Should You Get a Cat?

Would you rather have a cat or a dog? Their really is no right or wrong answer in my article. It just depends what works best for you. Now do dogs and cats make great animals. The short answer is yes both of them do. Below will list some arguments in the discussion to help you make the right decision.

Why a cat is better then a dog? You don’t have to be around to let them go outside. A cat will just use a litter box inside. Most cats don’t require 24 hour attention. You can leave for a few days and a cat should be alright. As long as you give the cat enough food and water.

Why a dog is better then a cat? You can’t put a cat on a leash to go for a walk. Dogs are helpful if you want an entertaining way to get more exercise. Your dog will defend you against an intruder more then a cat. At least a dog will bark opposed to a cat usually hiding and not very intimidating to most people.

So what are the expenses for a cat compared to a dog? It really depends on the animals health, food intake, and what type of toys/activities you want to supply for your animal. Usually cats are cheaper just because they eat less, require less toys, and being inside seem to remain in better health more. Either way their is always going to be responsibility on any animal.

Source by Dave Steffensmeier

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