Cat Training – It’s Not As Hard As It Looks

A pet can easily fill any home with happiness and joy. Many pet owners find that they truly enjoy all the time they spend with their pet. There are a variety of options for pets. Some might prefer a goldfish, while others prefer a pony. Gerbils, snakes, hamsters and turtles are a few additional options. Of course, the most common household pet is a cat or dog.

The most important part about owning a pet is proper training. A puppy is a lot of work to train. They need to learn to sit, stay, and come. They also need to learn to go out side when they need to pee. Cats on the other hand are much less work. This does not mean, however, that they do not need to be trained at all.

Cat training is an important aspect of responsible kitten ownership. Without training kittens can wreak havoc on the home. They will often climb on and scratch furniture, eat plants, and occasionally bite. Litter box training is generally easy with kittens. Kittens learn quickly how to use the litter box after being shown only a few times. The mother cat aids in litter box training, often teaching the kitten how to use the litter box as well as teaching the kitten how to clean them selves.

Cats that were separated from their mother at a young age require a more intensive form of cat training. If you find cat urine on the floor of your home, it means you might have to provide him the litter box more often. You should also check your plants for cat pee, since sometimes young kittens confuse flowerpots for the designated peeing place.

When your kitten is young, you may want to use more than one litter box. Kittens are similar to young children. When they are occupied they may not want to stop to go to the litter box. Then they might not get to the litter box in time. If you have more than one cat, they may prefer to use different litter boxes. If your mature cat starts having accidents when you get a new kitten, you should get an additional litter box.

Lastly, cat training requires teaching your kitten its name. A dog will often come without fuss when called, but a cat usually requires more coaxing. However, just because the cat is obstinate doesn’t mean it is stupid and doesn’t recognize its name. Cats don’t always obey. They will often do what they want, when they want.

Source by Kathrynn Kelley

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