Cat Condos – One Offers You Cat a Safe Place to Snooze

You have adopted a cat from the humane society and the little furball is having a hard time adjusting to its new surroundings. The only place that it likes to stay is under your bed and that is it. The thing is, you are not all that keen on it being under there all of the time. So, you are scratching your head as to how to solve the problem. The solution is simply and it is cat condos. One would provide your feline with a safe place to call his own.

Scratching your head as to what cat condos are? Well, they are a cylinder type structure that sits about two or three feet off the ground depending upon if you get one for just one cat or a few cats. It is about one foot wide and has enclosed compartments where your cat can crawl inside and curl up. Sometimes, one will feature only two compartments, but if you get one that is larger, then there may be three even four compartments where multiple cats can sleep. What makes them such a cozy spot for your companion is how they are crafted from a soft, yet durable material that covers is durable frame. Typically, carpeting is the fabric that is used the most often.

Along with cat condos that provide your kitty with a lovely place to sleep, there are other cat furnishing options that you can purchase for your furry guy to feel right at home. For instance, you could give him his own personal spot to play by purchasing a cat tree for him. Much like a real tree it features a center trunk like pole with limbs sticking out of it. The only real difference from a real tree is how one is crafted out of materials that are designed specifically for indoor use. If you want to give your cat a more extravagant place to play, then a great selection that you could get for him is a kitty gym. In addition to having limbs sticking out of it, it might also have perches, tunnels, and ramps, providing your cat with one awesome spot to play. There are some other furnishings that you could also purchase for him and they include scratching posts, window perches so he can sit and look out the window from a safe distance, and litter boxes that are essential since your kitty will need a place to do his business.

For a fast and easy way to look into the cat condos and other furnishings that you could purchase for your cat, simply go on the Internet for some comparison shopping. You can look at all the online pet stores and their product offerings in no time at all. Plus, what you do buy will also be sent right to you, saving you time and money by making a trip to the store.

So, if you want to get your kitty out from under the couch, provide him with his own lovely place to sleep with cat condos. One would be a fantastic investment.

Source by Jennifer Akre

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