Should Cats Be Given Canned Food?

Pet owners should be smart when choosing the kind of food that they will give to their pets. For cats, there is that dilemma on whether they are going to feed their pets with canned foods or not.

Many think that canned foods are just processed and commercial items. Thus, follows the thought that these foods, though they may be able to provide the right nutrition, may come with harmful components. But, do they really pose potential dangers to the health of your pets?

Ideally, your cat needs a diet that contains substances that are close to what they will eat in the wild or before cats were domesticated. This means a mixture of meat from different animals which are rich in proteins and have limited amounts of grains. And so, if you are planning of providing the best for your cat, you need to be able to come up with a diet that will resemble the mineral and vitamin components.

Protein is the most essential mineral and it should be present in considerable amounts. The food item may also contain some amount of fat. Of course, vitamins and other essential minerals need to be present as well. Taurine, which is an essential amino acid should be present. The amount of water included in the food item is also considered. Sufficient amounts of water can greatly improve the hydration status of your pet.

If there is one thing that you need to avoid or to keep at a minimal level, it is the presence of grains. In commercial products, fillers may be present. Generally, these fillers do not have nutritional benefits and, thus, should be avoided.

Canned foods may or may not contain all the necessary nutrients. But of course, this will depend on the brand and the manufacturer of the product. So, you just need to search for the right canned cat food.

In doing this, the first step will be to get recommendations. This can be from friends of yours who have taken care of cats and have fed them canned food. They can provide valuable input on which brands worked best for them. However, what has worked for their pet might not work well with yours. Your next option will be to seek recommendations from a veterinarian. Your pet doctor will tell you about the dietary requirements of your cat. These will be based on your cat’s age, amount of activity, and even developmental stage. The right type of canned food will be based on these dietary requirements.

You should also be aware of state restrictions and recommendations regarding canned cat food. This will allow you to know which components will be safe for your cat and which are potentially hazardous.

Then, you may also go on a search for the right food on your own. To ensure that you buy a good and safe product, make it a point to read the label. The food label will tell you everything that you have to know about that product.

Source by Jerri Torres

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