Cat Peeing on the Carpet? Use This Natural Recipe to Eliminate Cat Odors

Cat pee has a way of offending your nose; the smell tends to linger for hours. If you have, an indoor cat chances are you will have to deal with cat pee odors at some point. Even though felines are very easy to litter box train, they will stray from the box in certain instances, particularly if you are slow in cleaning the litter. Once they have found a new spot for a potty break, you will have real frustrating and smell problem onto on your hands.

Creatures of Habit

Cats are creatures of habit led by their keen sense of smell. Any area that smells like the urine will be fair game and since cat pee odors are particularly hard to get rid of, you can imagine the challenge. All is not lost however, with a few simple tools you can find and erase the urine smells completely with an all-natural cat pee remedy.


Ammonia and mercaptan (the chemical skunks spray) are the main ingredients in cat pee. The ammonia is particularly irritating to many people and the mercaptan helps it stick around, seemingly forever. The best home remedy recipe for this toxic combination is:

– 1 teaspoon liquid dish soap

– ¼ cup baking soda

– 1 quart hydrogen peroxide (3%)

When mixing these particular ingredients you want to be extra careful as this mixture has the potential to be unstable. Once it is mixed well, store it in a spray bottle until you locate the offending area.

Clean Up on Aisle Three

Locating the exact urine spot can be difficult, particularly if there are no feces present. One very simple solution is to use a black light. Cat waste will glow brightly beneath a black light, which will allow you to clean the area thoroughly.

Before using any of these solutions, test the mixture on a small area first to ensure the peroxide does not discolor your carpet or rug. Saturate the location thoroughly with your natural cat pee remedy. Soak all areas well and then blot with a towel, allow the rug or carpet to dry and sprinkle pure baking soda over the area.

To summarize, if your cat is peeing on the carpet, all hope is not lost. The above natural recipe is an effective natural way to neutralize and remove cat odor; this recipe will save your carpet as well as your nose hairs! In no time at all your home will smell fresh and clean once more.

Source by Kaylee Brennan

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