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We’re Hiring for a Seriously Cool Job!

We have the perfect opportunity for an ambitious, articulate and personable person with marketing, online business, coaching or similar experience to enrol, onboard, manage, coach and retain new and existing clients for our flagship group coaching program.

You will become deeply familiar with our program, Launchpad (where we teach people how to create, launch and scale a flagship digital course) and answer common questions our clients have as we coach them to success. This is a total dream job alert for someone chomping at the bit to make a big splash in 2022 for a growing online business with a big, inspiring mission.

(Read about Launchpad here).

Our mission is to change lives, by allowing people to harness the tremendous opportunities given to us in this digital age to share their knowledge, teach what they love and pull more time, freedom and happiness from their lives and businesses.

This is an ‘end to end’ role where where you will be assisting with both the coaching process, and the enrolment process. You will provide rave worthy client service and support through live group coaching calls, small group milestone sessions, pre-recorded video critique of homework, support in the program Facebook group and more.

If you’re hardworking, passionate about helping and teaching others, you’re a confident, articulate communicator on both 1:1 and group Zoom calls, with marketing/online business know how, then this position is for you!

Read through the full job description below and then fill out your application here ????

Client Success Manager – Client Success Coach Application

Is It YOU We’re Looking For?

While there are no formal qualifications needed to land a virtual Client Success Coach role, the most competitive candidates in this field will have a sense of confidence and integrity, and knowledge of/background in marketing, online business or similar (either through experience, learning or their own previous business).

You might be perfect for this position if you answer “yes” to any of the following:

✔️ You’re a marketing / PR / online business / social media / VA or similar professional seeking a virtual position to that will allow you to put your background and expertise to good use in a new and exciting way;

✔️ OR you’re looking to step back from your own online business so you can spend less time and energy on back-end business stuff, and get back to doing more of what you love (helping people!);

✔️ OR you’re a marketing or business coach (or similar) looking for an ‘intra-preneurial’ role that will allow you to help our clients succeed (without worrying about filling your OWN client roster or all of the ‘stuff’ that comes with running your own business);

✔️ OR you’re an online course taking, marketing podcast-loving learning junkie with a penchant for Seth Godin, Marie Forleo and Rachel Rodgers – you geek out on funnels, you know what a lead magnet is and you’re up with all of the latest in the space;

✔️ OR you’re an online course creator looking for a steady gig that lets you use their skills and experience to teach others; OR

✔️  All of the above?!

If you answer “YES!” to ANY of the above (and even if you didn’t but you feel you could fit the bill), your dream gig is HERE.

One Caveat, Though:

  • We’re ideally NOT looking for someone who wants this role whilst they continue to grow their own business or work with a slew of other clients. This also isn’t a fit for someone looking to build their own business in the space, or who is looking for an ‘in between’ job to get experience in what we do.
  • Instead, it would perfectly suit someone seeking the satisfaction of helping others and flexing their digital marketing know how without all of the stress that comes with ACTUALLY being a boss/entrepreneur in an online business. Maybe you’ve had your own business and you’ve felt burnt out by wearing all of the hats, or you love the SPIRIT of entrepreneurship but know that steering your own ship isn’t something you want to take on; getting to make a big difference whilst bringing in a solid pay check is much more up your alley.

The Cool Stuff:

  • Our work is inspiring, fun and future-focused, we’re in a business that has the power to change lives by harnessing this incredible time in the world where we are able to pull more time, freedom and happiness from our lives and businesses using the Internet. It’s a cool mission to be a part of!
  • We are 100% virtual: This role can be done from home, from a beach in Mexico or from a boat off the coast of the Whitsundays for all we care! We value location freedom, and want you to do your best work in a location free environment that suits you. Our only requirement is that you can roughly keep to our AEST hours, we are located on the Gold Coast, Queensland and you will need to work to roughly within our business hours.
  • The hours are somewhat flexible: We will work with you to find a schedule that suits you and fits in with your lifestyle and schedule. Love a mid morning surf? Cool with us, as long as you make up the time in another part of the day. Value being able to pick up the kids from school? You can start earlier so you can do just that if you like! The only thing we ask is that we get the flexibility we give back in return during our heavy launch periods (x2 times a year for around two weeks each).
  • We want you to boss us around! We are NOT looking for a task rabbit, this role is your opportunity to be creative, contribute in a meaningful way and bring your big ideas to the table. You will be responsible for decisions, not taking directions.

