Kibo Eclipse Review – Effective Training Program That Works?

A lot of people do not have the experience, training, or knowledge to set up an e-commerce business. Therefore, e-commerce is not as simple as many think.

Basically, e-commerce is the buying and selling of products through the Internet. Millions of people have become wealthy because of it and have seen astounding returns.

You can expand your reach and connect with audiences from all over the globe with e-commerce. As more and more people are turning to e-commerce, it is becoming more and more difficult to establish yourself in a market with hundreds of stores. Without experience, the odds are against you.

Nevertheless, there are courses and platforms that can help you gain an edge over your competitors and get your business moving in the right direction.

Kibo Eclipse is one of many such platforms that let you build a successful online business without having to deal with a lot of hassle. There are a number of features that make it better than other e-commerce platforms and courses, including several that you cannot find on other platforms.

What is the Kibo Eclipse training program? How does Kibo Eclipse work? Is it worth signing up for it?

Don’t worry; our unbiased Kibo Eclipse review will tell you everything you need to know about the platform and how it works. Customer feedback and survey results are also included in this Kibo Eclipse review, which is perfect for those wishing to attend this newly released program.

But before, let us read a quick overview of the Kibo Eclipse Program:

Important Facts And Information
Name: Kibo Eclipse E-commerce Training Program
Section: E-commerce Business
Subsection: Online Money Making
Duration: 8 weeks
Available languages: English Only
Designed By: Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton
  • Pre-Launch: January 19, 2022
  • Available To buy: From January 25, 2022
  • Last Date To Enroll: February 01, 2022
  • Live Event: February 03, 2022
  • Program Objective: This program is offering assistance to individuals looking to start online business ventures and make a little extra money
    Key Features:
  • It provides training products that are profitable, not niche-based
  • The people who are interested in trying out this product will be provided with free traffic strategies
  • A number of products in different niches are tested at the same time
  • The products that don’t sell are eliminated, while the ones that make at least a few cents are kept
  • The result is an immediate increase in traction and sales
  • Kibo Eclipse Training Program Benefits:
  • Secrets of Social Selling
  • Exclusive Live Online Event
  • Free bonus ebook
  • Live recordings of Kibo events
  • The Mastermind’s Secret
  • Interact with other successful business owners
  • Kibo Eclipse cost: $3,497 ($3988 if you pay in four installments of $997 each)
    Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee
    Where To Buy: Visit the official website

    What Is The Kibo Eclipse Training Program?


    An online course called Kibo Eclipse teaches people how to make money online with a very innovative form of e-commerce. The program is an eight-week online business training program that uses live training to show beginners as well as entrepreneurs how to earn profits through the Internet.

    They are able to start earning income right from the beginning, and side by side, they are learning as well. In addition to the main application, there are eight modules and bonus services offered over a period of eight weeks through videos and lectures.

    In the present online program, the creators have updated their previous program that was extremely successful.

    About Aidan Booth And Steve Clayton

    Newcomers to the virtual marketing and advertising industry might not be familiar with these names – Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. In order to take part in the Kibo Code education program 2020, we conducted some research.

    Having taught and practiced eCommerce for more than a decade, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have a stellar reputation.


    The well-known entrepreneur, Aidan Booth, has been making money online for over a decade. In comparison, Steve Clayton has held a variety of technical and sales roles for almost 18 years.

    Aidan started out with an online marketing and advertising project centered on Argentina in 2015. Additionally, Aidan Booth has created 7 Figure Cycle, 100K Factory, and Parallel Profit.


    Steve Clayton had a long history of serving commercial enterprises as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

    In 2013, both marketers teamed up and never looked back.

    After more than 15 years of marketing their business online, this company is now worth millions.

    It has taken these e-commerce marketers a great deal of hard work and patience to reach where they are now. As a result of years of experience and trial and error, they discovered a few specific and cost-effective methods to run a potential e-commerce business.

    Based on the minds behind it, the course can be determined to be legitimate since these guys knew what they were doing.

