Important Tips For Choosing The Right Vet For Your Cat

A good veterinarian is one of the most important people in your pet’s life. From check ups to vaccines and diagnostics to medications, your vet will provide you with a wide range of services throughout your cat’s life and help you deal with any cat health problems that may crop up. To make sure that you and your vet are absolutely compatible, here are some tips on choosing the right person for the job.

While having a recognized degree is certainly a prerequisite for a good vet, there are several other factors that you should always consider. The first thing you can do is to arrange for an appointment to meet your vet without bringing your pet along. During your meeting with him, try to get a feel of the facilities available. Check if the veterinary hospital is clean and hygienic and make sure that it is well staffed and has competent doctors who can take over your vet’s responsibilities in case he or she is absent.

When talking to the doctor, ask questions about the kind of cases that have been handled at the facility, the services they provide and also if the facility is equipped with various machines such as x-ray machines, blood testing etc. Find out if the facility has special provisions for surgical cases and overnight patients to treat various cat health problems. A good doctor will not only answer all your questions patiently but will also ask you about you cat in return. Does the vet have an attitude issue? Your vet may be qualified, but that is not an excuse for him or her to judge your pet or pet raising methods. Remember that your vet has to work together with you, not against you.

The vet’s fees are an important issue that is best discussed during the first meeting. Your cat has to have regular check ups so that the first signs of cat health problems can be noted and treated on time. So, it will not help if your vet is too expensive. It is better if your vet is located close to home or work so that in cases of emergency, he will be able to reach your place quickly.

Consider all relevant factors before choosing the right vet. Your cat’s health is important and taking the time to pick out the right vet will surely make a difference to your precious kitty.

Source by Flora Westbrooks

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