Cats Toys Are Important For You and Your Cat

There are many types of cats toys to choose from and the reason you need them is to help your cat get a healthy workout since you have taken him in and domesticated them, they do not feel a need to go out and hunt as much or maybe not at all. If you have a house cat then they probably do not have an opportunity to go out and hunt for mice, snakes, birds and any other small critters that cats are known to hunt for.

Having plenty of cats toys around will also be beneficial to the owner, if you find that your pet is chirping to you are meowing and you cannot figure out why she is constantly pestering you, then it may be as simple as they just want someone to play with and getting interactive cat toys will probably calm them down and also get them into shape at the same time.

You have probably seen the simple stick with a feather at the end that has something slithering across the ground, these make for a lot of fun and you get a chance to play with your cat and bond with them. Anytime you can add a little catnip to the toy will make it more attractive to them and you find that they will play with them a lot more often.

Just like you and me need to work out and walk or be active to stay in shape so do cats. It really is not healthy for them to just sit around all day and do nothing and you’ll find that most want some type of activity to tire them out and also to work on their hunting skills. This is just instinctive for cats to want to play so having cats toys around will make them happier and less likely to do things you do not want them to do or attack your feet or arms when you’re walking about the house.

Anyone who’s had new kittens knows how much they need to play and fight so having cats toys is pretty much a requirement. Kitten toys are not hard to find at any pet store or online retailers. You may find that once your cat has attached to the toy you want to play with the daily and you may need to replace it once in a while, but this is about keeping a cat happy. When you have a cat happy you’ll be happy and together you find that having plenty of toys around is a necessity as opposed to a luxury.

Source by Tom Pinaud

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