How to Treat Aggressiveness in Cats

This is the worst behaviour problem you can find easily in cats, after inappropriate urination. You need to find the main root and solve this behaviour problem as soon as possible since aggressiveness in cats can be a serious problem for you and your family.

Here are some factors that can cause aggressiveness in cats:

a. They want to defend his territory

When a cat has reached two years old, he will be possessive about the area around him. He will mark his territory by spraying it and he won’t let another cat get near of his territory.

When you bring a new pet to your home, make sure you place him in a separated area about one or two weeks. Release the cat and introduce him to your another cat slowly. Cats need long time to accept a new addition in family members.

b. Hunting behaviour

Naturally cats like to hunt, and this behaviour can’t be changed. They like to hunt and kill small prey such as pet canary and wild birds. Keeping cat indoors is advisable to stop this cat problem. You can control the predator instinct of your cat by giving him toys.

c. The cat is feeling stressed and scared

When a cat is afraid of something or he is approached by a stranger, he will show his teeth to protect himself.

How to treat aggressiveness in your cat:

a. Train your cat while he is still a kitten. Introduce him to another member of your family, or your dog slowly.

b. Take him to veterinarian. Medical problem such as abscessed tooth can also cause this bad behaviour problem.

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Source by Yulistina Fitri

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