How to Stop a Cat Fight – 4 Ways to Ending a Scuffle

If you have a household with multiple cats, then you know that fights are bound to happen. Even if your animals generally get along, at times, they will still battle. While people may not completely understand why, their kitties have their reasons for fighting. If your felines can’t seem to get along, here are 4 ways to stop a cat fight.

Why They Squabble

Some of the reasons why cats quarrel are similar to why humans do. They will express their discontent with others by picking fights. In order to end a scuffle, you will need to know why they do it. This can be over territorial issues, as one feline will feel like another has invaded their territory, even if the other has been there for a long time. Another reason is over social ranking.

If you have a multiple cat household with more than one male, one of them is usually considered the « alpha male » and will be at the top of the hierarchy. Aggression is another reason why felines tussle and this is quite common, especially with indoor cats. Your pet may be looking out the window and see another cat in yard. He may feel aggressive and territorial at this other, but since this one isn’t in reach, he may redirect it and attack another family cat.

How To Stop A Cat Fight

Now that you know why your animals get into skirmishes, you can effectively stop it from happening. You can do this the following ways:

  • Avoid competition – Provide litter boxes, food bowls, water dishes, toys and beds for each cat so they don’t have to share.
  • Do Not Physically Intervene – Never attempt to physically separate two felines locked in combat. In the heat of emotion, they will not recognize you, which can result in severe injury. Instead, startle them out of their behavior by tossing a blanket over them.
  • Spay And Neuter – Spaying and neutering goes a long way when it comes to stopping aggression. Having your pets spayed and neutered can reduce the likeliness of brawls. It’s a good idea to have this done when they are kittens between 4-6 months of age.
  • Do Not Yell Or Scream – Yelling or screaming is not recommended when trying to break up an altercation. Making a lot of noise tends to increase the aggression rather than diminish it.

Some felines will never be the best of friends because they are simply not compatible. But you will no longer have to stop a cat fight once you know the reason for it. Your pets can learn to live harmoniously as long as they have adequate resources and spaces to call their own.

Source by Suzanna Du

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