Here’s why you shouldn’t let your dog poop anywhere in the wild

Here's why you shouldn't let your dog poop anywhere in the wild

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Dogs are very clean and easily trainable animals. However, dogs can relieve themselves everywhere and especially during outings and walks. A study recently revealed that feces from dogs or other pets can harm the natural balance of the ecosystem. This study was carried out in four nature reserves per year. Each year, the scientists in charge of this mission declare that in each reserve, there can be up to 15 kilograms of feces and urine, and that, per hectare.

Dog excrement harms nature

Dog feces and urine contain high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus that harm nature, according to a new study, published in the journal Ecological Solutions and Evidence. Nitrogen is found in both their urine and feces while phosphorus comes from the fermentation of both. These two chemical elements strongly contribute to the destruction of the balance of fauna and flora. The scientists focused their study on the four nature reserves that receive the most canine visitors in the world.

According to them, these reserves have already welcomed more than 1,629 dogs. Most of these dogs have not been leashed and this is the main reason for the rapid spread of litter all over the reserve. According to the rules, dogs must be kept on a leash during walks to prevent them from defecating everywhere in nature.

Moreover, the elements released by the fermentation of their waste harm the regeneration process of the ecosystem. Per year, the rate of phosphorus found in the reserve can reach up to 73 kg. The nitrogen rate also increases every year and even reaches 175 kg.

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How to limit the damage?

According to scientists, if dogs are kept on a leash, the paths and surrounding areas would be the places with the most waste. This would reduce the effect of nitrogen and phosphorus on the environment. Moreover, nitrogen and phosphorus are chemical elements that do not fertilize the earth. But if the dogs relieve themselves in a defined place, then the impact zone will not expand. Indeed, this would reduce pollution and the concentration of nitrogen and phosphorus by 90%. Scientists also say that every owner should clean up their pet’s waste to save the environment.

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