    Kibo Eclipse Program: how does it work?


    The Kibo Eclipse is built on the Kibo core business model, making it unique and superior to all other alternatives currently available. With its simple yet smart interface, this provides a seamless e-commerce experience you won’t find anywhere else.

    Based on dropshipping, Kibo is a business model that does not require any inventory. Furthermore, Kibo will locate you as the ideal supplier, which saves you having to deal with the logistics.

    Below are the seven steps that comprise the core Kibo Eclipse business model:

    #1: Domain Registration

    The first thing Kibo Eclipse Program does is find a domain name using its smart software tools. A unique and generic domain name makes it easier for customers to find. In addition, Kibo will then register the domain under your name, so you get a professional domain registered automatically on your behalf.

    #2: Establishing Your Store

    In the next step, they will set up our online store. You don’t need to perform any niche or market research. The developers set up a simple store with a pre-installed, conversion-optimized theme. The team installs the theme in just 60 seconds on the online store, allowing you to have a functioning website almost immediately. With Kibo’s proprietary software and custom programming, your new online store will also be free of bugs and other issues related to running an online business platform.

    #3: Product Selection

    Utilizing Kibo Eclipse software, the company identifies profitable products. Using a 3 million product database, the software identifies products that offer profit margins. Rather than focusing on a specific niche or target market, this software determines product profitability. Profitable products are more likely to be added to your online store, allowing you to make money quickly from your business online. Following that, you can use a few simple and inexpensive methods to drive traffic to your store. You can, for instance, use Google Shopping or Bing Shopping.

    #4: Adding Products To Your store

    The moment you choose the right products for your store, all you have to do is list them, find the right images, and write descriptions. With the Kibo Eclipse Training Program, everything is taken care of for you, from finding the perfect image to putting together the perfect listing. You only need to select the appropriate products, and Kibo Eclipse will handle the rest.

    #5: Attracting Customers To Your Store

    It is difficult to find the right audience and customers for an online business or store. Numerous people establish stores but are unable to generate the free traffic that is necessary to generate profits and sales. In order to resolve this issue, Kibo Eclipse offers specific marketing techniques that will draw potential customers to your website. You don’t need to test cheap paid traffic; Clayton and Aidan Booth got it covered all. The Kibo method is unique to attract customers, and it is very difficult to find an alternative platform that offers the same capabilities.

    #6: Ship Directly To The Customer’s Door

    To ensure that your customers receive their product, Kibo Eclipse relies on dropshipping. This means that there are no inventories to maintain or deal with foreign suppliers. The supplier directs the delivery of the products to the customer when a purchase is made. As a result, the process becomes more efficient than ever and saves time and money because inventory can be stored and tracked electronically. This process has been perfected by Kibo code Eclipse to improve customer satisfaction.

    #7 Store Optimization

    The Kibo Eclipse platform optimizes your store by promoting the most profitable products over those that are not in demand or do not offer much profit. Its algorithm and eCommerce methods are specially crafted to make your store as profitable and efficient as possible. The Kibo Eclipse course helps your business increase sales and profits by identifying the products that are in demand and best-selling.

    There you go! In the seven steps above, you can get an idea about how the Kibo Eclipse team quickly creates and optimizes your online business for increasing the chances of its success. After you open your profit vault and find the best product for your business, there is no limit to what you can do. Kibo Eclipse can lead you to success, as the entire team is dedicated to finding you success.

    Kibo Eclipse Training System: Modules

    You can maximize income from your online business with the Kibo Eclipse Training Program. As part of the program, Kibo Code Eclipse inventors Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth will mentor you.

    There are five modules in the Eight Week Kibo Training Program.

    Module #1– Kibo Incubator

    Kibo Incubator, the first part of this online program, trains participants on how to use the Kibo Eclipse system in depth. During this eight-week training program, you will learn how to build your new business in a short amount of time. The Central Intelligence guide will show you how to build successful e-commerce quickly and guide you through each step.

