Raising a Cat – Learn to Know Your Cat Better?

House Cat Education:

The most important thing to remember is – our cat is not a person who is walking on four legs, your cat was originally designed to live out in nature and not in your closed house, a cats’ natural environment is highly different from your clean and sparkly house – just by starting to acknowledge this general fact about your cat, you’ll finally take your first step and start to understand and accept some aspects of your cats’ behaviors.

There are numerous of methods on how to ban your cat from doing a specific action, but the best method I’ve found to work near to perfection is – executing an inconvenient gesture to your cat exactly at the same time when your cat is performing his deed!

With time, your cat will associate his deed with your inconvenient gesture – which he definitely does not like (e.g. – you scream at him « No », Splash of water to his direction – not directly at him, air-pressure spray, falling house keys next to him, etcetera…), if you’ll repeat one these actions persistently, then – your cat will « understand » you much faster.

Never ever hit your cat!!! If your cat does something unwanted, beating him will only make you more frustrated with him when he’ll repeat his behavior, and by causing pain to your cat! – In the wild the cat is an individual animal, highly territorial and independent – you should always remember – that your house cat, doesn’t naturally know his limitations in your household – just like you do!

I called my cat, why didn’t he come « running » to me?

Your cat will best respond to names that end with a high tone or sound of « Hey » or « He » as Gary, Jackie, Pitzi, Miley, Joey etc… You may reduce or adjust your cat’s name to stand out more vocally – we changed from Jack to Jackie.

Your cat is very cute, we know that, but if you call him a million names, he’ll find it very difficult to differentiate when it is you’re really calling him – wouldn’t you be confused?

Here are just a few of our nicknames we had for Jackie: Johnush, Juju, Jojo, and Jacko… Jackie found it much harder to distinguish when he was called, you should definitely focus on addressing your cat by only one name (we recommend the cutest).

My cat climbs on the curtains, what should I do?

The Subject of curtains is well known, and very painful too, if your cat decides that he’s Spiderman and he’s climbing your curtains – it is very important to make sure that your cat is not going to fall from a place too high, Yes, even cats can get hurt from falling!

The Solution: If you have curtains at home, most kittens will want to climb them – over the age of one year it’s possible that your cats’ desire to climb your curtains might pass on its own. Proactively stopping your cat from climbing, you can do what we’ve discussed above about executing an inconvenient gesture when he wants to climb, or you can also use pressure bars that would fall (not your cat) when he climbs on your curtains – usually after it happens once or twice, the fear of the falling curtains on himself will deter your cat from climbing again.

In conclusion: Your cat is a very independent creature, in contrast to a dog (which is an amazing animal too), a cat has a better ability to manage himself, as long as he has for himself – a source of food & water, his litter box, that’s basically all that he needs!

And of course, a whole lot of attention and love from his owners, that’s how you’ll make your cat so much happier and content cat – which will make raising him a sheer joy!

Source by Curtis J. Jones

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