How to Use One of the Leashes on a Cat

The availability of pet leashes is endless. Styles, colors, weights, and length are plentiful in wide array of choices. A good cat one is a great idea if you are to keep your cat safe while walking outside.

Some people wonder if you train a cat to walk on leash with you just like a dog. The answer is yes! However, training a cat to walk with you is completely different from training a dog to walk on one. You will need persistence and patience if you are going to try to teach this pet to walk on a pet lead. However, you may have your cat walking on one of its leads in no time at all.

As with any pet, the best time to begin training a cat is as a kitten. A kitten doesn’t have any learned behaviors at this point, so you can teach him what you want it to do. You can train an older cat, but he may be more stubborn and will probably require additional training.

You need to begin training your cat to walk on a lead by locating one of the best leashes available that is a good fit for you and your cat. Many of these leads are now available online and pet supply stores. Some of these leads are retractable and will allow just enough length for your cat to walk. This way your cat can walk and play while on one of its leads, and still be safe from trouble.

Most leashes are between five and six feet long. You need to get a lead that is very light. You don’t want a dog lead. Your cat will be unhappy if he is uncomfortable with the weight of the leash and it probably won’t want to go for a walk. You might also consider a cat harness. These harnesses are actually best for cats. Consider purchasing a collar for your cat as well. Make sure the collar isn’t too tight, but also be sure the cat can not pull its head out. A harness is better for a cat because most cats won’t like the collar being tugged on and the harness will allow for the pull to be evenly distributed.

After you have gotten the collar or harness, and the lead, let the cat get used to them by letting it play with them. The cat will scent the items and it can get used to them as well. Now you can try to put the collar or the harness on your pet. If you leave it very loose, the cat may be more comfortable with it initially than if it is snug. If you cat is not comfortable at all with either the collar or the harness, take it off and let it play with it again. If you make the cat wear the collar or harness, it will not want to wear it all. Giving the cat a little reprieve will make it easier the next time your put the collar or harness on. Have patience during these important steps.

When the cat is comfortable wearing the collar or harness loosely, then you can begin to tighten it up. Now allow the cat time to wear the harness or collar before attaching the lead. Let the cat play with the lead as well. Let the cat get used to the lead and walking around in the house. Before long, your cat will be comfortable with the collar or harness and the leash and you can begin to take the cat outside.

Keep your cat’s lead somewhat short or they will run off in all directions. Distractions abound outside, especially if your cat is not familiar with the animals and smells they will encounter. Your cat will slowly become used to walking outside on a leash and will look forward to it everyday.

Source by Jennifer Akre

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