Girls Will Be Boys!

I remember WAY BACK when I was a little girl and we used to go on road trips. There were four of us darling little girls and two brothers who would pile in the back of our station wagon, with Mom and Dad, to the adventurous long highway. It never failed, although we had all been asked and took our turns before we left home, nature would call as soon as a rest area or bathroom was miles away. It only seemed to frustrate my parents when it was one of us girls that did not have the proper ‘tools’ to just hop out and relieve ourselves on the side of the road. I can understand this, as we wanted a little privacy, as we pulled our pants down to our ankles and tried to find a spot that no cars could possible pass by and gets a glimpse of this embarrassing moment. We also had to take into consideration that certain weeds, bugs, and other varieties of nature kept us from picking that squatting spot. Then of course none of us had to go at the same time so the adventurous highway soon became a hunting area for the perfect spot to pee.

Years later it was my turn to take my lovely daughter and two handsome sons to adventure out. Unfortunately, my lovely daughter not only did not like peeing outdoors, she hating going anywhere but at home. Many moments were spent covering and recovering the toilet seat inside a not so delightful room. I too, like my parents, also got to experience the roadside and searching for that special spot that nature could take its place.

Throughout history parents have gotten through these trying times knowing that someday their children will have children of their own and what comes around goes around. NOT TRUE!!! My six year old granddaughter took that moment forever away. While camping with her this summer, I watched as she took a small device from her pocket, stood by a tree, and without a blink of an eye or a dropping of her pants, she relieved herself as if the difference between male and female no longer existed. To my amazement, in the peeing world, it no longer does.

This beautiful disposable device is called a P-mate!!! It is cardboard so it can be folded and placed in your pocket. It works by simply unzipping your pants, move one leg of the underwear to the side; put the P-Mate in place and the urine is funneled through the P-mate which directs it away from your clothing or feet. It can be disposed of in the waste basket or put in a zip lock bag and disposed of later.

No more losing your dignity, no more squatting, no more wasted time looking for that perfect spot to keep peekers and other unwanted invaders away. And yes, darling daughter, no more dirty toilet seats.

The moral of my story is that I figured if a six year old child could use this wonderful device then an old grandma could too. I found a great site called You can find them under the « Personal Care » This website has many other great products and is extremely price competitive.

I truly believe you will love the P-Mates and enjoy the outdoors like you never have before!!!

Source by Theresa T Wilson

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