Cat Urinating Everywhere – How Stress Could Cause Urine Outside The Litter Box

If you’re trying to stop your cat urinating everywhere in the house but the litter box then this article is definitely something you need to read as it will help you understand how stress can be a major factor that is causing your pet to use your house as an alternate litter box; the sofas, the bed, the carpet etc. These are all spots (plus more) where you may find cat urine and as mentioned stress could be a reason for all this.

Cats hate stress and they can’t communicate to us to tell us this. Babies will cry when they want something and cats will meow but when that is not enough you may find that the next step taken by your pet is to urinate all over the house.

If you find this happening you must make sure that you don’t shout or hit your pet for this as this can upset your cat and cause even more problems for them. The first thing that you want to do is take them to the vet. The reason being cats can get an infection such as urinary tract infection which hinders the bladder of your cat. They can also get something like urethra blocking which makes it harder for them to urinate. These problems are actually things that need to be treated ASAP by your vet but they are easily treatable and could be a good underlying reason for all the urination.

When you are sure that your cat doesn’t have an infection the next thing to look at is stress. Cats can get stressed for many different reasons.

If you have multiple cats and don’t have many litter boxes then you will find that at least one cat will be stressed due to the fact that they will have a feeling of being overcrowded. One of your cats will be the most dominant and they will mark their territory for the litter box leaving the others to go somewhere else.

Another reason could be the location of the litter box. Our pets don’t have the luxury of having doors in their litter boxes which means that if you place the litter box somewhere where a lot of people walk past then they may get uncomfortable and move to a different location such as a bed in one of your rooms.

One more reason you may find your cat urinating everywhere is because of new smells. Cats will spread their own scent through the house by rubbing themselves against furniture, beds and even on you. This creates a comfort barrier for them and when this is disturbed by new scents such as a new carpet, bedding, guests or even pets then you will find urine around more often.

Source by James Pswarai

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