How to Rid Yourself of Cat Urine Smell

If you own a cat, managing her urine smell is always a grave issue. She may pee around in the house on the carpet or on your furniture. The urine gets soaked in the carpet or the sofa and it is very hard to remove the stain or get rid of the smell. Many times, you may use some solution to do away with the smell, but it returns after a while.

It is very difficult to treat your cat’s urine from the furniture or rugs because of three elements. Your cat’s urine contains urea which is the sticky deposit, uric acid which gives the bad smell to the urine and urochrome which gives her urine the hue. The presence of uric in the urine contains crystals and salts. When they dry, they give out very unpleasant smell. When moisture is reapplied to them, removing your cat’s urine becomes a problem.

One thing you must preserve well in your mind is that you must never treat your cat’s urine with ammonia to remove the urine or any product which contains ammonia. Her urine itself contains ammonia and if you will use such product to remove it, it may attract your cat to use the same area for urinating again.

You can find many products in pet shops to clean your cat’s urine and get rid of the smell. One of the best solutions of dealing with cat’s urine smell is to clean it with white vinegar. Mix vinegar with some water to form a mixture. Apply this solution on the affected area with a paper towel. Do not rub it but soak the urine. Clean the area with a wet towel afterwards. This will reduce the smell of the urine noticeably.

The most important thing is that you need to put an end to the problem from its roots. You need to stop your cat from peeing around in the house. She may do so because of medical reason or because of lack of toilet training. You need to train it to use the tray or the litter box if you do not want to spend the rest of your life tackling with her urine’s smell.

Source by Lara Lee

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