    Module #2- Kibo Jumpstart

    The following module of this Kibo Eclipse program is Kibo Jumpstart, in which you learn about e-commerce from Kibo Eclipse experts. This module requires you to complete a 30-day challenge. A weekly milestone checkpoint is also available for tracking your progress. In addition, you can also obtain detailed advice and analysis by interacting with the zoom or chat service of Kibo Code Eclipse.

    Module #3 Kibo HQ

    Kibo HQ oversees every aspect of the E-commerce empire, including its mission. Your business will be built, managed, and scaled with much more precision this way.

    Module #4 Kibo Oracle

    The next aspect of the Kibo Eclipse online money-making program is Kibo Oracle, which is a secret software program that alerts you when a profitable product is discovered. You can filter down profitable products from millions of products in this highly advanced software which will help you grow your e-commerce business. With this software, you can analyze thousands of products in a matter of seconds, saving valuable time.

    Module #5 Kibo Converters

    Kibo Converters is the next component of the Eclipse program, as it is also a smart application that helps convert visitors into buyers. The software offers many tools for interacting with customers. Kibo BOT engages people through automated chats as it acts as your personal sales assistant.

    Module #6 Kibo Socializer

    Next, Kibo Code Eclipse uses Kibo Socializer to identify and attract social media traffic from viral sources. By doing so, you can boost your sales as social media traffic can come directly from your business. With Kibo Socializer, your sales and profits will thrive thanks to the proven, tested, and tried product.

    Module #7 – Kibo Accelerators

    Kibo Eclipse provides the next module that helps your business by boosting your free traffic and scaling by using other free traffic sources. Because scaling a business can be a challenging process, this online money-making program provides you with a fool-proof plan to keep your business growing.

    Module #8 – Kibo Mentorpoint

    Lastly, Kibo Eclipse provides a number of avenues for unlimited support and coaching with Kibo Mentorpoint. As a Kibo Member, you will gain access to the exclusive Kibo support system, which includes the dedicated Kibo team and fellow members. Its best feature is that it is available 24/7, 365 days a year, so you can receive support.

    How Is the Kibo Eclipse Different?

    Online marketing platforms like Kibo Eclipse can be found all over the Internet. But when it comes to establishing an online e-commerce business, Kibo Eclipse stands out from the crowd. Below are some reasons why.

    An investment of $1 million is being made in perfecting software and platforms

    In comparison to its predecessors, Kibo Eclipse is far more advanced. The changes made to the platform have completely altered how it works. As a result, you can now take advantage of a platform that is more optimized and functions more effectively than any of its predecessors or competitors. Over $1 million was invested in Kibo Eclipse’s software and platform, which is super-easy to use owing to pioneering technology. Using the Kibo Eclipse platform makes it easy to launch a store, and its algorithms help optimize and enhance the store experience, making it a revolutionary platform.

    Million Dollar Sales Success Stories

    In terms of previous Kibo users, Kibo Eclipse is famous for its enormous number of success stories. Thousands of dollars in sales were generated by people who attended 2021 training sessions. A wide range of customer testimonials and social proofs show that Kibo Eclipse really works and can help anyone start an eCommerce company with hardly any experience. It is reported that some Kibo participants earn $7,000 or more per month through their eCommerce websites.

    A Fresh Training Program

    In contrast to similar business training programs, Kibo Code Eclipse takes an alternative approach to training. During the recent months, Kibo Eclipse created a newly designed training program and module without repeating old material. As Kibo Code leverages its system and creates entirely new lessons, it can prepare students with the new skills and experiences needed for online success.

    On the whole, the Kibo Eclipse team spent a great deal of time and money developing their platform, developing their tools, and making sure that they are providing the best possible experience for users. It’s for that reason that they have confidence they will succeed.

    Kibo Code Eclips VS Previous Kibo Code Training Programs

    Earlier to Kibo Code Eclipse, there were Kibo Code 2020 and Kibo Code Quantum 2021. Although, the features of Kibo Code Eclipse 2022 are a bit different from Kibo Code Quantum and Kibo Code Program 2020.

