Stopping Your Cat Peeing On The Carpet – Frequently Asked Questions

Millions of cat owners around the world share the frustration of having a cat that doesn’t use his litter box. A cat that pees on the carpet, bed or anywhere other than the litter box is a dangerous problem. In this article, I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about stopping your cat peeing on the carpet.

Should I try to clean the carpet where the cat peed?

You definitely need to thoroughly clean the area of carpet that your cat has been peeing. The smell of urine will attract your cat to repeatedly return to the same area empty his bladder.

Do I need to buy a special cleaning solution to clean the carpet?

Although there are some good products on the market for cleaning cat urine out of carpets and upholstery, it is possible to make up a solution at home that can be just as effective. Just be prepared for the smell to get worse before it gets better as the enzymes in the cleaning solution start to break down the organic material left behind by the cat pee.

Is there any truth to the tip about spritzing your cat with water when it goes to pee on the carpet?

It depends a bit on the nature of your cat but generally speaking, most cats HATE water and it can be an effective deterrent. A bit of a loud clapping of the hands can also help to create an aversion to a specific area that the cat is attempting to pee.

Can I put something down on the carpet to stop my cat peeing there?

A trick that many cat owners have had success with is something I call « The Tinfoil Trick ». Cats don’t like the feeling of something foreign under their feet and tinfoil feels strange to them and makes an unpleasant noise when they step on it. It’s important to poke a few holes in it though to make sure that any moisture from cat urine underneath can breathe.

My wife and I have a cat that cost us thousands of dollars in repair bills when his peeing on the carpet ended up rotting through to the floorboards and ruining both our floor AND the neighbours ceiling. We knew we needed to take action because we weren’t content with giving our cat up.

Source by Mike Whyte

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