Dog Urinary Tract Infections – The Sad Truth Behind the Recurrence of a UTI in a Female Puppy

If you are suspecting that your female puppy is suffering from a dog urinary tract infection you should know the common causes of a female puppy UTI so that you know what action to take. There are some medical advises or prescriptions that are not right for your puppy’s condition. If you want to bring your puppy to a pet clinic, be conscious of the usual mistakes that some of the veterinary attendants do for UTI treatments. And if you want to skip the mistaken methods of some vets, there are some homeopathic remedies to treat a UTI in a female puppy.

A UTI in a female puppy is more prevalent on female dog is shorter than the male dog. This is because the urethra of the female puppies is shorter than that of the male. Because of this physical characteristic, female puppies are prone to bacterial infection in their urethra. The shorter path allows the bacteria to grow and infect the area.

1. Most vets prescribe medication like antibiotics to treat a female puppy UTI after just a short check up. This is quite good for treating the symptoms, but it is not healthy to give the prescription antibiotic for a longer period of time. This means when the infection returns and you and your pup will deal with another UTI in a female puppy.

2. Antibiotics prescribed by vets are usually given in high doses for about four to six weeks long. This is also a problem because high doses of antibiotics taken over a longer period of time only create new infections in other areas. This makes your puppy sick again. There are some homeopathic remedies that can be used to treat a female puppy UTI instead of giving your puppy those high dosage of antibiotics.

3. Diagnosis for a UTI in a female puppy is not always precise. Most often, vets misdiagnose the cause of the disease. A UTI does not just happen to every dog on one general basis or factor. Each case may be different and needs thorough examination before giving the puppy any medications. A female puppy UTI may have other factors including a birth defect or even a tumor. If the vet failed to observe these factors your puppy would still suffer from female puppy UTI.

4. Some cases of a UTI in a female puppy recur more than once in that same puppy. This is because, the vet did not prescribe the right antibiotic to treat specific bacteria that is the root problem. You would not want your puppy to go through a hit and miss series of diagnosis when it comes to treating your female puppy UTI.

5. Another mistake is the failure of the vet to do the right laboratory testing which leads to wrong results and wrong prescriptions.

Medications prescribed by vets may be good for the treatment of female puppy UTI, but to avoid your puppy from being misdiagnosed and mistreated with wrong medicines, you might as well treat her UTI by using a homeopathic remedy. This kind of remedy will definitely make your puppy well again in no time at all.

This is the easiest way to treat a female puppy UTI without putting your puppy at risk of misdiagnosis by some vets. A homeopathic remedy will keep her health a top priority and it will also help her prevent any infection that might occur in the future.

Source by Kate Rieger

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