What You’ll be Responsible For in This Role

Client Coaching Responsibilities

  • Ensure clients are being monitored, feel loved & appreciated, and are taking action and getting results in the program.
  • Develop an expert level of understanding and application of our online course launch, marketing, content and similar strategies.
  • Conduct onboarding calls for new clients enrolled in our program, providing a customised on-ramp based on their personal circumstance and ensuring they are given a thorough program orientation that leaves no room for confusion.
  • Co-host coaching calls, including call introductions, reading out pre-submitted questions, keeping the call timely and focused and assisting with questions as a trusted coach.
  • Conduct weekly video critique recordings via Loom and providing expert coaching and advice on our clients pre-submitted work on topics including offer design, launching and content creation, and assist other coaches collaboratively on QC’ing critiques. 
  • Oversee and continually update the Critique guidelines for each critique item and ensure that there is a clear guideline documented for every critique item, along with great examples of client work.
  • Conduct client ‘milestone’ calls after their launches, including management of both positive and difficult situations and providing clear next steps.
  • Ensure Airtable Client Base is always 100% up to date.
  • Direct interaction and support for our existing clients by answering their questions, giving intelligent, friendly and clear feedback, supporting them and developing a positive, professional and friendly relationship with them in Facebook Group, Helpscout Inbox and all other communication channels.
  • Work with Program Assistant on administrative tasks related to your role, and provide guidance and direction to them on their tasks (they will be responsible for admin tasks, you will be responsible for client outcomes so you will focus on delegating admin tasks to them).
  • Assist with ensuring that every function in the business has up to date SOPS by filming videos for GVA to document, and updating existing SOPs as changes to the process are made.
  • Conduct client exit calls, including collection of feedback and testimonials.
  • Record where clients are getting stuck or need additional material, and manage updates to the course curriculum.
  • Increase client retention and lifetime value by overdelivering on the client experience and maintaining an extreme awareness of their satisfaction levels.
  • Manage the renewal and/or off-boarding process for clients.
  • Look for creative opportunities to surprise and delight our clients, and ensure that they at all times feel loved and appreciated.
  • Proactively generate referrals from existing client base to generate leads and sales.
  • Work together on client projects with the rest of the Launchpad team.
  • Utilise ClickUp, our Project Management software, to track tasks, time and complete all projects within the business.

Client Enrolment Responsibilities:

  • Direct message leads and applicants who express an interest in our program;
  • Check in with and reengage all warm and previously qualified leads on a rolling monthly basis;
  • Keep detailed notes on the status of all leads inside of our CRM system;
  • Answer all questions about the program in an engaging, helpful manner and overcome all objections, with an intimate understand of our offers and their outcomes, results, testimonials and inclusions.
  • Filter out ‘not the right fit’ applicants and notify them in a caring way;
  • Escalate hot leads to CEO to provide voice message interactions;
  • Craft clever, intelligent ‘templated’ responses to common objections, questions and customer service enquiries and upkeep templated response library;
  • Craft ‘templated’ responses to difficult or unusual customer service enquiries or inbox emails and feed to program assistant to respond to;
  • Ensure that every prospect never ‘pushed’ into a sale and instead feels beautifully served with proactive, helpful and wow-worthy value first interactions across every touchpoint;
  • Ensure that there is a seamless transition from prospect to client, and that the same standard of attentiveness and service they experience in the sales period transitions to the client relationship.

Marketing Responsibilities:

  • You will also provide ad hoc marketing assistance (for example, writing podcast show notes) where required and within capacity.


