The 9 Best Online Marketing Classes for All Levels (Updated for 2022)

Marketing can play a key role in a company or product’s success. Whether you’re a beginner marketer or a seasoned pro looking to expand your toolbox, a well-chosen online marketing course can help you advance your career and boost whatever you’re trying to boost commercially. Let’s take a closer look at the best online marketing classes. But before the reviews, let’s see how to pick the marketing class that suits you.

Quick Look: Best Online Marketing Classes

What Makes a Great Marketing Class?

There are many factors that contribute to the quality and desirability of an online marketing class. However, the instructor’s knowledge and reputation, specific skills taught in the course, and price/value are the key factors to consider.

Instructor’s knowledge and reputation

When you find a desirable course, you should first check out the instructor conducting the course. You should inspect his or her reputation in the marketing field and whether they’re really an expert or otherwise.

While you’re at it, it would also be a good idea to check student reviews and course ratings. If there’s anything fishy going on, you’ll spot it right away.

Specific skills taught

After you’ve established that the course is led by a credible and competent instructor, you should investigate whether the particular course covers the skills that you want to learn or expand on. If you want to learn social media marketing, for example, you should invest in a course that covers the appropriate platforms and networks. Likewise, if you’re a game developer, you might want to look for an authoritative course on game marketing.


Finally, you should consider the price of each course that passes the previous two rounds of selection. Compare all the courses in your shortlist to make sure you’re getting the most value for your money.

The Best Online Marketing Classes

The courses reviewed below were selected according to the criteria represented in the previous section. Here are the best beginner, intermediate, and advanced online marketing classes out there.

Best Online Marketing Classes for Beginners

New to online marketing? Consider one of these beginner level online marketing classes.

Marketing Fundamentals

All Levels • 11 videos • 1.2 hours