House Training Your Kitty

It’s pretty easy to house train a cat, for the most part. As with anything, there’s always an exception to the rule. That one little rebel feline that refuses to conform to the structure of kitty society, albeit it is a severely limited society that just consists of you, the rest of the family, and perhaps the other pets that share your home. But still, this is her society and if she decides to rebel, it can be a challenge to convince her to conform. I don’t have to tell you, going head to head with a cat is a pretty big challenge.

Although cats are known for being hard headed and independent, they are also fastidious and driven by nature to eliminate their wastes in a certain type of area. This instinct is why the litter box is very appealing to cats. The litter box is where your cat learns to eliminate his or her waste, and then it’s up to you to keep the box fresh and clean. You may not realize though, that when the litter box gets too full and dirty, the cat will begin looking somewhere else to eliminate. This could spell trouble. Kitties can be extremely creative. They might decide to eliminate in your couch, your dirty laundry or even your clean laundry. Once this habit starts it can be hard to undo it and retrain a cat to once again use the litter box.

Ideally, you should house train your cat when it is a kitten. You can keep it in a kennel at night and, upon taking it out of the kennel each morning, you should place it in its litter box. Other times to place it in its litter box should be just after eating, after a nap and anytime that you notice it sniffing around as if searching for a place to go. Once Kitty uses the litter box once, it will be drawn to the scent and realize that it has a purpose.

If you leave your cat alone for many hours while you are at work or school, you should keep her confined to a specific area or room, and be sure to keep the litter box in that area. Scoop up any accidents and place it into the litter box. Show your cat the litter box again so they will get the idea. Cats are not the same as dogs, praise alone will mean nothing to a cat, and isn’t a very effective training method for them. They simply don’t care much about your approval.

There are a number of excellent house training aids available on the market, but consistency must be maintained or nothing will be effective. You must take a hands-on approach to house training your feline, and use house training aids as secondary to your own loving guidance. You can be successful in house training your kitty with patience and love.

Source by Kathrynn Kelley

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