    The main difference is Kibo Code Eclipse 2022 provides free access to an E-commerce platform to all its students, while Kibo Code 2020 requires students to pay a Shopify fee to use the platform. However, in Kibo code quantum also, you don’t need to pay a certain fee, but Kibo Code Eclipse is one step advanced from Kibo code quantum in terms of traffic generating strategies in the online world.

    Kibo Eclipse Reviews And Testimonials

    Since the previous Kibo Code Eclipse programs launched by this company have been successful, there is always a positive buzz about them. A lot of business owners, even those who have no previous experience in the business world, acknowledge its benefits.

    Individuals without prior experience in e-commerce or enterprise were especially benefited from the program and saw their business grow rapidly using the Kibo Eclipse modules.

    A lot of website owners have been attracted to the Kibo Eclipse course because they want more traffic sources to their websites and hope to sell more products. Also, many customers have expressed an interest in trying out Kibo Eclipse.

    Let us take a look at some of the Kibo Eclipse reviews:

    Dominik, a business owner, claims that he has earned $11,556 in just one month with the help of Kibo Eclipse and their online marketing training services. In his Kibo Eclipse review, he mentioned that “work with the system every day and it will surely work for you.”

    Another man, Vaughan, earns $3946 within 7 days. This much is just after he started using Kibo Eclipse.

    Peter claims to earn $3114 in a single day. Instead of selling one product for a high profit, he sold multiple products on a low margin but in big numbers by making a large profit vault.

    Tim, another business owner, mentioned in his Kibo Eclipse review that he earned $2046 in just one day.

    Padriac claims to have earned $2065 in one day, $6070 in one week, and 22446 in one month.

    Overall, the above is just a few fractions of Kibo Eclipse reviews. Each Kibo Eclipse review gives you a sort of idea about how this program can be a game-changer when it comes to boosting the sales and profit of your eCommerce store.

    Kibo Eclipse Release – Important Dates

    There are a number of events this year, including the launch of Kibo Eclipse, a platform that is in its pre-launch phase until January 19, 2022. There are three phases of pre-launch, and the official launch follows.


    Pre-Launch Phase #1: The System – January 19, 2022 (Launched)

    In phase #1, the Kibo Eclipse team will introduce The System, which includes a book explaining how it all works. The System book has early bird webinars that explain Kibo Eclipse in more detail after reading it. Testimonials and other details that will lay the foundation for what follows will be included in the book.

    Pre-Launch Phase #2: The Blueprint – January 21, 2022

    During the second pre-launch phase, called The Blueprint, further details will be provided. There will be a description of how the business model functions and why it is the most suitable option at this time. The infographic shows the 3-step process in an easy-to-understand visual format. Here you can learn how the Kibo Eclipse platform works and learn why its team is confident in its success.

    Pre-Launch Phase #3: The Results – January 23, 2022

    This is the last phase of the pre-launch phase for Kibo Eclipse: The Results. At this stage, users download a collection of student success stories. Kibo Eclipse’s business model enables students to make thousands of dollars per day. There is no reason why you shouldn’t join this group of students if you set up a successful eCommerce business with Kibo Eclipse.

    During this stage, you can expect a lot of social proof, discussion topics, and user testimonials. In addition, Kibo Eclipse will offer a variety of sample products that are anticipated to generate many thousand dollars in sales per day. When you sign up for Kibo Eclipse today, you can sell some of these products.

    The Masterclass Sessions – January 24, 2022

    The Kibo Eclipse webinar series will be launched on January 24, 2022, following the completion of the first three pre-launch phases.

    Kibo Eclipse systems are explained in detail in these workshops, called the Masterclass Sessions. The workshops will take place at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 7 p.m., and 9 p.m. EST. Details about attending the webinars will be sent to users via email on Monday morning.

    Find out more about Kibo Eclipse, how the platform works, and how to start selling your own products online as quickly as possible by attending a live training session online.

