Identifying When a Cat Is No Longer in Heat

Signs Your Cat Is Out Of Heat

Perhaps the best way to know your unspayed cat is out of heat is to know when it is in heat. The signs of your cat being in heat are very apparent and when she’s not acting in heat then she will be out of heat. When in heat she will appear to be taken over by her hormones in a very strong way. When out of heat she will probably be recovering and sleeping it off.

Your cat will be out of heat perhaps every other week of the mating season. The warmer months are when your cat is in heat, usually Spring and Fall. The colder months she will be out of heat.

Signs Your Cat Is In Heat

She will start to bleed from her vagina, it may not be apparent as it is for dogs. Her vulva will swell and she may urinate a lot more. She will also spray a lot around the house spreading her scent around to entice male cats. She will spray upwards, not downwards on the ground. She will become extremely affectionate and roll around and spend a lot of time rubbing up against you, meowing and calling. She may even screech a lot if she can’t get outside. You may notice male cats hanging around your property.


Just because your cat has mated once while in heat does not make her come out of heat. A cat will be in heat usually around seven days and in that time she can mate with multiple tom cats. She can also get pregnant to every one of those toms.

There are instances where your cat won’t come out of heat and it’s best to see the vet because there is a disease called pyometra that she may have.

Your cat can come in and out of heat every alternative week for the mating season, unless she is pregnant. While nursing she can get pregnant again so she definitely is not out of heat.

Do You Want Your Cat Out Of Heat?

Had enough of her pussies flirty manner? If she’s causing you worry being out all night and off with all the neighbourhood toms then you can ask your vet to inject her with hormones to bring her out of heat. Ideally the best thing you can do for your cat is to get her spayed. Unless you’re a breeder then the world really doesn’t need anymore kittens.

The heat cycle can be a trying process for anyone who isn’t breeding for profit. The best thing you can do for your cat’s health and your peace of mind is to get your cat spayed and you then won’t have to worry about how to tell cat is out of heat.

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