Enjoying Life With Cats – 7 Ways to Make Living With Your Cat More Fun

So you have a real soft spot for your cat or cats. You’re not alone. Over 38 million households in the United States alone have a least one cat. But sharing your space can be challenging. Attention to these 7 areas will help you and your cat be glad you found each other.

Focus on Litter Box-Start training your cat immediately to use the litter box. Reward proper elimination not only with a bit of something good to eat, but with your praise and attention. Never scold, yell, or hit if they go wide of the mark. This will only hinder their progress and weaken your relationship, neither of which will help. Make sure the litter box is kept pristine. Cats have better noses that people, and they need their box kept clean to encourage them to do their business.

Reduce Hair-A certain amount of hair is to be expected on you and on the places your feline friend frequents. The only way to eliminate it totally is for one of you to move out. Short of that, choosing upholstery that makes the hair less obvious is a great trick. You can also use a pet hair roller to get it off of your clothes and upholstered pieces as well. You can also opt for leather, or cover furniture or the favorite chair with a blanket unless you’re expecting guests.

Reduce Dander-The small dead flakes of skin (or dander) that cause so many allergy and asthma sufferers to start to sneeze, wheeze, or experience tightness in the chest are constantly being produced by your cat. This is a normal part of their growth and development and will continue all their lives. Proper grooming, appropriate diet, and type of cat will all determine the amount of dander with which you will live. Limiting upholstery, draperies and carpeting will make it easier to remove dander by cleaning. Airborne dander can be removed with a high efficiency particle arresting (or HEPA) air cleaner.

Select Food Carefully-Some like it dry, some like it from a can, some are left to eat when they want, and some are fed once or twice a day. How and what you feed should be discussed with your vet. But making sure that it is receiving the proper nutrients is vital to a happy, healthy cat.

Maintain Good Health-Setting regular wellness appointments with the veterinarian insures that your companion is in good health and receives vaccinations that prevent feline conditions that can prove fatal. It can also prevent little problems from becoming big ones. This ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. Regular checkups give you peace of mind, and your cat a higher quality of life.

Give Lots of Attention-Even though cats are billed as independent sorts (and a lot of them are), that doesn’t mean they don’t want and need attention and affection from you. Be sure to spend time with your cat doing the things it likes every day. After all, experiencing that bond is the reason behind owning a cat. And the stronger the bond, the more likely all the other issues are likely to fall into place. Provide a scratching post, toys that generate interaction, and a little cap nip would surely be appreciated too. 

Eliminate Cat Odor-At one time or other this issue has probably been the bane of most cat owners’ existence. But proper diet, good health, litter box training can all help. If your cat should make a mistake, take them to the spot, tell them no, then take them to the litter box. Clean up the area being sure to neutralize the smell so that it is less likely to literally go there again.  

Source by Debbie Davis

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