Cat Tricks – Tips on Training Your Cat

Teaching your cat tricks is a fun and rewarding way to encourage certain behavior or even fix a problem behavior with your cat. Teaching your cat tricks enhances your relationship with your feline friend. Here are some tips I learned while working with my kitty.

  1. Remember to be patient. Your cat is an individual, with his own abilities and preferences, just like you. He will pick up some tricks quickly, but may struggle with others. Make adjustments for his personality, and do not lose your temper if training does not go exactly as you planned.
  2. If you are leaving food out at all times for him to eat when he feels like it, stop. Enforcing a feeding schedule has two main benefits: it increases the reward-value of food treats used for training, and also introduces some routine into your cat’s life, which most cats actually desire.
  3. If you are using food treats, make sure your training sessions are just before mealtimes. Your cat’s natural desire for food at his regular mealtime will sharpen his focus and increase his desire to obey you, so he can get a treat.
  4. Take baby steps. When training your cat, do not jump right into the harder tricks. Making sure he has a solid grasp of the basics will make learning the harder tricks that much easier.

Remember, cats have quite short attention spans and become bored very quickly. Try to keep your lessons short and interesting, and always end your lessons on a positive note.

Source by Samantha Matheny

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