How to Stop the Cat From Peeing on Your Bed

There is nothing quite as disheartening as finding that dreaded damp spot on your bed and realizing the cat has done it again. It’s a painful reality for many cat owners and many don’t know how to find the solution to stop the cat peeing on the bed.

The good news is that there is a solution. It took me a long time and many quilts and mattresses to find the solution to stop my cat peeing on my bed but I eventually found it and I’ll tell you how you can too.

First I’ll tell you just how bad the situation was with my cat.

The bed wasn’t the only place that my cat was peeing. He was peeing on the carpet too.

In fact, he peed so often on the carpet that it rotted the floorboards and ended up costing my wife and I thousands of dollars in repair bills. We were at our wit’s end and decided that we would either have to give our beloved cat up or find a solution.

The secret to stopping your cat peeing on the bed depends on your situation but this one tip will almost certainly start you in the right direction.

Add another litter box. To be specific, you should have one more litter box than you have cats.

Cats are very clean animals and they are very picky about their surroundings. It doesn’t take much to make them decide to forgo the litter box and pick somewhere like your bed to urinate. By adding more litter boxes, you are giving them more options.

My wife and I ended up keeping our cat and he hasn’t peed on our bed (or our carpet for that matter!) in years. We took it upon ourselves to find a solution when we were finally at our wit’s end.

Source by Mike Whyte

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