The successful candidate will tick a lot of these boxes:

  • As you will be working with entrepreneurs, you will have experience in (and geek out on!) the online business world OR you will have worked in a marketing, operations, project management, coaching, social media or a similar field;
  • Ideally (though it’s not a requirement!) you closely follow others in the online business space and have a list of business and/or personal development podcasts lined up to listen to at all times;
  • You are a confident and empathetic communicator, you’re self aware and you’re able to manage others in a team with radical candour, kindness and empathy;
  • You understand that you are joining a small, fast growing business that moves fast and where the plans, processes and priorities change QUICKLY; decisions made three months are often out of date and need to change. If you can’t handle constant change or feel overwhelmed when a process changes for the third time, this might not be the place for you;
  • You are comfortable with having outcomes delegated to you to be responsible for and then defining the tasks required to get there (we aren’t looking for a task rabbit who simply follows orders);
  • You are able to emotionally self regulate even in busy, ‘out of the norm’ periods and you are able to represent a calm, guiding influence for the rest of the company. Drama is NOT your jam;
  • You’re able to navigate difficult situations in times where our clients require additional support;
  • You’re a “people person” who LOVES the idea of spending their days interacting over Zoom and via direct message with prospects and clients;
  • Bonus points if: You’re able to write articulate, clever copy for everything from customer service email templates, coaching manuals and client communications to direct messages and social posts/marketing emails;
  • Bonus points if: You have a coaching certification (not required);
  • You’re available to work AEST business hours with some extra hours during launch periods. There is scope for flexibility for the right person.

What we don’t expect is perfection for you to qualify for this job. Tools are teachable, but we do expect you to have a solid understanding of the online business / marketing world and a keen interest in transformative coaching. We expect intelligence, energy, organisation, resourcefulness and a get it done attitude. What Does Success Look Like in This Role?

  • Able to competently manage and lead 50 clients at a time and above all else, be responsible for ensuring that they achieve the promise of the program by creating, validating and launching their course;
  • Making every person in our program feel incredibly loved, heard and appreciated.
  • Intimate knowledge all of our programs, lessons, strategies, policies, and decision-making process to competently and confidently give expert feedback and support.
  • A friendly, professional and trusted relationship with our clients, with regular positive feedback from them about your contribution to their success and your level of care and attention.
  • Hyper-awareness of the current progress, mindset, feelings, wins and challenges being experienced by the clients in our program.
  • Articulate, well crafted and genuinely helpful (read: no vague or rhetorical questions) responses to all questions in the client Facebook group within 24 hours of posting.
  • Seamless onboarding experience for new enrolments with no confusion or lack of clarity after their orientation has been completed.
  • Reach or exceed enrolment targets for new applications; and proactively manage marketing /sales initiatives to drive all application and enrolment targets;
  • High client retention through outstanding service, contribution to results and a proactive focus on client renewal opportunities.

How to Apply (+ Stand Out!)

We will likely get 100+ resumes for this role and we just don’t have time to interview every candidate, so make this stand out if you want a job that will change the trajectory of your life!

  1. Fill out our AirTable Application Form via the “Apply Here Now” link below. Attach your cover letter and resume with minimum compensation requirements. Just be straight forward and tell us what you need to make – saves us all time and lets us know if you are the kind of straight shooter we like to work with.
  • Let us know your salary expectations; the rate we have in mind for this role will be in the range of $55k (or adjusted pro rata), with room to grow as you add more value to our company, team and clients;
  • We have in mind a full time position or a permanent part time position or for this role as a salaried employee;
  • This is a virtual role, but you will be roughly working business hours in an AEST time zone;
  • One thing that will give you a BIG leg up (but is optional) is to send a quick video in, along with your resume. And if you decide not to send a video, please tell us why you chose not to send in a video. One thing that will give you a BIG leg up (but, is optional) is to send a quick video in along with your resume (in fact, everyone who works here did this). And if you decide not to send a video (that’s ok), please tell us why you chose not to send in a video. It doesn’t need to be fancy or long, just a smart phone video of you talking and telling us why you are the best person for the job!

This is a role for Australian residents and citizens.

✨✨✨✨Our company embraces diversity and inclusiveness in both our team and our clients, and encourages applicants from all different backgrounds and intersectional identities to apply ✨✨✨✨

Fill Out Your Application Here: We are looking to bring our new colleague on board as soon as possible, but we will spend the necessary time to find the best fit both in abilities and culturally. Applications close on Monday, 14 March but we will close applications early if we find the right person so time is of the essence – get your application in as soon as you can.

Our new coach will commence by 31 March, 2022.

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