    Kibo Eclipse Launch – January 25, 2022

    Tuesday, January 25, 2022, is the scheduled launch date for Kibo Eclipse– the date on which the shopping cart will go live and the sales page will go live. In this stage, users can sign up for Kibo Eclipse System, purchase access to the program, and start the process of setting up an eCommerce business.

    Limited Virtual Live Event – February 03, 2022

    This is a virtual live event that will occur on February 03, 2022. This Virtual Live Event is open only to those who are members of this program. In this live event, you will have an opportunity to network with other successful business owners who are successfully growing their business through e-commerce. This will be a life-changing experience for those who are passionate about growing their business and who wish to generate good revenue from it.

    You will hear from many successful business owners and entrepreneurs how they generate such high revenues every year. They will tell you about how to generate the same results for your business. Some of the same concepts can also be applied to your business.

    The session will be a wonderful one, and there will also be some exciting bonuses. This session is exclusively for members, and passes will be distributed in that manner.

    Clayton & Aidan booth Kibo Eclipse Price:

    To purchase the Kibo eclipse program, go to their official website You can pay $997 each over four installments. The program allows people to save up to $491 if they make a complete payment of $3497 within 30 days. Furthermore, if you find out at any point that this program is not going to work for you, they are offering you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    If you are interested in purchasing this program, we recommend that you do so through the official website. High demand for Kibo programs might make it possible to sell frauds.

    Kibo Eclipse Bonuses – What Are They?

    The online training program comes with three Kibo Eclipse bonuses. Here they are:

    Bonus #1: Kibo Event Live Recordings

    Users will have instant access to a complete recording of the live lecture with guest speakers and insider secret information. This approach will allow participants to watch the video at their own pace according to their schedule.

    Bonus #2: Social Selling Secrets

    These ” Social Selling Secrets” are some of the most useful bonuses offered by the creators of Kibo Eclipse. It explains how with the help of social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and others, you can drive more free traffic to your site. You can connect directly to your target audience by engaging in social media. You will learn many tips for maintaining social media engagement and how to boost free traffic through them.

    Bonus #3: The Secret Mastermind

    The Secret Mastermind is another crucial Kibo Eclipse bonus. Through seminars and workshops, you will learn about the market trend and the online economy using graphs and outlines in order to make it more realistic and practical for participants to understand.

    Is the Kibo Eclipse Program Right for Me?

    Everyone from just starting out in e-commerce trade to experienced businessmen can benefit from the Kibo eclipse program, whether they have just started their journey or want to begin one.

    The Kibo Eclipse works tremendously. You will learn how to generate traffic to your website and avoid paid traffic strategy by including high traffic products in your selling list. Also, you will know what are the tips and tricks of running a successful business, as described in the Kibo Eclipse review.

    The program’s modules have been designed so that you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the eCommerce system from basic to advanced. Once you complete all the modules, you will have a deep understanding of the topic and be able to successfully grow your company.

    FAQ’s about Kibo Eclipse Program

    Is there any way to avail of the Kibo Code Discount?

    Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton do not offer any Kibo Eclipse discount or coupon code.

    Who should buy the Kibo eclipse program?

    Kibo eclipse creators claim that anyone who is interested in expanding successful online businesses through e-commerce or wants to generate significant income through e-commerce should buy this program.

    Does the Kibo Eclipse Program Work?

    It does, indeed. Above in the Kibo Eclipse review, we discussed all the pros and cons. This should work for you. However, for any reason, sometimes users don’t find it interesting. In such an event, you can request your money back within 30 days of purchasing the program, and there will be no questions asked.

    Kibo Eclipse reviews – Conclusion

    Kibo Eclipse is a new eCommerce store training program created by Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton.

    The program provides users with a pre-built website with carefully selected products. Kibo Eclipse provides all the tools and software users need to run and maintain a successful online marketplace, including buying domains, building online stores, arranging suppliers, and providing educational information.

    Previously, Kibo users have generated $7,000 or more for their online stores. Become a Kibo Eclipse member today and find out how to set up and run your own successful eCommerce store, increasing your chances of generating profits.

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