MBA in Digital Marketing v/s MBA in Marketing: Which Is Best For You?

Confused about what MBA specialization to do? Then, this blog post is for you! Here, we are going to give you some important takeaways on both MBA in Digital Marketing and MBA in Marketing, to help you choose the course which is aligned with your interests.

An MBA is the most sought-after post-graduation program. Due to its popularity, many students opt for an MBA with different specializations in their preferred field. This degree holds a valuable position in the industry, professionals who want to upskill and students who want more exposure in the career path usually pursue this course.

For students who want to make a career in marketing, there are two options available MBA in Marketing and MBA in Digital Marketing. Both of these specializations aim to promote the products and generate sales. They share a common goal, but what sets them apart are the methods and techniques they use to accomplish it.

MBA in Marketing has been in the education industry for a while and also equipped students with knowledge about traditional marketing methods.

The MBA in Digital Marketing, however, is a very new concept that is gaining popularity among students because of its high demand in the field. The onset of the pandemic has resulted in companies advertising their products digitally, which they gradually realized is a very convenient way of reaching out to a large audience. Now, companies are looking to hire experienced digital marketers to lead their marketing campaigns.

We have presented a comparison between MBA in Marketing and MBA in Digital Marketing in this article to assist students to make an informed decision about which degree they wish to pursue. We made certain to incorporate the syllabus, job options, and other important information.

So let us take a look at the important points.

What is MBA in Digital Marketing?

MBA in Digital Marketing is a post-graduation offered by many institutes that focuses on teaching the students about the techniques of digital marketing and also about different digital channels used for marketing.

This program helps them bag mid-senior level roles in many companies. This is a course that has been boosted due to the digital era. Since companies are moving onto the digital path, the digital marketing industry has become one of the most in-demand career choices for graduates.

What is MBA in Marketing?

MBA in Marketing is one of the earliest specializations offered in the field of marketing. It’s usually a 2-year program that consists of a curriculum teaching traditional marketing methods.

Marketing is a creative and business field that mainly revolves around innovation and the process of storytelling. You usually have to appear for CAT/CET exams before getting into this program.

MBA in Digital Marketing v/s MBA in Marketing: Scope

The internet era has dawned on the world. People are increasingly using the internet to connect, entertain, and learn. With half of the population utilizing social media and other forms of digital communication, it is natural for businesses to follow suit. After all, promotion should be done where the market is.

So, many companies have now started digital advertising and promotions, thus giving rise to the scope of digital marketing. Digital marketing is going to only flourish from now on, with regular technological advancements, the digital era is upon all of us. This only goes on to indicate that MBA in digital marketing will be a great option for future marketing aspirants.

But that doesn’t mean the traditional marketing methods are out of the picture. Even with all these advancements and changing trends, the traditional marketing methods have managed to retain their position.

The art of storytelling that they focus on still has maintained to capture the attention of the audience. Though companies have to spend more budget, they are not fully pulling out of it, due to it being one of the oldest modes of advertising.

So, if you are interested in entertainment advertising, sales marketing, and traditional marketing methods, then this course may tick all your boxes.

In short, both the programs have high demand due to one being the oldest and the other being the newest method in the marketing industry.

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MBA in Digital Marketing v/s MBA in Marketing: Syllabus

The MBA in digital marketing is focused more on the digital aspects of marketing. So, its curriculum is designed in a way that will help equip students with updated knowledge about the recent technology and strategies involved in digital marketing. These are some of the modules that every curriculum includes:

Executive Skills

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Analytics
  • Website Creation
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Media Planning and Buying
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Marketing Automation

Managerial Skills

  • Art Of Pitching
  • Campaign Creation
  • Interview Training
  • Capstone Projects

The syllabus of MBA in Marketing is more based on traditional marketing techniques and channels. It focusses more on marketing and business operations as a whole, so there may also be some digital as well as business subjects included:

  • Management Concepts
  • Advertising Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Strategic Management
  • International Marketing
  • Business Marketing Operations
  • Accounting and Managerial Decisions
  • New Product Development and Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Salesforce Management
  • Business Environment
  • Marketing Research

MBA in Digital Marketing v/s MBA in Marketing: Career Opportunities and Salary

As we have discussed earlier, no matter what specialization you opt for there will be a lot of opportunities available, mainly in the mid-senior level. A digital marketer can earn around 3-4 LPA in the entry position, whereas someone with more experience can get a remuneration of around 7-10 LPA. All in all, it depends on the company, your experience, and the skills you possess.

Here are some of the job profiles for Digital marketing graduates.

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Media Strategist
  • Brand Manager
  • Client Servicing Manager
  • Content Strategist
  • Paid Media Expert
  • SEO Analyst
  • Business Development Manager
  • Social media Executive, etc

MBA Marketing students already have a well-established market. Their beginning pay is often between 2-4 LPA, but with more experience, one may easily earn 10+ LPA. Now, let us take a look at the job designations available for MBA in marketing graduates:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Corporate Sales
  • Media manager
  • Product Manager
  • Competitive Marketing
  • Advertising Management
  • TV producer
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Corporate Communications Head
  • Public Relations Manager


And, now we have reached the end of the discussion. Both MBA in Digital Marketing and MBA in marketing are great choices for students as well as professionals. All-in-all, it depends upon the interest and wants of the students.

If they want something to do with marketing and business as a whole then MBA in Marketing it is, but something related to digital channels and more technicals well as a creative field, then MBA in Digital Marketing would be best. Thus, graduating with an MBA in Digital Marketing or Marketing can undoubtedly help you develop a lucrative and flourishing career.

And, if you are not sure about doing an MBA but still want to learn about digital aspects of marketing, then go for an online course in digital marketing, as it will provide you with all knowledge regarding digital marketing in a short time.

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