Suffering From Bad Breath| Follow These 7 Ayurvedic Tips to Control it

Suffering From Bad Breath| Follow These 7 Ayurvedic Tips to Control it

Do you feel awkward while you are talking because of bad breath? Typically, this circumstance is fairly harmless and assumes nothing but a pleasant experience! Bad breath or Halitosis (The condition of having stale or foul-smelling breath) results from the microbes in our mouths separating food in the middle of our teeth, gums, and tongue.Also Read – Lung Cancer Affects Non-smokers Too: Research | Details Inside

According to Ayurveda, poor oral hygiene and an imbalance of pitta dosha that controls the digestive system is the root cause of bad breath. Other reasons might include breathing from the mouth, morning breath, eating stinky foods (garlic, onion, and curd), beverages (tea, coffee, soda), certain medications, sinus infection or cold, cavities, intake of alcohol, smoking, Also Read – Tobacco, Cigarette Packets To Come With New Health Warnings Soon. Check Details HERE

Bad breath can be caused by various factors affecting our body and majorly the bacterial ones. By heeding some simple remedies and lifestyle orders you can get yourself rid of bad breath problems. Also Read – Don’t File ‘Publicity Interest Litigation’, Says SC Dismissing Plea To Increase Smoking Age

Dr Smita Naram, Co-Founder, Ayushakti shares remedies to get rid of bad breath.

It is very important to keep your gut healthy. Many aspects affect the bacteria in our digestive tract and one of them is the type of food we eat. Eating fruits, vegetables, and high-fibre food items can help your gut to get an ample amount of nutrition and healthy microbiomes. Eating Probiotics may help in developing beneficial bacteria in our gut. Healthy gut bacteria are a very important aspect of a healthy life. It is advisable to avoid deep-fried, saturated fat, red meat, and other preserved food products as they may not be beneficial for the bacteria in the gut.

  • Keep your system free from inflammation

A human body needs adequately healthy and nutritious food followed up with enough exercise and if it does not get so, it reciprocates with inflammation. By holding an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and diet you can reverse the inflammation. There are a lot of anti-inflammatory food items which can be consumed to not be caught with inflammation. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables and avoiding refined sugar can be one sort of solution to it. Grapes, celery, blueberries, ginger, turmeric, and many such products can be anti-inflammatory derivatives and keep your system inflammation free.

The vata in your system can affect your whole body. If the vata is controlled then the human body reacts energizing and healthy but the imbalanced Vata in our system may cause weakness, restlessness, unwanted bloating, early ageing, and a lot more. So, balancing the Vata is essential. There are many vata balancing food items that can be consumed such as hot soup, stew, and other hot liquids which are not cooler than the room temperature. Buttermilk, ginger, and turmeric can also be one of the best Vata balancing food items. A Vata imbalance can be avoided by not taking in cold drinks and food items and inverting them with hot ones.

  • Detox regularly to clear toxins of aama

In Sanskrit, Ama stands for undigested metabolic waste, and it is an important concept within Ayurveda. Aama disables the channels of the body preventing the nutrients to reach out to the cells in our system, thus preventing the waste dismissal from our body. Many factors can cause the generation of aama in our body such as overeating, eating stale and packed food items, in taking too much of cold drinks and cold food products. Modern science talks about it as Amyloidal toxins evade ama collection in the body; it is advisable to do once three months of mung and vegetable fasting. If the signs still prevail the process can be continued longer.

To remove aama every three months follow a fasting ritual of moon & vegetable fasting for 7 days.

Every morning have a glass of this energy drink. Take half glass of carrot juice, half pomegranate with the peel, half a glass of beetroot juice/a bottle gourd juice. Mix them all. Soak 10 almonds, 5 walnuts, 1 peeled cardamom, half teaspoon fennel seed powder, fresh turmeric two inches or 1 teaspoon turmeric powder, fresh Amlaki 2 or Amlaki powder one teaspoon and make a smoothie of it.

Chewing herbs is an extraordinary method in fighting against bad breath. One can have a few fennel seeds or pop a couple of mint leaves into your mouth after any meal. These herbs have antibacterial properties that keep the mouth fresh. Cilantro and parsley are excellent substitutes too. Parsley is one of the unique solutions for killing bad breath because of the chlorophyll present.

  • Change Your Toothbrush Every Month

Our toothbrush is the biggest object we use daily that can hold maximum bacteria. As humans, we do tend to get attached to small objects or use them till they become very old, but we should not have a toothbrush as one of them. Within 2-3 months of using a new toothbrush, microorganisms creep into and begin to fill up with smelly bacteria. In addition to your toothbrush, this also moves to your teeth while brushing, which starts building bad breath.

Therefore, always wash and clean your toothbrush properly before and after using it and try to replace it every month.

Along with following the above tips, it is very important to get sound sleep, of 7-8 hours daily. Our bodies need rest and when it is into deep sleep there are a lot of inequalities that calm down and cure naturally.

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