Is Your Cat Pooping On The Carpet? It’s Not As Rare As You Think

There is nothing quite as disgusting as coming home to find a little pile of cat poop in the corner of your living room. Or, in the case of my husband, on your pillow.

It’s infuriating and we started having very dark thoughts indeed.

Don’t get me wrong, we love our cat dearly but when he started peeing and pooping all over our house for what seemed like no good reason at all, it was time to take steps.

We searched high and low on the internet and came to the conclusion that the very first thing we needed to do was bring our little feline friend in to see the vet.

It seems like an odd request of your vet asking about a cat pooping on carpet but it turned out that it wasn’t that uncommon at all. After giving our cat a clean bill of health, he told us that we had a behavioral problem on our hands and would need to « get inside our cat’s head » to solve this vexing problem.

So back to the internet we went and started searching why cats decide to forgo their litter box and poop on carpet.

Unfortunately there were as many theories and conflicting opinions on the internet as there are breeds of cat. Some people told us to give the cat a different brand of food and others said that we should stick him outside at night to let him « be a cat ».

It turned out that our cat was suffering from a serious case of depression (I know it sounds ridiculous) and we ended up trying some holistic anti-depressants that actually did a very good job of « calming his nerves » and stopping him from pooping on the carpet.

Source by Caitlin Hamilton

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