Cats are great companions. They can improve human quality of life. So, what are you waiting for? Just get one.

Get a Cat

Not so fast!

There are some rules you should follow when choosing your future pet.

First of all it is important to balance the advantages and disadvantages of having a male or a female, a kitten or a cat, a long or a short-haired cat, purebred or not.

Usually females are more easy to take care of. But males can turn almost like females when they are sterilized.

Kittens have still to be taught to use the litter box. Old cats may already know how to use the litter box but they can also bring bad habits that are not easy to get rid of.

Long-haired cats can be harder to take care of. While these kind of cats must be brushed every day, short-haired cats can take care of their own hair almost without human intervention.

Purebred cats are very expensive. If you only need a cat for companionship you can find a not purebred cat cheap or even for free, so beautiful or even more beautiful than a purebred one.

When you already decided which cat you want you should consider where you can get one. Then, before you actually get the cat, you should examine the cat carefully in order to make sure that you are getting a healthy animal.

The health of the animal is very important. That’s why the next step is registering your cat in a veterinarian. There you can get your cat vaccinated. And the veterinarian can give more detailed information about the health of your cat.

Source by Julia Teles

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