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parent tested parent approved products june 2022

Parenting might be one of the most rewarding parts of life. Still, no one said it’s a cakewalk. One of the surprisingly challenging tasks is finding just the right products for your household. Whether new to the game or not, most moms and dads welcome suggestions regarding the things other parents love and recommend. Plus, who doesn’t want stuff that makes raising kiddos easier?

Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) is a supportive community of thousands of parents in North America. PTPA testers try out dozens of products and give honest feedback about the items. If it passes PTPA’s examination, the organization awards the product the Parent Tested Parent Approved Trust Mark. This designation is one of the most widely recognized consumer product awards, which the winning company can use for marketing and packaging. The network of volunteers helps give families insight into innovative or new products so they can be confident they are spending their money where it matters.

Products presented for this award are selected based on convenience, quality and value—focusing on goods that positively impact families’ lives. Parent Trusted Parent Approved announced this year’s summer campaign winners. This new group of Parent Tested Parent Approved champs includes plant-based diapers, an innovative sound machine and nausea-fighting organic lollipops, to name a few.

PTPA June 2022 Winners

Freestyle Diaper


First on the list are Freestyle Diapers that are not your average nappies. These plant-based, all-natural diapers are made with bamboo pulp and are 55 percent more absorbent than other leading plant-based diapers. Additionally, they are made without allergens, latex, fragrances, parabens or phthalates. The Freestyle Diapers offer 12 hours of leak protection and come adorned with fun designs created by leading artists.

One reviewer, Robin, gave the diapers five out of five stars and said, « These Freestyle diapers work great. I usually am a Huggies person but I must say after using these, I am inclined to switch. They fit wonderfully, the secure tabs didn’t slip and could be adjusted. The diapers are soft, and I like how when wet, the yellow line down the middle of the diaper changes color. »

« These diapers were surprisingly soft inside with cute and funky designs on the outside, » Elizabeth, another reviewer, said. She continued, « Size is true to size. Closure straps work well. Great absorption even during the nighttime! I didn’t experience anything negative while using these diapers. I was happy with the experience I had when we used these! »

Pure Enrichment PureZone Kids Bear Air Purifier

purezone air purifier bear

In today’s world, making sure the air our families breathe is clean is more important than ever. This HEPA air purifier features a four-stage filtration system that removes over 99 percent of particles smaller than 0.3 microns. Kids will love the PureZone Kids Bear Air Purifier‘s cute and modern design, and you’ll love knowing that it’s working to reduce particles in the air that could trigger asthma or allergies.

Medela Hands-Free Pumping Bustier

medela hands-free pumping bustier

Hey, let’s face it, no one is busier than a new mom. The Hands-Free Pumping Bustier by Medela allows moms to collect breast milk hands-free so they can grab a few moments to relax while pumping or take advantage of the freedom for other activities, thanks to its clever tube top design. This seamless pumping bra is made of Adaptive Stretch material that provides a snug fit with ample support and can also be machine washed.

Mary, a PTPA tester, gave the device a five-star rating saying, « This Bustier helps with hands-free pumping so much when you need it. It keeps everything in place, and you can go about your daily tasks that take two hands pretty well. It’s made very well and doesn’t stretch or lose its shape in the laundry at all. »

Another mom, Briel, also gave the bra five out of five stars and said, « I love the Medela Hands Free Pumping Bustier! Far superior to just holding the flanges or using one of the pumping bras that just had two little circles cut out of a band. Free up your hands while you pump! Highly recommended!! »

Medela Baby Pacifier

cute medela baby pacifier

To level up your baby’s pacifier game, the Medela Baby Pacifiers come in various adorable designs and are BPA-free. Available in different sizes for babies under two months to over 18 months old, the pacifiers also come with a protective cap for storage.

PTPA mom, Jenna, highlighted a few features that make this pacifier stand out and worthy of her five-star rating and this seal of approval. « I really liked how these pacifiers were lightweight and not bulky. The travel cap is more convenient than a large carrying case many other brands use. The glow-in-the-dark feature is also a bonus when looking for a dropped paci in the middle of the night. »

Serene Evolution 36 Sound Portable White Noise Machine

serene evolution white noise machine

Using a white noise machine can often help fussy babies or toddlers fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. This little trick lets mom and dad catch up on some much-needed shuteye. The Serene Evolution 36 Sound Portable White Noise Machine comes pre-loaded with soothing sounds, including white noise, brown noise, rain and forest sounds. It even has several classic lullabies and can be left on all night or put on a 30, 60 or 120-minute timer.

PTPA tester Lindsey loved several features of this sound machine that motivated her to give it five out of five stars. She said, « If you are looking for a sound machine, look no further! This small, portable sound machine is amazing. It has 36 different sounds that are very clear good sounds—the water options are great. I was pleasantly surprised that the volume actually gets really loud (unlike other small portable sound machines I have used). The portable strap is perfect for on the go, and it has a lock, so it doesn’t start in the airport or your diaper bag. I really love that it recalls your last sound selection and volume setting when you turn it on. This is absolutely our new go-to sound machine in our house! »

Perch HQ AZMED Maternity Belt

AZMED maternity belt supports your baby bump

Growing a new human can get pretty uncomfortable sometimes. This maternity belt offers gentle compression to support your baby bump and help ease some of the hip, back and pelvic pain that comes along with pregnancy. Made of a soft and lightweight elastic material, the AZMED Maternity Belt distributes weight more evenly and can also help correct poor posture.

