Most Effective Cat Training Techniques

It can be quite difficult to communicate with our furry friends since there is a language barrier. But there is a great deal of effective cat training techniques that can be utilized to help get your point across. While our beloved kitties may pick up on some words we say to them, it is still tough getting them to understand what we want from them.

Since cats typically learn by experience, it is often when they experience something bad that they stop doing something. We love our kitties and certainly would not want for this to be the only way they learned to stop doing things that may harm them. That being said, we can be proactive and teach them beforehand so that they can bypass as many bad experiences as possible.

It has often been thought that cats simply are not trainable and that they are too independent to take direction from their owners. Well, this is definitely not the case and here are a few cat training techniques that you can try out on your cat:

• Do not yell or shout at your kitty when you disapprove of his behavior. This is ineffective as he is not able to understand why you are so upset. Instead, try to give as less attention to his bad behavior as possible.

• Provide a scratching post to accommodate your cats’ innate need to scratch. This will deter him from scratching your furniture.

• Ensure that his litter box is clean and totally change out the litter at least once a week. This will prevent your cat from peeing on your carpet or bed. Cats are very particular about their litter box and it will need to be cleaned frequently to avoid this problem.

• Purchase cool toys for your cat to play with so he does not get bored. Bored cats are more likely to get into mischief and can sometimes exhibit bad behavior to seek your attention.

• Reward your kitty for his good behavior. Give him treats and praise him when he is behaving correctly. This will allow him to associate the treats and praise with the good behavior he is exhibiting.

There are also many other methods available to aid in successfully training your kitty. By investing a little time and commitment you will be able to have your cat trained in no time.

Source by A. L. Kimbrough

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