How to Get a Pee Smell Out of a Mattress

If you have a baby at home or a pet, mattress pee smell is not far from happening. If that happens, you should know what can help get rid of the awful smell.

First of all, why do we need to clean? There is the issue of smell. It does not fade away after some time. It may even get worse so it is important to clean your mattress. Another issue is bacteria. Bacteria can grow fast and this can be coupled with molds. Now let’s get the cleaning started, shall we? Here are some of the most helpful steps in getting rid of pee smell:

Step 1: If you want immediate results and you absolutely have no time to clean, use rubbing alcohol. Just spray it on the affected area and it will immediately reduce the awful smell of pee. You do not even have to wait long for the moisture to fade away. Just make sure you remove the residues of pee first before using this step.

Step 2: Use baby powder, any kind of baby powder. Blot excess pee moisture first and then sprinkle baby powder. Let it settle here for a few minutes and then vacuum away. After vacuuming, you might also want to sprinkle a bit more baby powder to completely get rid of smell.

Step 3: Citrus solution also helps. Prepare any kind of citrus solution. One part of water and one part of either lemon juice, orange juice or lime juice. Pour it in a spray bottle. Blot the excess pee and then immediately spray this solution on the affected area. Wait for a few minutes for the solution to settle and then spray it again with clean water. Afterward, get a clean towel and use it to absorb excess moisture. Allow it to dry in a sunny area.

Step 4: If you don’t mind the smell of vinegar, this is also another effective method. The smell of vinegar fades away after some time. Like the previous step, combine one part of water with one part of white vinegar and pour it in a spray bottle. Spray the affected area with this solution and then leave it there for a few minutes. Afterwards, rinse the area with a damp towel.

Just make sure you dry the moist area effectively as moisture is synonymous to mold formation. Leave it in a sunny area to dry or use hair dryer to spot dry.

Source by Zach Smith

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