Potty Training a Dog – No Prior Experience Necessary

Probably the first thing we want from a new puppy is for them to understand where they can go potty, and that is not on the living room carpet. Often new dog owners are confused at how to begin potty training their dog, particularly if they have never owned a dog before. « Don’t they just know to go outside? » is often a comment I hear from first time dog owners. Well, the answer is no, but they can be easily trained. It takes patience but it will make your life so much easier in the long run.

The first thing to remember when potty training your puppy is patience. They will eventually learn and can even be taught to go « on command » but it is not going to happen on the first day. Start by setting up a place for your new pet to reside, a place where they have a bed and access to water. You may want/need to put these close to where you are sleeping if the dog was just weaned from their litter mates. They will feel lonely and need a sense of companionship. Put newspapers on the floor to help with cleanup and make it more noticeable when and where they go potty.

Whenever they wake up, take your puppy, on a leash, to where you want them to go potty. Many smaller breeds can learn to use a litter box. Keep the puppy in this area until they go using the command « Go Potty ». It may be 15 to 20 minutes; potty training is an exercise in patience. Praise your pet lavishly when they are successful. Then every two hours take your pet back to this area for another 15 minutes or so. It does take time on your part, but if you get them accustomed to going whenever you use the command « Go Potty » you will be able to control when and where they go making your life much easier.

Be attentive of your puppy while they are learning. If they start to dance about or act nervous take then outside; they may need to go. Notice what times of day they tend to be successful. These are the times you’ll want to ensure you take them to their potty place each day. They will make mistakes, but don’t strike them. A firm, non-angry voice is enough when potty training them.

Source by Sherry L Harris

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