Cat Penis Diseases And Treatment

If you own a cat, cat penis diseases are part of several cat health problems that you have to look out for. Generally, it is adult and older cats that fall victim to this particular disease. Infection in a cat’s penis can also hamper his normal sex life while causing it utter discomfort. While it might be okay for a cat to have a wet penis, too much secretion can also mean infection.

Generally, the penis can get infected if a cat suffers from any disorders in his urethra or bladder. Quite often, stones or crystals and protein cells are formed in the urethra, blocking the urinary tract. A cat suffering from this disease may have difficulty in urinating. In addition, a liquid discharge may also occur quite regularly, indicating an infection.

If you find your cat taking too much time urinating or discharging too much urine, you should take it to a vet. In order to confirm whether he really has a urinary infection, you might want to check his penis while grooming it. If you find any cyst like development or yellowish discharge around the skin of the penis or the underbelly, you should mentally prepare yourself that something might not be right. The cyst can be as large as a tennis ball. You should take the cat to a vet as soon as you can so that he can confirm if your pet has a case of urinary tract blockage.

It is very important to note that if your pet fails to urinate for a prolonged period, which would happen during urinary tract blockages, it may die of cat renal failure. He can also suffer from neoplasia, which is a type of cancer of the penis. Sometimes bacteria can also cause penile infection in cats. An infected cat can become lethargic and may also have a high fever.

Treating cat penis infections may include a change in diet. Make sure that the cat is getting enough water, rather than mere solid food. However, exact treatment can only be determined after a full diagnosis from your vet. In the case of tumors or other foreign bodies, the vet may opt to perform an operation. He may also clean the pus or discharge, if any.

As a responsible pet owner, the best thing you can do to deal with cat penis problems is to follow what the vet has ordered to the very last word, while looking out for any further complications.

Source by Flora Westbrooks

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