After using this maternity belt, Gillian gave it five out of five stars. She recommended it, saying, « I started using this maternity belt shortly after entering the second trimester, and its benefits were immediate. My growing bump is comfortably supported, which means no more adjusting my shirt or pants (or belly) every ten minutes. The material on the inside of the belt is soft enough that I can wear it against my skin without discomfort or itching. The belt secures nicely and stays in place when bending and moving around without needing to be readjusted. Add this to the must-have list of pregnancy items! »

Laevo Unicorn Slime Kit for Girls

Slime for girls is a favorite

Who knew there were so many different kinds of slime? This fun kit has more than enough glue, glitter, clay and powder for several kids to have hours of fun. Slime kits are a delightful way for kids over the age of 5 to practice fine motor skills and flex their creativity, when played under adult supervision. The Laevo Unicorn Slime Kit for Girls has everything you and your kids need to create colorful, non-toxic slime. The U.S. Safety Consumer Product Commission also approves it.

Krista tested this kit with her kids, gave a steller five out of five stars, and said, « We loved the slime kit so much. So far the kids have made eight different types of slime and there is still so much stuff left to make more. It is very simple for the kids to understand and be able to do. I also like that the slime is durable after making it and not the runny cheap kind I hate. I will definitely be buying more because they loved it that much. »

JaxoJoy Kids Cooking and Baking Set

premier chef set with pink apron

The JaxoJoy Kids Cooking and Baking Set is a terrific gift for an aspiring young chef or just a fun way to get your little ones involved and confident in the kitchen. This kid-sized chef kit comes with an adjustable apron and chef’s hat, oven mitts, a whisk, cookies, cutters, a wooden spoon and a children’s cookbook with easy recipes they can try themselves.

Janay’s Herbal Face and Body Bar

janay's herbal face and body bar

This organic soap bar is made with all-natural ingredients to soothe skin conditions like psoriasis, acne and eczema. Made with coriander, olive oil and antioxidant-rich burdock root, Janay’s Herbal Face and Body Bar could be a good option for sensitive skin. Parents also love the light scent.

Katherine, a PTPA tester, gave this soap bar five stars and even ordered some after the trial. She said, « I have fairly sensitive skin and am always hesitant trying new products but this face and body bar was a delight! The smell was quite fragrant without being overpowering, and it lathered up well under water. Surprisingly, it seemed to reduce red patches on my skin which was an added bonus I wasn’t expecting. It was so nice I ordered another one for my hospital bag! « 

MommaBear Organics Nausea and Motion Sickness Lollipops

mommabear naturally crafted lollipops

For years, women have shared remedies to relieve pregnancy symptoms like nausea or heartburn. Well, now one of those antidotes comes in a convenient candy! Made with natural lemon and ginger, the Nausea and Motion Sickness Lollipops by MommaBear can also help your family avoid any bouts of car sickness during road trips this summer. These organic lollipops are handcrafted in small batches and don’t contain any GMOs, dairy, preservatives or dyes.

Celina tested these for morning sickness during her pregnancy and said, « These lollipops are definitely worth trying out! They taste good, not too much sugar, and in general, they satisfied the need for me to throw up. Pregnancy has been much easier by using these lollipops, and I’m happy to be the one trying it out! »

Emma Original Mattress

emma original mattress

This German-engineered mattress-in-a-box was designed for stomach, side and back sleepers. It’s no surprise that it is one of Europe’s best-selling mattresses. First, we must point out that the Emma Original Mattress has a moisture-wicking washable cover—that’s right, a washable cover! What family doesn’t love that? Additional features that helped land this one on the list include the three layers of breathable foam that provide pressure relief and support the back, shoulders and hips. Best yet, it is engineered to resist the dreaded mattress sagging for years.

The mattress passed Natalie’s test with flying colors. She recommended this mattress with five stars and said, « I was so excited to receive this Emma mattress to try out. We received it super quick, which was great. It was easy to unpackage and set up the mattress. It only took a few minutes for the mattress to gain its full form. I like that it is a pretty thick mattress, and it is honestly one of the nicest mattresses to sleep on. I tested it out right away after it was out of the box and like how soft it was but that you don’t sink down into it. I love that it has a removable cover that is washable. My daughter said it is the comfiest mattress she has slept one and loves it. »

Children’s Education Trust of Canada

children's education funds canada

Last but not least is a slightly different product—plan for your child’s future with a secondary-education fund from the Children’s Education Trust of Canada. You have three different plans to select. Whether you choose the Group Option Plan, the Achievers Plan or the Self-Initiated Plan Option, the Children’s Education Trust of Canada will apply for your fund to be registered as a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) with the Canada Revenue Agency so you can grow your child’s college savings tax-free.

From baby pacifiers and diapers to children’s toys and housewares, there are a never-ending amount of products promising to make your life as a parent more manageable—but not all can deliver. PTPA helps parents make smart shopping decisions through its network of parent-testers who give honest, real-life reviews and recommend products. Look for the PTPA Seal of Approval when shopping for your family to find things you know you can trust.

Find more parent-tested and parent-approved products to make both your and your kids’ lives easier at PTPA.

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